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Title: Kangin: The Clown
Pairing: Kangin/Donghae
Word Count: 927
Theme: 030. Warmth Kangin/Donghae
Summary: Who knew keeping an eye on a clown would be so much trouble? As Kangin is changed into a clown, Donghae is charged with keeping an eye on him.

“Well Heechul’s out like a light. No way we’ll wake him up. That dart was filled with a lot of anesthesia, enough to make him sleep for a few days at least.” Everyone stared at Heechul lying on the bed, unconscious.
“Well what do we do now? Any step closer to finding out who this person is?”
“It’s slowly coming together but I’m still confused as to what he wants and why. It just doesn’t make any sense.” Kibum shook his head as he walked out of the room.
Kangin looked at the others. “So can you tell me what happens when you – “ Everyone stared as Kangin was surrounded by a bright yellow light. One moment, Kangin was standing in front of them; the next moment, a clown was standing in front of them.
“Okay…that was weird…”
“Does that happen to everyone?” Leeteuk nodded his head.
“So what’s going to happen now?”
“I don’t know. What harm can a clown do?”
“Uh…have you not seen It by Stephen King? Clowns are scary.”
“That’s just in a movie. They are normally nice, happy people. Besides this is Kangin. He wouldn’t try to harm us.”
“Fine but someone needs to keep an eye on him.”
“Just have Donghae do it. Seriously, he can’t really do much. It’ll be an easy job for him.”


Whoever said this was an easy job was going to die. Donghae chased after Kangin as he ran around the streets of Seoul, pulling pranks on innocent bystanders. Sometimes they got a pie in the face. Others got sprayed with a water flower. Only a select few got little balloon animals.
Kangin ran all the way to the amusement park, which was really far away. Donghae paused at the entrance to catch his breath. When he looked up, Kangin was nowhere to be found.
“Oh crap!” Donghae began wandering all over the amusement park in search of Kangin. He finally found him over by the fun house.
Kangin smiled and waved before going in. Donghae sighed and followed him in. But this was no ordinary fun house.
The moment he stepped through the entrance, he fell down a slide and landed in a ball pit. He looked up to see Kangin smiling at him from an entrance several meters above him.
“Come and catch me if you can.” Donghae groaned as Kangin disappeared. He noticed a ladder leading to the entrance. He slowly made his way over and tried to grab the ladder but each time, his hand kept sliding off.
Donghae looked to his left and saw a set of stairs that spiraled around the chamber up to the entrance as well. He made his way over and began the climb up. He’d been walking for a while and was wondering why he wasn’t moving anywhere. Then he looked down and noticed the stairs were moving downwards while he was trying to move upwards. He quickened his pace to actually make them up the stairs.
He finally reached the entrance but it was completely pitch dark. He placed his hands along the side and slowly began walking forward. He could hear dripping noises and some rattling noises.
Everything was dark but he thought he could just make out a small light in front of him. He kept walking forward towards the light.
When he stepped out, he stopped and stared. Somehow he ended up in what looked like a giant freezer. The walls and floor was all frozen solid.
On the other side of room was another doorway. A thin curtain hung in the doorway, obscuring the silhouette of the person standing behind it.
Donghae tentatively stepped on the ice. He was partially stable as he slowly inched towards the other door.
He reached for the curtain and found Kangin partially frozen in a small pond.
“Kangin! What are you doing there? How did you even get in there?”
He looked around for something to get him out and found a wooden pole.
“Kangin, can you grab on to this?”
Kangin slowly moved his hand and grabbed the pole. Donghae used all his strength to help pull Kangin out of the frozen water.
“W-w-w-warmth. I-I need w-w-warmth.” Donghae looked around but couldn’t find anything to wrap around Kangin. He decided to just use his own body to try and warm Kangin up.
The two lay curled up against each other, Donghae trying his best to warm Kangin up. It took a few minutes before Kangin’s teeth stopped chattering.
“Th-th-thanks Donghae. H-H-how did you find me?”
“I was following you the whole time. Do you not remember what happened?”
Kangin thought for a moment but drew up a blank. “No, not at all. I just remember asking you guys what happened when you change and then next thing I know, I’m stuck frozen in that pond.”
Donghae sighed. “Well there’s not much I can tell you that you probably won’t already see when we watch the DVD tomorrow.”
“Oh right…the DVD…why is there a DVD after each adventure?”
“How should I know? But we should probably get out of here and back to the dorm.”
Kangin shakily stood up and made his way towards the exit. Donghae glanced around the place and noticed a blanket sitting on the side that hadn’t been there before. He grabbed it and wrapped it around Kangin.
Something dropped out of the blanket and fell on the floor. Donghae bent down and picked it up. He slipped it into his pockets, reminding himself to give it to Kibum later.

A/N: so another crack story to add to the series XD just bear with me as I try to complete this crack series…
Cookies and ♥ to those that actually read this and comment :D
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, halloween, kangin/donghae

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