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Title: Why Kyuhyun was dancing instead of Sungmin
Pairing: Kyumin
Word Count: 1130
Summary: The reason why Kyuhyun was dancing at Star Dance Battle instead of Sungmin

A/N: my dongsaeng gave me the idea after watching star dance battle. Kyuhyun was dancing instead of Sungmin. Usually on those kinds of variety shows, it’s mainly Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Sungmin. This time it was Kyuhyun instead of Sungmin (and Donghae too but that doesn’t matter for this scenario). So she came up with a theory of what happened to Sungmin: Kyuhyun tied him up and stuck him in a closet in China.

Kyuhyun smiled as he opened the closet door. Sungmin was lying on the floor, gagged and bound on the arms and legs. He glared up at Kyuhyun who just smirked at him.
“Hey baby, have fun while I was gone?”
Sungmin shouted an incoherent answer. Kyuhyun just smiled. He picked up Sungmin and carried him to the bed. He raised Sungmin’s bound hands above his head and hooked it over the headboard.
Kyuhyun placed a kiss to the side of Sungmin’s neck as his hands wandered to the front of his shirt and slowly undid each button. Kyuhyun kissed Sungmin’s chest as he exposed more and more of it.
Kyuhyun unbuttoned Sungmin’s pants and dragged his pants and boxers down to his ankles. He brushed against the half-hard tip.
Kyuhyun smirked. “Looks like someone’s enjoying this.”
Sungmin gave a muffled cry. Kyuhyun decided to take pity on Sungmin and took the gag off.
“Kyu – mmph” Without giving Sungmin a chance to say anything, Kyuhyun captured his lips in a heated kiss. Sungmin subconsciously melted into Kyuhyun before he remembered what had led to his situation. To the best of his abilities, he pulled away from Kyuhyun and gasped before turning to glare at him.
“Kyuhyun! How could you do that? How dare you do that to your boyfriend?”
“Do what?” Kyuhyun had the gale to smile innocently at Sungmin and play dumb.
“Cho Kyuhyun, how could you put me, your boyfriend, in a closet, bound and gagged, just so you can appear on some dumb variety show?”
“You’re know you’re still cute when you’re yelling at me with your clothes off.”
Sungmin blushed but that didn’t help Kyuhyun. “Yah! Cho Kyuhyun, how could you? Why? If you wanted to be on more shows, just tell manager hyung. Don’t tie me up, hide me, make some excuse, and take my spot. And how did you even know the choreo to be able to take my place?”
“I’ve been practicing. You can see how much I’ve improved when the show airs.”
“Yah! Cho Kyuhyun! Mmph” Kyuhyun claimed Sungmin’s lips for another passionate kiss, tired of hearing Sungmin scolding him. What’s done is done. Now they should enjoy the situation they’re in.
Kyuhyun ran his hands down Sungmin’s body. He teasingly pinched Sungmin’s nipples before grasping Sungmin’s length and slowly stroking it.
Sungmin moaned as Kyuhyun moved his hand up and down. Precum leaked from the head that Kyuhyun spread along his length. Sungmin was lost in the sensations he didn’t notice when Kyuhyun slipped a cock ring on.
Sungmin looked down in surprise and was about to protest but a moan escaped his mouth when Kyuhyun took the entire length into his mouth and began licking and sucking. As Kyuhyun worked his length, Sungmin began to unconsciously thrust his hips forward, fucking Kyuhyun’s mouth.
Being the good boy he was, Kyuhyun adjusted to the sensation of being fucked in his mouth. He did his best to relax his jaw and throat and take as much of Sungmin in as he could.
Sungmin could feel his orgasm building but when it was denied, he cried out in frustration.
Kyuhyun released Sungmin’s length and looked at him. He kissed the tears of frustration away as he ran his hand up and down Sungmin’s chest.
“Aww, it’s okay, baby. I promise I’ll make it all better. Maybe, since you’ve been such a good boy, I’ll give you a little preview of my new, improved dancing skills.”
With a smile, Kyuhyun got off the bed. Sungmin glared at him but that changed when the music turned on and Kyuhyun began displaying his new, improved dance skills. Sungmin watched the play of muscles as Kyuhyun moved his body to the music.
Kyuhyun turned the music off and looked at Sungmin. With a smirk, he drew his shirt off and took his pants and boxers off, leaving himself naked in the middle of the room. Sungmin couldn’t stop staring at Kyuhyun. Sure he’s seen him naked hundreds of time but he still couldn’t stop staring. Kyu was HOT!
Kyuhyun walked over and climbed onto the bed. He spread Sungmin’s legs apart and pulled him closer to him. “Want to see how good my pelvic thrusts are?”
Sungmin nodded his head, anticipation building. Kyuhyun grinned as he thrust his hips into Sungmin’s unprepared hole. Sungmin cried out at the pain but as Kyuhyun began thrusting his hips in and out, the pain ebbed away into pleasure.
Kyuhyun captured Sungmin’s mouth in a hot, torrid kiss as he thrust into Sungmin. He swallowed Sungmin’s cry as he hit his prostate. Kyuhyun grinned against Sungmin’s mouth and began abusing said prostate.
Sungmin pulled away from the kiss and rested his head against Kyuhyun’s shoulder, panting.
“Kyu…Kyu…Kyu…please…I can’t…I can’t…”
Kyuhyun leaned to whisper into Sungmin’s ear. “Come for me.” He reached down and drew the cock ring off. He had barely removed it when Sungmin came all over his hand.
“Tsk tsk, what a bad boy.” Kyuhyun thrust into Sungmin, causing him to cry out again. He brought his cum covered hand up to Sungmin’s mouth. “Lick it.”
Sungmin looked Kyuhyun straight in the eyes as he slowly began licking his cum off Kyuhyun’s hand. As he watched Sungmin lick his own cum, he came hard into Sungmin.
Sungmin finished licking off all the cum with a smile. Kyuhyun pulled out of Sungmin and lay back against the bed. He propped himself up on his elbows to look at Sungmin still cuffed and hooked to the headboard.
“Going to set me free?”
“For a price.”
Sungmin stared at Kyuhyun’s half-hard cock and smiled. “Come here.”
Kyuhyun stood up and placed his cock at Sungmin’s mouth. Sungmin happily took Kyuhyun’s cock into his mouth and began licking and sucking. Kyuhyun gripped Sungmin’s hair as he felt his cock swell with Sungmin’s clever strokes. He felt his orgasm building again. Just as he was about to come, he pulled himself away. He reached up and unhooked Sungmin from the headboard but he kept his hands bound.
Kyuhyun lay back down on the bed. “Ride me.”
Sungmin smirked as he straddled Kyuhyun’s hips. “Only if you untie me.”
“If you’re a good boy, I will.”
Sungmin pouted. “Fine.” And with that, he slammed himself on top of Kyuhyun, making said boy cry out in surprise. Sungmin grinned and began riding Kyuhyun as hard as he could, as fast as he could.
Kyuhyun felt his orgasm building and before he could stop himself, he was coming in Sungmin again. Sungmin stopped and looked down at Kyuhyun.
“Tsk tsk, what a bad boy. Coming early when I haven’t even gotten enough. I should punish you but what?”
Kyuhyun smiled as he untied Sungmin’s wrist. “Whatever you want.”
Tags: kyumin, one shot, r/nc-17

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