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Title: Yesung: Jiang Shi (Chinese Vampire)
Pairing: Heechul/Yesung
Word Count: 907
Theme: 006. Burn Heechul/Yesung
Summary: Yesung’s turn for the “curse” and instead of searching for something, he’s involved in a kidnapping… (bad summary, yes it is)

Heechul walked into the dorm and stopped. Why did it seem like something was burning?
He walked into the kitchen and found Yesung standing over the stove, his hand resting on the hot stove while he tried to reach something.
“Hey. Your hand is going to burn if you don’t move it.” Yesung made no sound of acknowledgment.
“YAH! Listen to your hyung.” Heechul stalked over and turned Yesung around. He froze in shock.
Yesung looked dead like he was rotting. He had on the same outfit he wore for the Super Show but now he looked old and moldy.
Heechul covered his nose to hide the stench.
Yesung made no sound except for a groan. He slowly began moving out of the kitchen and out the door.
Heechul stood frozen in the kitchen for a moment. He walked out to find the dorm empty. He sighed. Why is there never anyone around when you want them to be?


Heechul followed several meters behind Yesung so he wouldn’t have to smell the scent of death and decay. He had no idea why Yesung was walking through a cemetery towards an old abandoned house but it was probably going to be his new home. It certainly fit with his new style.
Yesung walked into the house and Heechul was about to follow when his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and picked it up.
“Heechul? Where are you?”
“I’m following Yesung into an abandoned house in the middle of a cemetery.”
“Wait, Heechul, don’t –“ Leeteuk stared at the dead phone. He looked at the other members. “Do any of you know where the cemetery is? Yesung took Heechul to the abandoned house there.”
“I know where it is.”
“Alright, Kibum, you go and try to stop Yesung and Heechul. Wait, does anyone remember what Yesung was for Halloween?”
“He was a jiang shi.”
“A what?”
“A jiang shi. Chinese vampire. There’s only one way to defeat them.”
“Alright, you go with Kibum then, Hankyung, and try to stop them before something happens to Heechul. Hurry.”


Heechul entered the house and saw Yesung slowly walking down the deserted hallway. Heechul couldn’t stop the goosebumps from crawling over his skin as he walked through the empty abandoned house. He was getting the feeling that something bad was about to happen.
Yesung paused in front of a door. Heechul stopped as well. Yesung turned around and stared listlessly at Heechul. He lifted a hand and motioned Heechul forward.
Heechul slowly and cautiously walked up to Yesung. He paused right by him, waiting for a signal. The door opened, scaring Heechul. He looked inside and his eyes widened.
Heechul squealed in glee at all the pink in the room. There were rows and rows of clothes and a big comfy bed. He jumped on the bed and smiled. He looked over and saw a giant vanity. He sat on the little stool and began playing with all the different hair products and makeup.
He glanced up and his heart froze as he stared at Yesung and the person standing behind him grinning. He saw a hand reach for the doorknob. Heechul stood up and turned around, rushing to the door but it slammed shut.
Heechul turned the doorknob and found it locked. He pounded on the door.
Heechul pounded on the door, hoping someone would hear him and find him. But only silence greeted him. He collapsed on the floor and curled into a ball. Tears fell from his eyes as he contemplated his fate.


Kibum and Hankyung rushed to the cemetery to find Yesung standing at the entrance of the old abandoned house.
“Alright, you distract him while I search the house for Heechul.” Hankyung nodded. Kibum slipped away while Hankyung reached into his bag for the things he needed.
First he had to draw the jiang shi out. He took out some grains of rice and tossed them out in front of him. According to legend, only grains of sticky rice would draw the evil spirit of the jiang shi out but Hankyung only had regular rice. He prayed it would work and it did.
Yesung slowly walked towards the grains of rice and slowly began counting them. Hankyung reached into his bag and found the little pouch that contained the special talisman for putting jiang shi to sleep. It was a small piece of yellow paper with a spell written on it. He took it out and quickly rushed forward, placing the paper on Yesung’s forehead.
Yesung froze before falling to the ground asleep. Hankyung picked him up, ignoring the horrible stench and looked at the house. Kibum returned a few minutes later, Heechul following close behind.
“Let’s go home. I’m sure we’re going to get another interesting DVD tomorrow.”
“So who’s next on the list?”
“Kangin but I doubt he could do much. He was a clown during Super Show.”
“Don’t underestimate what Kangin could do. If you forgot, whenever we change into these ‘alter egos’, we become slaves of this pupper master or whatever he is.”
“Oh right. I totally forgot. I think I know who the person is. It’s –” At that moment, someone came whizzing by and the next thing they knew, Heechul had collapsed on the ground, a dart sitting out from his neck.

A/N: yeah so I have no idea where this series is going…it’s complete utter crack XD I make it up as I go along lol
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, halloween, heechul/yesung

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