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Title: The Light Between Heaven and Hell
Chapter: 10/25
Pairings: Kangteuk, Hanchul, Yewook, Kyumin, Eunhae
Word Count: 1067
Summary: A war is brewing between heaven and hell but with the light missing, who will stop it? Where is the light that can save the world? (sorry about the bad summary...)
Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Chapter 10

“It’s getting late. We should get going. We have school tomorrow.”
“Oh…okay. Come on.” Yesung grabbed my hand.
“So where do you live?”
“Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ll take you home first since you don’t really know your way around yet.”
“No, I can’t let you walk around alone at night. What if something happens to you?”
“No…really…it’s fine.”
“No, I can’t do that. You’re too cute. What if someone tries to rape you? It’s final. I’m taking you home.” I pulled on his arm and started walking. I paused. “Now where do you live?”
He laughed. “Fail, but still cute. Come on, it’s this way.” We walked for a few minutes before we stopped in front of a small townhouse. It looked so nice. “Well thanks for walking me home, Yesung. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He kissed my cheek before blushing and quickly turning away. He ran inside his house, leaving me standing there dazed at what had just happened. I touched my cheek. It felt warm where his lips had touched. That little kissed warmed me like nothing else. I just stood there absorbing the feeling before I remembered what I need to do. I walked away and slipped into the first dark alley.
I melted into the shadows and traveled back to Ryeowook’s house, using the shadows as my cover while I peeked inside. There wasn’t anything interesting to see. I moved past a window, glancing inside, before I backtracked and stared. Ryeowook was inside, getting ready for bed. I watched as he took off his shirt, revealing his smooth white chest. He looked so fragile and delicate. Next he unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. My mouth went dry. I could feel myself getting hard as I watched him slowly pull down his pants and boxers. His back was to me so I got a glimpse of his small white ass. I wonder what it would be like to fuck that little ass, to pound repeating into him, hearing him scream my name. I was so absorbed in my own thoughts I didn’t realize someone was calling my name or that someone else seemed to be looking straight at me with a wicked little grin on his face.


As soon as I got into the house, I closed the door and leaned back against it. I can’t believe I did that. I never do things like that but there was just something about him that made me do it.
“RYEOWOOK!!!!” Someone came running at me and grabbed me in a giant hug.
“Hey, what are you doing here? Where’s your partner?” Someone came down the hall.
“Hey Ryeowook. Long time no see.”
“Hey Eunhyuk. Can you get Donghae off me?” He grinned.
“Come on Donghae. Let go of Ryeowook so he can make us some delicious food.” Donghae perked up at that and immediately released Ryeowook.
“YAY!! I’ve missed his food so much. Come on.” Donghae grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the kitchen. The two of them sat down at the table while I moved about the kitchen, whipping up some dinner for them.
“So how have you two been?”
“Fine but we miss everybody especially you and Siwon and of course Teukie teukie.”
“Is it true Teukie teukie has no memories of heaven?”
“Sadly, yes. But it’s okay. We’re here to help him. I should probably tell you some things since I’ve been here the longest. Must warn you about-”
“Hello everyone.”
“Hi Siwon. Teukie’s safe and sound at home?”
“Yes he’s at home but…”


“Annyoung.” I smiled and bowed to them
“TEUKIE TEUKIE!!!!!!!!” One of them came running over and clung onto me in a giant hug. I just hugged him, confused. I glanced over at Siwon and the other guy. Siwon caught my expression and with the help of the other guy, gently pulled him off me.
“Leeteuk, these are your new bodyguards, Donghae and Eunhyuk.” Both bowed but I saw that Donghae had a few tears in his eyes. I had no idea why but I didn’t want him to cry.
“Come here, Donghae. Don’t cry. What’s the matter?” I sat down and pulled him onto my lap to comfort him.
“D-d-do you not remember me or Hyukkie at all?” I saw his depressed face.
“I’m sorry but I don’t.” His lip quivered before the tears started to spill from his eyes. “Aww, please don’t cry, Hae. Shhhhh. It’s okay. Calm down.” He seemed to sob harder. I looked over at Eunhyuk and Siwon. I motioned to Eunhyuk to come over and take Donghae. Eunhyuk led Donghae out of the room. There was an awkward silence.
“I think it’s time for you to go home now. You can talk to Eunhyuk and Donghae tomorrow.”
“Okay.” I felt sad. I didn’t mean to make Donghae cry. It hurt seeing him in tears.
Before I knew it, we were in front of my house. “Bye Siwon. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Bye Jungsu.” And with that, Siwon disappeared. I looked around to see if anyone noticed. I was barely at the front door before someone opened the door and yanked me inside. I had one quick glance at Youngwoon before he tossed me over his shoulder and headed to our bedroom.


After dinner, I went up to my room. I wanted to sleep, I was so tired. As I began to undress, I thought I felt some eyes on me. I could sense something by the window but I saw nothing there. I ignored it for a moment and kept undressing. As I took off my bottoms, I immediately felt this wave of heat wash over me. There’s definitely someone watching me…
I put my pajamas on and quickly turn around. I quickly latched onto a pair of eyes. I gasped. There by the window was none other than Yesung.


SHIT! Ryeowook was looking right at me. I know he can see me. What do I do? What do I do?
“Psst…Yesung…” I looked down and saw two people standing there. “Come on, we gotta get going. He wants to see the three of us.” I glanced back into the room before dropping away.


I was about to open the window and pull him in when he suddenly disappeared. I rushed to the window and saw two silhouettes turning the corner. Odd…

A/N: i hope this fic is okay. i have no idea where i'm going with it...this could drag on to so many chapters...
Tags: multi-chaptered, the light between heaven and hell

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