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To Eden (4/?)

Title: To Eden (4/?)
Pairing: Kangteuk, Hanchul, Yewook, Eunhae, Sibum, Kyumin, Zhoury
Summary: In a society where males and females live together only if in love (true love), the rest (the singles) wage a secret war on each other through the use of spies. Their goal: obtain the master list of soulmates

Chapter 4

Wolf was busy, staring at his computer screen, deep in concentration. It took all his knowledge to even get into the system. Now he was at his wit’s end, trying to bypass all the security codes, etc. Nothing was working.
Just for fun, he tried something simple.
He typed in “Abracadabra.”
“Password accepted.”
Wolf’s eyes widened as the gate opened but all that was there was a simple folder. He clicked on it.
Hello Wolf. Congratulations on cracking our code and gaining access to our top secret information. However, I’m sorry to say but this was another program designed by Snow White. But to reward you, we’ve attached 3 pictures of 3 members of our team. Match them with the list of names we gave you. Well have fun ;)
Wolf stared at his screen for a moment before storming out of the room.
Horse came out of the training room and watched Wolf storm into Raccoon’s office.
“Hey, what happened?”
“I’ve had enough.”
“What happened, Wolf?”
“I’ve had it with those girls. They are mocking me and my intelligence.”
“What happened, Wolf?” Raccoon was starting to get irritated.
“Call a meeting so I can show everyone.”
In a few minutes, all the guys were seated in the meeting room. Wolf set up his computer and turned the projector on.
“So an hour ago, I found their database. From there, I worked and worked, trying to crack their code. Then, after spending several hours trying to figure out their code, just for kicks, I typed in something so simple.”
“What? Abracadabra?”
Wolf looked at Monkey. “Yes. And it worked. But inside was this.”
All the guys looked at the screen and read the message.
“And here are the pictures they sent us.” A picture of Wookie, Mochi, and Cinderella popped up.
“But we got their pictures a month ago.” Monkey sat down and huffed. “These don’t help us at all.”
“Right. Those girls are mocking us and I, for one, am sick of it. We need to do something about this now.”
“Well what do you propose we do?”
Wolf smirked. “Just leave it to me.”


Wookie was on her way out of the building when she froze right before the doorway
“Hey, what’s wrong? Why did you –?” Minnie looked out and froze.
“Hey, what’s –?” By now, the rest of the girls had come down and now all of them were staring out the doors to what waited outside for them.
Mochi looked at the other girls and shrugged. “Well we did want a challenge.”
“Yeah…and I guess we pissed them off if they’re sending us this.”
“Alright, who wants to open the gift and who wants to say hi to the 50 strange men?”
“Can’t we all take care of the men first before opening the present from those boys? Knowing them, it’s probably a trap or something.”
“Alright. Men then gift. Now are we ready?” Everyone nodded. “Alright, two by two. Go!”
Wookie and Minnie went out first, taking out 5 each, before Cinderella and Hae joing in. Snow White and Mochi were the last to join in.
It only took a few minutes for all the men to be unconscious on the ground.
The girls all brushed the dirt off their clothes before walking towards the gift.
“So who wants to open it?”
“I will.” Hae stepped out and untied the bow. The box opened up and a little message popped up.
It only took them a moment to realize it was a trap before they were defending themselves against their new attackers.
“Well, well, well, glad we can actually meet face-to-face but it’s not fair. You guys are wearing masks, trying to be all mysterious, while we’re out in the open with nothing to hide.”
The guy grinned. “Well that’s life for you, honey. Nothing is ever fair.”
“Yeah, well let’s make it fair.”
As if one, all the girls whipped off the guys’ masks before they could react. The girls smiled while the boys frowned or glared at them.
“Now that we’re all exposed, let’s get down to business.”
One by one, everyone paired off to fight.

“So we meet again.” Cinderella smiled at Dragon.
“So we do.” He smiled at her. “I have many questions for you.”
“Only if you beat me will you get answers.”
“So how do you want to be beaten?”
Cinderella smiled. “Like this.”
Before Dragon could move, Cinderella had smacked his butt. He stared at her in disbelief while she grinned cheekily at him.

The two came together, wrapped around each other. They rolled around on the floor, punching and kicking each other.
Hae stared down at Monkey before she was flipped over.
Monkey looked into Hae’s eyes. Both were panting heavily.
Before he realized what he was doing, Monkey was kissing the breath out of Hae.

Before Wookie could make a move, Turtle had taken her away from the rest of the group. He was now holding her captive in a tree above the fight.
She glared at him. “What are you doing?”
“I don’t want you to get hurt.”
She scoffed at him. “It’s part of my job.”
“Well I don’t like it.” Turtle pouted.
“Well the same thing happens to you. Why do you worry about me more than you?”
“Because I love you more than myself. You’re my soulmate.”
“Whatever. Just let me go so I can do my job.”
“No. If you haven’t noticed, everyone’s paired off so you’re stuck with me and you’re not going anywhere.”
“That’s what you think.” Before Turtle could react, Wookie kicked his feet out from under him.
Turtle watched as she ran away. He frowned. “Big mistake, Ryeowook.” He smiled as he chased after her.

Horse looked at Snow White. When he looked into her eyes, a jolt went through his body.
“Look, I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Well sorry, I do.” Snow White rushed forward and tripped Horse. “Besides, it’s my job.”
Horse stood back up, brushing dirt off his clothes. “Seriously, I don’t want to hurt you but if you keep this up, I won’t be held responsible.”
Snow White smiled. “Alright.”
She came at him, a flurry of fists and feet.

Minnie looked at Wolf who seemed to be staring hungrily at her. A jolt ran through her when she looked directly into his eyes.
“So who’s your computer whiz that’s been taunting me endlessly?”
“I would tell you but she’s a little preoccupied right now.”
“Alright, I don’t care who I take my anger out on as long as it’s a female.”
Wolf ran straight at Minnie who just stepped to the side. Before he could crash into anything, Wolf turned around and ran back towards Minnie. She braced herself for the impact and let them both fall to the ground.

Mochi looked around and saw Fox standing to the side.
“So you’re the one who attacked me last week.”
Fox turned around and stared at Mochi in surprise. “How do you know it was me?”
Mochi smiled. “Who could forget those long legs?”
Fox couldn’t help blushing. He couldn’t believe such a cute girl was his enemy or that she’d knocked him out the last time they’d met.
“So shall I knock you unconscious again or do you want to go somewhere and talk? I’m sure you felt that jolt when we looked into each other’s eyes. Though if we want to be intelligent people that actually use our brains, we should probably go talk about it instead of me kicking your ass again. It’s a very nice ass by the way.”
Fox couldn’t keep the blush off his face. How was this girl able to affect him like this?
“Sure, we can go talk. Why waste time?”
Mochi smiled. She grabbed Fox’s hand and led him away.

Angel came out of the building and stopped and stared. She looked at the couples fighting before spotting a lone figure sitting on a bench on the side. She walked straight towards him and planted herself in front of him, hands on hips.
“Well, well, well, look who finally came out of his office. Tired of sitting on your lazy ass all the time?”
Raccoon looked up and smiled. “Hello Angel. Good to see you too.”
“Raccoon, what is the meaning of this?” She pointed to the couples behind her.
“What does it look like, Angel?”
Angel let out a cry of frustration. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”
“Oh really?” Raccoon stood up, causing Angel to take a step back. “Then why aggravate Wolf?” He wrapped his arms around Angel’s waist and pulled her towards him, nuzzling her neck. “If you knew this was going to happen, why let them?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Angel looked away but a smile tugged at her lips.
“Oh I bet you do but we won’t talk about it now.” Raccoon quickly pecked Angel’s lips and smiled. “Alright, guess should go get my boys. I think they’ve had enough fun for now.”
Raccoon walked into the middle of the chaos while Angel stared after him.
“Alright boys. One more move and we’re out.”

Cinderella pulled away from Dragon with a smile. “Bye. Until we meet again.” She smacked his ass one more time before walking away.

Monkey pulled away from Hae and stared down at her. “You’re so beautiful. Wish I could stay here with you like this but he’s calling me.”
Monkey kissed her one last time before moving away.
Hae lay motionless on the ground, her thoughts whirling in her head.

Horse looked at Snow White pinned beneath him. Before he could have any second thoughts, he leaned down to capture her lips in a quick heated kiss. He pulled away, looked down at her, and smiled before moving away.
Snow White sat up and watched him walked away.

Wolf kept Minnie close to him as he devoured her lips.
Minnie was helpless to do anything other than cling to him.
Wolf pulled away and looked down at her. He smirked at her dazed expression.
“I’ll see you later. We’ll continue where I left off.” He pecked her lips and walked away.
The mist clouding her brain faded at his words. She glared at his back. “Where you left off? Yeah right, we’ll see about that.” She hugged and walked away, not before throwing something at him.

Raccoon looked at his men. “Alright, let’s go back to headquarters.” He smiled. “Good job boys. Tonight we celebrate, my treat.”
The guys smiled and cheered.

Angel glanced at her girls. “Well?”
“They left us a present. Realized it was a trap a little too late.”
“Well that’s alright. At least you have a bit of a challenge now.” She looked at them and smiled. Soon she was frowning when she realized something.
“Where’s Wookie and Mochi?”

A/N: so i posted a little sooner than i hope you like :D things heated up a little...

and to (any) silent readers, please comment *pout* it makes my day when i read a comment, a smile just comes to my face and my day brightens <- never thought i would say this XD you can ignore the comment if you wish
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