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Title: Cute Love (Sequel to Love Doctor and Sidestory to Doubtful Pregnancy)
Pairing: Yewook, Kyumin, Eunhae
Word Count: 3900
Summary: Ryeowook’s never been a fan of love but when she meets that one guy, everything changes.

Ryeowook was walking up to Sungmin’s house when she saw a guy come out of the house. She felt her breath catch in her throat as she looked at him. Then she noticed he was headed her way. She tried to calm herself and appear unaffected. She walked past him without glancing at him. She paused at Sungmin’s door and glanced out of the corner of her eye. She saw him standing there, looking at her. She smiled to herself and walked into the house.
“In here, Wookie.” Ryeowook walked into the living room to see Sungmin sitting on the couch.
“Sungmin! Who was that guy just now? He was hot. Why was he here? Tell me, tell me, tell me.” Ryeowook latched onto Sungmin’s arm, looking at her earnestly.
Sungmin smiled to herself. Ryeowook had never acted like this about a guy before. “Well his name is Yesung. He was over here for some advice.”
“Advice? He likes someone?” Ryeowook felt a stab of disappointment.
Sungmin smiled as she looked at Ryeowook. “No, he had school related problems.”
“School? He goes to our school?”
Sungmin laughed. “No, if he did, I think you would have noticed him sooner than this.” Ryeowook blushed, something totally unlike her. “He’s Kyuhyun’s brother. He wanted some help for a school project. He sings.”
“He sings?” Ryeowook went off into a daydream, wondering how his voice would sound if he serenaded her.
“Hello? Earth to Ryeowook.” Sungmin grinned as Ryeowook came back to reality. “So want me to introduce you guys?”
“What? Would you? Could you? No, wait, don’t. I don’t have time for a relationship.”
“Are you sure? I can just introduce you guys. It’s not like it’ll lead into anything else unless you want it to…” Sungmin looked at Ryeowook.
“What? Don’t look at me like that. Stop that.” Ryeowook took a pillow and tossed it at Sungmin. “Come on, let’s go out. Isn’t that what we originally planned?”
“Yeah, just let me call Donghae and Eunhyuk as well or do you want it to just be us?”
“Make it girls only.”
“Alright. I’ll go call Eunhyuk.”
“Sungmin!” Sungmin smiled at Ryeowook who smiled back.
“I know, I know. Calling her now.”


Sungmin and Ryeowook were seated at a little table in a nearby café, waiting for Donghae. She came a few seconds later. They watched as she gave Eunhyuk a kiss before pushing him away. She walked into the café and immediately found them.
“Hi Minnie, Wookie. How are you?”
“Question should be how are you. Seems like you and Hyukkie are getting along great.”
“Yeah.” Donghae got a dreamy smile on her face at the mention of Eunhyuk.
Ryeowook stood up from her chair and glanced at her two friends. “You guys want anything to drink?”
“Iced tea.”
“Uh no, no caffeine.” Donghaep outed. “You know what caffeine does to you. Besides I don’t think it’s good to have some when you’re…”
“Oh…okay, fine I’ll have juice.”
“Okay.” Ryeowook walked to the counter and placed their order.
“Can I have a black coffee?” Ryeowook froze for a moment before sloly turning around. Her breath caught in her throat (again) as she saw Yesung standing right behind her.
Yesung glanced down and smiled at Ryeowook before paying for his drink. HE moved to the side and looked at Ryeowook. “Hi.”
“My name’s Yesung. What’s yours?”
“Well Ryeowook, it is okay if I tell you something?”
Yesung leaned down to speak right in Ryeowook’s ear. “I think you’re cute.”
“Ryeowook! Your order’s ready.” Ryeowook blushed, picked up her drinks, and hurried back to her friends. Yesung smiled and picked up his drink. Then he noticed Ryeowook left one of her drinks behind. It’s only polite to give her her drink she forgot.


Ryeowook set the drinks down and collapsed in her seat, burying her head in her arms. Sungmin and Donghae looked at each other before looking at Ryeowook with identical grins.
“What happened?”
“Um excuse me.” The girls looked up to see Yesung smiling at them. “I believe you forgot this.”
Sungmin smiled and took the cup from Yesung. “Thank you, Yesung. That’s so nice of you. So I’ll see you this weekend?”
“Yeah. Well I gotta go.” Yesung waved and left. Donghae looked at Sungmin inquisitively. Sungmin shook her head and turned to Ryeowook, handing her her drink. She smiled.
“How could you forget your drink, Wookie? That’s not like you.”
“I know, I know.” Ryeowook buried her head in her hands again. “There’s just something about him…seriously, I’ve never felt this way about a guy and no guy has ever affected me like this. Sungmin…what do I do? You’re the matchmaker, you…Sungmin!” Sungmin just smiled as Ryeowook stared at her, shocked. “You set me up.”
“What if I did?”
“Sungmin! What have I told you about that? You can do it for other people but not for me.”
“But this is the first time. Come on, don’t be upset. You’ve never been in a relationship –“
“Because I’m busy.”
“- and you were starting to feel lonely. I’m just doing you a favor.”
Ryeowook looked at Sungmin, a smile tugging at her lips. “Sungmin!”
Sungmin smiled. “No need to thank me. Just have fun. And remember, when you get married, don’t forget to credit me and let me plan the wedding.”
“What?” They smiled while Donghae looked at them, confused.
“Can someone tell me what’s going on?”
Ryeowook and Sungmin laughed. “Sure, let’s go to Minnie’s house.” The girls took their drinks and went to Sungmin’s house, hand in hand.


“So you’re responsible for me and Hyukkie?”
“Yep but unlike with Wookie, you don’t have to credit me at your wedding.”
“Well that’s nice.” Donghae laughed. “So what are you going to o now, Wookie?”
“I don’t know. There’s no way I’ll see him again unless Sungmin here arranges another meeting.”
“Well this weekend, he’s going to be performing in a singing competition. Want to come?” Donghae and Sungmin looked at her expectedly.
“What?” Ryeowook looked at her friends who were staring at her. She sighed. “Fine, we’ll go.”
Donghae and Sungmin squealed and enveloped Ryeowook in a group hug. Then they broke apart, excitedly talking about what they’d wear and how they’re fixed her up.
Ryeowook sighed. I hope I’m not making a big mistake…


On Saturday, Ryeowook and Donghae came early to Sungmin’s house. Ryeowook’s eyes widened as she saw the big bag Donghae was carrying. Donghae saw Ryeowook looking at her bag and smiled. “Makeup. The clothes are in this bag.” Donghae held up a small little tote. Ryeowook’s eyes widened even more.
Sungmin opened the door and smiled. “Good, right on time. Come in, come in. We have a lot of work to do.”
The three girls went to Sungmin’s room. “Take a seat, Ryeowook. Donghae, you have the curlers?”
“Okay, plug them in. Ryeowook, did you bring those jeans I told you to bring?”
“Yeah, they’re in my bag.” Sungmin went over and took the jeans out. The tag was still on them.
“Okay. Makeup?”
“On the vanity.” Sungmin strolled over and browsed through Donghae and her makeup collection. “Do you have a top, Ryeowook?”
“No, you told me not to bring one.”
“Oh, that’s righ. Closet.” Donghae opened the closet and Sungmin went over, browsing through her tops. “Donghae, you bring any?”
“Yep, on the bed.” Sungmin went over to her bed and looked at Donghae’s tops. “Donghae, which do you think will look good on Ryeowook?”
“I think this one. It’ll look great on her with her hair curled sexily. Her makeup should emphasize her eyes. What do you think, Minnie?”
“I think that will work.” Sungmin turned towards Ryeowook with a smile. “Ready?”
Ryeowook sighed. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”
“Good, now sit back and relax. Let us do our job and make you look fab for Yesung.”
“Alright. I’ll put myself in your capable hands.” Ryeowook closed her eyes and let Sungmin and Donghae do their magic.
Donghae began putting curlers in Ryeowook’s hair while Sungmin began applying makeup. She used some eyeliner and eyeshadow to help emphasize Ryeowook’s eyes. Since she was emphasizing her eyes, she used a simple gloss on her lips.
“Curlers set?”
“Alright.” Sungmin turned Ryeowook around so she couldn’t see herself in the mirror. “Now go change into the clothes laid out on the bed.”
Ryeowook opened her eyes and went over to the bed. She just stared at the clothes. “Sungmin…?”
“Just change, Ryeowook. No questions.”
Ryeowook sighed but complied. She slipped into the skinny jeans Sungmin made her buy but never worn. Then she put on Donghae’s top. She had a bit of difficutly getting it over the curlers but with Donghae’sh elp, she finally got it on. She stood there and felt uncomfortable. She’d never worn anything like this before. She felt naked. There wasn’t much covering her top.
“Come sit down, Wookie, and we’ll take those curlers out.” Donghae led Ryeowook back to the seat since she still couldn’t see what she looked like. DOnghae and Sungmin carefully removed the curlers. Then Donghae brushed her hair and played with them, trying to style them.
“Alright, ready to see yourself?” Ryeowook nodded. Donghae and Sungmin smiled as they turned her around. Ryeowook gasped as she saw herself in the mirro.
“Oh my gawd, you guys…I don’t know what to say…”
“A ‘thank you’ would suffice.”
“Oh thank you. I can’t believe it. I never though I could look this great.”
“But you can. If you took the time.”
“Oh…” Ryeowook gazed at herself in the mirror, still not believing that was really her.
“Well I hate to break up such a loving couple but we should probably get going. Don’t wanna miss the competition.”
“Wait, don’t you guys have to –“ Ryeowook stopped and stared. Sungmin and Donghae were already dressed and ready. “Wait, what?”
“When you do this enough, you can get ready as fast as you want. Now come on.”


Donghae, Sungmin, and Ryeowook made it just in time for the beginning of the competition. Sungmin looked around and quickly found Kyuhyun. She walked over and gave him a kiss.
“Hey Kyu, when is Yesung singing?”
“He’s last.”
“Oh, he must be nervous.”
“A bit. Want to go backstage and calm him down?”
“Alright. You two stay here with Kyuhyun. I’m going back to talk to Yesung.” Sungmin leaned close to Kyuhyun to whisper in his ear. “Keep an eye on Ryeowook. Some vulture might try to eat her.” Sungmin kissed Kyuhyun’s cheek and left.
Ryeowook looked around, oblivious to all the looks she was receiving. Donghae kept close to Ryeowook and Kyuhyun kept an eye on both of them.
“Hey guys. The competition is about to start. Let’s get closer to watch.” Sungmin gripped Ryeowook’s arm and dragged her closer to the stage. Donghae and Kyuhyun followed close behind. They got close to the stage and stayed there to watch all the performers. Soon it was Yesung’s turn.
Yesung walked on stage and the first thing he saw was Ryeowook standing in the front. He felt his nerves come back up. Then he glanced next to her at Sungmin. He remembered what she told him and felt his nerves settle down. She gave him a thumbs up and mouthed “Good luck.” He acknowledged her before moving to the center of the stage.
Ryeowook felt like she had gone to heaven. Yesung’s voice was so beautiful. She looked at Yesung and saw him looking at her. She felt the heat rise to her cheeks. It felt like he was singing just for her. She was so lost in the song she didn’t notice some guy coming up next to her and wrapping an arm around her.
Yesung saw it and he didn’t like it one bit. On instinct, Yesung leaned over the stage and took Ryeowook’s hand and none too gently, brought her on stage to her surprise and the guy’s disappointment and slight anger. The guy would’ve protested but one look at Yesung and it died in his throat.
Yesung smiled as he held Ryeowook’s hand and sang direcly to her. Ryeowook couldn’t stop the blush from rising. No guy had ever sung to her.
The song ended but Yesung kept staring at Ryeowook. Ryeowook didn’t know what was going on but she was slowly moving closer to Yesung until their lips met in a sweet, loving kiss. The crowd cheered but the two were oblivious to it all. Someone tapped Yesung on the shoulder to get his attention. The two pulled away and blushed. Yesung took Ryeowook’s hand and led her backstage.
An awkward silence filled Yesung’s dressing room as the two awkwardly stood in Yesung’s room. They had no idea what to say to each other. Ryeowook was embarrassed while Yesung was unsure of himself. It wasn’t like him to be so impulsive.
They could hear the announcer talking on stage.
“Now the winner of the compeition is…Yesung!”
Ryeowook smiled. “Congratulations, Yesung.”
“Thank you, Ryeowook.” Yesung left to go accept his prize, leaving Ryeowook alone in his room. She looked around and sat down at the little vanity. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw a change in her facial expression. Her lips looked redder; there was color in her cheeks and a sparkle in her eye. She quickly stood up when she heard the door open.
She was instantly enveloped in a hug. “Sungmin! Donghae! You’re going to suffocate me.”
“Oh sorry, Wookie, but we’re so happy for you. You finally have a guy.”
“What do you mean I finally have a guy? What guy?”
“Uh Yesung? Aren’t you guys together now?”
“No, Yesung and I aren’t together now. Why would you even think that?”
“Didn’t he take you back here to ask you out?”
“Uh no. Even if he did, I don’t think I’d accept him. I don’t have time for a relationship.”
The door closed, startling everyone. They turned around to see Yesung standing in the doorway.
Ryeowook panicked and rushed out of the room. Yesung tried to grab her but she was too quick. Ryeowook couldn’t see where she was going and bumped into someone.
“Oh I’m sorry I –“

“Hey there pretty girl.” The guy wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her against his side. “No need to throw yourself at me. I’m here just for you.”
Ryeowook could smell the alcohol on his breath. She crinkled her nose and tried to get out of his hold but he just tightened his hold.
“Hey, what’s the rush pretty girl? Did you want to go back to my place already? It’s a little early but how can I refuse such a pretty girl?” The guy leaned down to kiss her but he was stopped by a hand in front of his face.
“Sorry to disturb you but the girl’s mine.” Yesung pulled Ryeowook out of the guy’s grasp and into his warm embrace. Ryeowook buried her head in Yesung’s chest, trusting he would get rid of the creepy guy.
Yesung, keeping an arm around Ryeowook, led her outside and to his car. He put her in the passenger seat before getting into the driver’s seat. “Where do you live? I’ll take you home.”
Ryeowook gave him her address and relaxed in the seat. Yesung drove, occasionally glancing at Ryeowook, checking on her and checking her out.
Yesung stopped in front of Ryeowook’s place. He looked over and gently shook her away. She slowly stretched and yawned. When she noticed Yesung watching her, she blushed in embarrassment.
“Thank you for driving me home and helping me back at the club.”
“It’s no problem as long as you’re safe.” Yesung smiled at Ryeowook, making her blush more. She felt ashamed of what she said earlier. Yesung is a great guy but she just doesn’t have time for a relationship.
Ryeowook started to get out of the car but Yesung stopped her.
“Ryeowook…” Ryeowook turned her head to find her lips captured in a brief kiss. “I love you.” Ryeowook panicked and tried to move out of the car but Yesung had a hold of her wrist. “I know it’s too early and I know you said you don’t have time for a relationship but I’m hoping you’ll let me see you again.”
“Uh…I…I don’t know…”
“Just think about it okay, Ryeowook?” Yesung pulled out a rose and handed it to Ryeowook. “Until we meet again.”
Ryeowook blushed, shyly nodded and got out of the car. She went in and up to her room.
“Holy – what are you guys doing here? How’d you get in?”
“Spare key.” Sungmin held out her spare key to Ryeowook.
“So how’d it go?”
“He told me he loves me and wants to see me again.”
Sungmin and Donghae jumped up and down, squealing. “So what are you going to do?”
“I don’t know. I don’t have time for this. I don’t want to deal with this.”
“So you’re going to leave him hanging?”
“I guess. Now can you two go home? I have work to do.” Sungmin and Donghae frowned but did as she asked. Ryeowook changed and sat down at her desk to begin working but Yesung kept popping into her thoughts. She sighed and decided to sleep.


Ryeowook looked at her phone and the text she had just received. “Sungmin!”
Sungmin looked up from her book at Ryeowook. “Yes, Wookie?”
“Why did you give Yesung my number?”
“Why shouldn’t i?” Ryeowook looked at Sungmin. “Oh come on, don’t be like that. The guy loves you. He sang to you, kissed you in front of a bunch of people, saved you from that creepy guy, drove you home, and gave you a rose. He just wants to get to know you since you won’t date him yet. Come on, there’s nothing wrong with hanging out with him.”
“I guess…but I probably shouldn’t. I have lots of work to do. I can’t be distracted by him. You know why I have to work so hard.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. But can’t you take a little break every once in a while?”
“No. I’m on a deadline, remember?”
Sungmin sighed. “Oh alright. But please consider seeing him once. Come on, Ryeowook, you guys are soulmates.”
“Which is why this relationship can wait. We’ll end up together eventually.”
Sungmin let out a cry of frustration and walked away.


Ryeowook stopped by the local café after her classes were done. It was a daily routine. She needed the caffeine kick for the long hours of work ahead of her. She thanked the guy for the coffee and moved to sit at a little table to enjoy her cup of coffee and relax before he hectic work day began.
She drank her coffee and observed the people outside and inside the café. She noticed a guy sitting by himself drinking coffee. Something about him seemed familiar. Then he glanced up and Ryeowook gasped.
Yesung smiled as he picked up his stuff and walked over to Ryeowook’s table.
“Do you mind if I joined you?”
“Uh no, please have a seat.”
Yesung smiled and sat down. “So how are you?”
“I’m fine, just relaxing for a bit before I have work.”
“Work? Where do you work?”
“I help at the local hospital.”
“Oh, that’s nice. So you grab a cup of coffee before work?” Ryeowook nodded. “Do you mind if I join you then? It’s much more enjoyable having coffee with a friend than by yourself.”
“I guess if you want to.”
“Great, well I actually have to go now but I’ll see you tomorrow.” Yesung, going on impulse, leaned down and kissed Ryeowook’s cheek. Ryeowook blushed and stared as Yesung walked away. She glanced at her watch and quickly left the café to make it to work on time.


Ever since that day, Ryeowook would meet Yesung at the café to drink coffee and talk. Sometimes they’d just sit and drink, not saying a word. Other times, they would be talking so much Ryeowook was almost late to work. Occasionally, they would do work together.
Yesung was always there before Ryeowook. He’d have their orders waiting at the table. Ryeowook usually left first for work. At first, Yesung would give Ryeowook a kiss on the cheek before she left but then Ryeowook did it one time before Yesung had a chance to. She got up, quickly leaning over to give Yesung a chaste kiss on the cheek before rushing out, a hint of a blush on her face. After that, it became a habit for Ryeowook to kiss Yesung before she left.
As days passed, Ryeowook found herself falling more and more for Yesung but she felt like she couldn’t tell him. She still had a job to do.


As Yesung was waiting in the café for their drinks, his phone beeped, signaling an incoming text. He took out his phone and saw it was from Ryeowook, who never texted him. He quickly read the text.
Can you come over to my house? I need you.
Yesung quickly paid for the coffee before leaving to go to Ryeowook’s house. He knocked on the door.
Ryeowook opened it and collapsed into Yesung’s arms crying. He was startled and almost dropped the drinks but caught them in time. With one hand holding the drinks and the other wrapped around Ryeowook, he gently led them inside. He led her to the couch, placed the drinks down, and closed the door before coming back to Ryeowook.
Ryeowook snuggled into his embrace, seeking warmth and comfort. Yesung quietly held her, waiting for the tears to subside.
“What’s the matter, baby?”
“D-D-D-Donghae left us.”
“Is that really something to cry over?”
“Ye-ye-yes. I’m worried about her. She’s-she’s…she’s going through a rough time right now and now that she’s left, I can’t help her if she needs it.”
Yesung hugged Ryeowook close. “Aww, it’s okay, baby. She’ll be fine. She’ll probably call or text you later. She knows you’ll worry about her but seriously, how would worrying about her help her right now? Cheer up, baby. Don’t be sad. She’ll be fine. I don’t like seeing you sad. Makes me sad too.” Yesung pouted.
Ryeowook saw Yesung pouting and found it funny adorable she started laughing. “Aww, you’re so cute, Yesung. I love you.” She grabbed Yesung’s face and gave him a kiss. She pulled away, looking surprised. Yesung was doubly shocked by the kiss and confession.
“What did you say?”
Ryeowook looked at Yesung. Oh crap, I wasn’t supposed to tell him that yet but I can’t back down now.
“I love you. I love you, Yesung. I didn’t plan on telling you so soon or for this to happen so fast but I love you.”
Yesung smiled. “I love you too, Ryeowook. I’m so glad you feel the same.”
Ryeowook frowned. “But don’t you think this happened to fast?”
“Love doesn’t care about time. So what if it’s fast? All I know is I love you and always will.”
Ryeowook smiled. “I love you too and always will as well.”
Yesung smiled and pulled Ryeowook into a loving embrace before placing a kiss on her lips.

A/N: Yewook wedding coming up next :D then hopefully done this "short" series XD
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