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Title: Sungmin: Robin Hood
Pairing: Hankyung/Sungmin
Word Count: 723
Theme: 011. Rooftops Hankyung/Sungmin
Summary: After saving Shindong, Sungmin is resting when the curse hits. Hankyung is the witness and must follow him wherever he goes.

Sungmin woke up to see Ryeowook staring at him. “Finally, you’re awake.”
“What?” Sungmin sat up and looked around to find himself in Kyuhyun and his shared room. “What happened?”
“Well…you were following Shindong hyung last night. Some kind of fight happened and –“
Sungmin’s eyes widened and he jumped out of bed. He frantically searched his room to Ryeowook’s surprise.
“What are you doing?”
“Where’s my phone? What happened to my phone?”
“Kibum has it.” Sungmin whirled around and stared at Ryeowook. “You told him you had something on your phone. He took it last night when he found you guys. Shindong was knocked out on the ground and you were desperately trying to fight some men who were trying to take you guys away. Thankfully Kibum had Hankyung hyung with him or who knows what would’ve happened?”
The door opened. Sungmin and Ryeowook turned to see Hankyung come in, holding a tray of food.
“Oh good, Hankyung hyung can watch over you while I go finish making dinner for everyone else.”
“Yeah. You’ve been out for most of the day. It’s almost nighttime.” Ryeowook smiled and closed the door as he left the room.
Hankyung smiled as he placed the tray of food down. “Here, eat something.”
“Thanks, Hankyung hyung.” Sungmin picked up his chopsticks and began to eat.
Hankyung turned to leave when he heard the chopsticks clatter to the floor. He turned around and saw someone like Sungmin but dressed in hunting garb. “Sungmin?”
Sungmin turned to look at Hankyung. “I am Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.”
Sungmin looked out the window and smiled. “Look it’s nighttime. Time to work.” He opened the window and jumped out.
Hankyung ran to the window and saw Sungmin jumping from rooftop to rooftop. He sighed. “Why couldn’t I have just stayed in China where things are normal?”
He jumped out the window and ran after Sungmin.


Running across rooftops was something Hankyung thought he would never do but here he was, chasing after Sungmin or Robin Hood now. Hankyung couldn’t believe how easily Sungmin jumped from building to building. Even with his martial arts background, it was still difficult to do. He was having a hard time trying to keep up with him (it could be age but he didn’t want to think about that).
Hankyung stopped short when he saw Sungmin standing on the roof staring at something on the ground. He stood behind Sungmin and looked but saw nothing special.
Sungmin turned and grinned at Hankyung. Then he leapt off the roof.
Hankyung watched as Sungmin soared through the air and landed nimbly on his feet before running into the building across the street. Sungmin came out a few minutes later, something hidden in his backpack.
Hankyung made his way down and searched the crowd for a sign of Sungmin. He caught him running down the street towards the park. Hankyung sprinted after him.


Sungmin stopped by the big tree in the center of the park and sat down. He pulled the item out of his bag to look at it only to have it snatched out of his hands. He looked up to see a figure dressed in black holding the item. First instinct was to take the item back and try he did.
Hankyung showed up a few minutes later to see Sungmin caught in a fight with two figures dressed in black while another was running away, carrying something in his arms.
Hankyung was torn between helping Sungmin and chasing after the man. His feet moved of his own volition before he could decide.
Hankyung chased the man through the park and finally caught him right before he got to the street. He grabbed the item and quickly knocked the man unconscious before going back to Sungmin.
He found Sungmin unconscious on the ground. He ran over to him to check his pulse. Sungmin was still breathing. Hankyung pulled out his cell phone and quickly dialed the dorm’s number.
“Come to the park quick. Sungmin’s collapsed on the ground. And I have something that might be useful to the case.” Hankyung hung up the phone and looked at Sungmin before looking at the item in his hand.
What does this have to do with what’s going on?
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, halloween, hankyung/sungmin

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