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Title: Shindong: The Caveman
Pairing: Shindong/Sungmin
Word Count: 496
Theme: 092. Gorgeous WC* Shindong/Sungmin
Summary: Shindong’s turn…this time poor Sungmin is watching over caveman Shindong as he runs around Seoul.

Shindong was sitting on the couch watching one of the DVDs again, trying to find a clue or hint as to what was going on. Why was someone doing this?
He was so absorbed in watching the DVDs, searching for hidden clues, he didn’t notice the yellow light surrounding his body.
Sungmin walked into the dorm and let out a girly scream when he noticed the caveman sniffing around the living room.
The caveman turned towards him with a stupid grin. Sungmin could only stare in shock as he watched his friend pick up a piece of paper and began eating it.
“No, no, no, don’t eat that.” Sungmin rushed over and pulled the paper out of Shindong’s mouth. Shindong instantly moved to another area and began sniffing and tasting things.
Sungmin followed him around, stopping him from doing anything dangerous. Then Shindong went out the door.
“OMG!!! No, I forgot to close the door. Shindong, come back here!” Sungmin raced out the door in pursuit of Shindong. “Why do I have to run after the crazy members?”


Sungmin followed Shindong to an area under one of the many bridges in Seoul. Thanks to his martial arts training, he was able to swiftly follow Shindong as he clambered over rocks in hot pursuit of something.
Sungmin stared as he watched Shindong enter a dark little cave hidden amongst the rocks. He hesitated a moment before following Shindong. He found Shindong huddled on the floor, trying to build a fire with two sticks.
“Here, let me.” Sungmin took the two sticks and rubbed them together. After a while, he created a little spark. He added more twigs and leaves to the pile and soon a fire was built.
Sungmin looked around and saw Shindong a few feet away. “Shindong…?”
He quietly walked over to where Shindong was and looked at what he was doing. “Whoa…”
Covering the walls were tons of pictures all hand drawn. Some were messages that lovers wrote, others were graffiti drawn by people. He looked at all the different things written on the wall. One particular drawing caught his eye.
Sungmin walked over and stared at it. He took out his phone and quickly snapped a picture of it. He looked at his phone and smiled, satisfied, before turning back to look at Shindong still drawing on the wall.
“That’s gorgeous.” Sungmin smiled at Shindong. He only got a grunt as a response.
Sungmin looked at what Shindong had drawn. It was a very beautiful picture of -. Sungmin’s eyes widened as he realized what Shindong had drawn. He quickly snapped a picture of it before the fire went out.
“What the –“ Sungmin bent over from the blow to his stomach. He quickly dodged the next blow and retaliated. He stood up and let his eyes adjust to the darkness. He could just make out someone dragging Shindong out of the cave. Instinct kicked in and Sungmin ran after him.
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, halloween, shindong/sungmin

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