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Fic for kimmarchetta

Title: Eunhyuk or Eunja?
Pairing: Eunhae
Word Count: 1739
Summary: Donghae’s aroused after watching Eunhyuk dress like a girl on Intimate Note…

For kimmarchetta :D hope you like...

Donghae was relaxing on the couch, surfing the channels. He had the day off today and didn’t know what to do. He had napped for as long as he could but then his stomach was groaning for some food so he made some ramyun and was now watching TV while eating it.
He moved from channel to channel. The episode of Intimate Note with Super Junior was on. He hadn’t had a chance to watch it yet so he stayed on that channel. It was the second part of the episode where Heechul and Eunhyuk were revealed to be the other main couple.
He laughed as he watched Heechul and Eunhyuk and the awkwardness. He had wished he could’ve been there. The members looked like they were having fun playing games together and just spending time with one another.
Then came the part for Miss Intimate. Donghae’s eyes widened as he watched his hyungs and Eunhyuk get turned into girls. When Eunhyuk came out dressed as a girl, Donghae couldn’t help staring at how beautiful he looked. He looked at the other members when they came out dressed as girls (Heechul pulled it off so well but that was already a known fact) but whenever Eunhyuk appeared on screen, his eyes naturally drew towards him.
He watched as they danced to Gee and Sorry Sorry. When Eunhyuk did his pelvic thrusts, Donghae felt his pants tightened. Who knew Eunhyuk could be so…so…hot?

Eunhyuk came home after a busy day. He had so much going on, being on Star King and Strong Heart and hosting Sukira. All with Teukie…if he didn’t love the man so much, he might actually get annoyed with spending so much time with the man – jk jk but sometimes it was trying when he was just so tired.
He walked into his room and turned the light on. Donghae was sound asleep on his bed.
He walked over to his bed and stared down at Donghae. He smiled, looking at how peaceful and beautiful Donghae looked while sleeping.
Donghae felt someone staring at him and slowly opened his eyes. He looked up to see Eunhyuk blushing at him. The memories of the past hour or so came rushing back into his head and he blushed.
Eunhyuk smiled, thinking how cute Donghae looked when blushing. “Hi Hae. What are you doing in my bed?”
Donghae looked around and noticed he was still in Eunhyuk’s room. He had hoped he’d be gone before Eunhyuk came home and discovered what he had done.
“Oh well…I…I was feeling tired and…and somehow ended up in your bed?”
Eunhyuk looked at Donghae carefully. “Did you do something?” He leaned closer to look closely at Donghae.
Donghae leaned back until he hit the headboard. He felt his pants tighten again as Eunhyuk kept staring at him.
Eunhyuk sat on the bed and felt something poke him. He reached beneath him and pulled out a small bottle of lube. Then he felt the spot beneath him.
Donghae looked away, blushing a bright red. “Uh…well…uh…I can explain…”
“Were you masturbating in my bed?”
Donghae blushed even brighter. “Ye-ye-yes...”
Eunhyuk looked at Donghae curiously. “Why?”
Donghae played with the edge of the blanket. “Well I-I was watching-watching something on TV and-and…” He made a gesture before looking away again.
“What were you watching?” Donghae mumbled something. “What? You need to speak up, Hae. I can’t hear you.”
“I-I was watching you on Intimate Note when you dressed like a girl with Heechul hyung.”
Eunhyuk looked at Donghae confused for a moment before it dawned on him. He smiled and looked at Donghae who couldn’t even look at him right now.
Without a sound, he slipped out of his room and to the dorm upstairs. Donghae watched Eunhyuk leave out of the corner of his eye. When he was gone, Donghae let out a huge sigh. He decided he might as well clean up Eunhyuk’s bed to make up for what he did. He should probably buy him some strawberry milk or something as an apology.
Donghae was so absorbed in his thoughts of trying to think of ways to apologize to Eunhyuk that he didn’t hear the door open again. He was folding the blankets when he turned around. The blankets dropped to the floor as he stared at Eunhyuk or Eunja as he was now dressed exactly like before when he was on Intimate Note.
Eunhyuk smiled at Donghae as he walked towards him. He trailed a hand up his chest.
“Hi, my name is Eunja. What’s yours?”
Donghae swallowed the saliva pooling in his mouth. “D-D-Donghae.”
“Well D-D-Donghae, want to see my dance skills? I’m very good at the pelvic thrusts.”
Donghae nodded his head. Eunhyuk smiled. He pushed Donghae towards the bed so he was sitting on it. Then he climbed onto Donghae’s lap and began a lap dance specifically designed to arouse Donghae beyond reason.
Donghae felt his eyes roll to the back of his head as Eunhyuk ground his hips into his. He could feel their erections rubbing against each other through their clothes.
Eunhyuk turned around and ground his ass into Donghae’s crotch.
“Call me Eunja.”
Donghae stared up at Eunhyuk. “Eunja…stop teasing.”
“I haven’t even begun to tease you but I can stop if you want.” Eunhyuk started to get off Donghae’s lap only to be pulled back down.
“No, don’t leave me. Can’t you see what you do to me? Don’t leave me like this.” Donghae wrapped his arms around Eunhyuk’s waist and nuzzled his head in his neck.
Eunhyuk wrapped his arms around Donghae. “Now why would I leave you like this, Hae? Denying you is the same as denying me and I don’t like to deny myself.”
Eunhyuk tilted Donghae’s head up to his and gently kissed him. Donghae deepened the kiss as he lay down on the bed, Eunhyuk on top of him. Eunhyuk slipped his hands under Donghae’s shirt and pulled it off. He trailed kisses down his chest, stopping at the waistband of his pants. He palmed Donghae’s erection through his pants.
“So how do you want it today, Hae?”
“I-I don’t care as-as long as-as you stay dressed like that.”
Eunhyuk grinned. “I was hoping you’d say that because today I’m topping.”
Donghae stared at Eunhyuk. “What? But-but-“ Eunhyuk captured Donghae’s lips in a heated kiss. “Alright.” Donghae relaxed on the bed as Eunhyuk pulled his pants off and freed his cock.
Eunhyuk teasingly licked the tip and stroked it once before grabbing the bottle of lube. “Sorry baby, but no foreplay today. I really want to fuck you. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long.”
“No no no, my name is Eunja, remember?”
“But Eunja, if you’re a girl, why do you get to top?”
“Because I want to. Why? Do you not want me?” Eunhyuk pouted.
“No no no, do whatever you want. Whatever makes you happy.” Eunhyuk smiled and kissed Donghae lovingly. He moved his lubricated fingers to Donghae’s ass and slowly eased in one finger.
Donghae stiffened as Eunhyuk wiggled that one finger around. “Relax Hae. Trust me. I won’t hurt you. Unless you ask for it.” Eunhyuk smiled and winked.
Donghae tried to relax but stiffened again when Eunhyuk inserted a second finger. “Eun-Eunja…”
“Just relax, baby. I know what I’m doing. Remember? You do this to me all the time.”
Donghae tried to relax but it felt so strange. Eunhyuk slowly thrust his fingers in and out of Donghae, doing his best to prep him. Slowly, Donghae grew accustomed to Eunhyuk finger fucking him but then Eunhyuk removed his fingers.
“Hold on, baby. This may hurt.”
“Wha-“ Donghae cried out as Eunhyuk slammed into him. Tears came to his eyes as the pain washed over him.
Eunhyuk gently wiped the tears away. “Shh, it’s alright, Hae. I’m sorry baby but that’s the only way to do it. Don’t you remember the first time we did it? You did this to me too. Just try to relax. Trust me, it’ll get better as soon as you relax.”
Donghae nodded his head and tried to relax but the pain was too overwhelming. Eunhyuk leaned down and kissed Donghae, trying to distract him from the pain. Donghae slowly began to relax as the kiss deepened.
As he felt Donghae relax, Eunhyuk gently pulled out and just as gently, pushed back in. Donghae stiffened a bit but Eunhyuk ignored him and pulled out and pushed back in. He slowly pushed in and out of Donghae.
At first, Donghae felt uncomfortable but as Eunhyuk kept the same pace, the pain was soon replaced by pleasure. Soon Donghae was quietly moaning as Eunhyuk slowly fucked him.
“Hae, I-I don’t think I can…Can I…?”
“Wha-what?” Donghae looked up at Eunhyuk.
“Can I-Can I go faster? Can you handle it?” Donghae slowly nodded his head. Eunhyuk gently smiled at Donghae. He leaned down to kiss him as he pulled out and roughly slammed back in. Donghae cried out into Eunhyuk’s mouth. Eunhyuk just kissed him as he roughly thrust in and out of Donghae. Soon Donghae’s cries turned into moans of pleasure.
Donghae wrapped his legs around Eunhyuk and began moving in sync with him. Eunhyuk reached between them and wrapped a hand around Donghae’s neglected cock. He began stroking him in time with his thrusts.
Eunhyuk pulled out and switched angles. Donghae cried out as his orgasm hit him. He spilled all over Eunhyuk’s hand. Eunhyuk came a second later when he felt Donghae tighten around him. He collapsed on the bed next to Donghae.
Donghae lazily turned his head to look at Eunhyuk. He gently kissed him and smiled. “I love you Eunja.”
“I love you Hae.”
Donghae smiled. “Now when is Eunhyuk coming back? As much as I like Eunja, I missed my Hyukkie.”
“In a bit. Just let Eunja rest for a bit.”
“Alright.” Donghae wrapped his arms around Eunhyuk and pulled him into his embrace.
“Hey, Hae?”
“Do you think that maybe we can do this again sometime?”
“Why not?” Eunhyuk smiled and gently kissed Donghae. “But next time, I get to top. It’s strange to have the ‘girl’ top unless she’s riding the ‘guy’.”
“Fine. You be the girl next time.” Eunhyuk smiled while Donghae just looked at him. A smirk crossed his face before he grabbed Eunhyuk and began tickling him.

A/N: sorry I don’t know what I was thinking when I was writing this…XD hope you like :D and I’m sorry about the ending…but I don’t know how to end this (I’m really bad at endings…)
Tags: eunhae

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