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Title: Stars
Pairing: Yesung/Kangin, Kangteuk
Word Count: 484
Theme: 091 Stars Yesung/Kangin
Summary: For the past few weeks, Yesung and Kangin have been going to the rooftop to stargaze.

Wish upon a falling star and your wish will come true.
That’s what Yesung told him. Kangin had no idea why but ever since Yesung told him that, he’d been going out at night with him to gaze at the stars, searching for a falling star.
They’d been doing this for three weeks but no luck.
“This is hopeless. There’s not going to be a falling star.”
“Yes, there will. You just have to sit and wait.”
“Wouldn’t it just be better if we checked the news for any upcoming meteor showers or something?”
“But then where’s the fun in that if we know when it’s coming? Don’t you like just sitting out here and gazing at the stars?”
“Sure as long as I don’t freeze my ass off.”
“Whatever, Kangin.” Yesung lay back on the roof and looked up at the sky.
Kangin lay down and stared at the sky as well. Yesung was right though. The stars looked really beautiful. He was so lost gazing at the stars he failed to notice when Yesung slipped away.
Kangin stared up at the stars, looking at their brightness. Just at that moment, something flashed across the sky.
“A falling star.” Kangin quickly closed his eyes and made a wish. He opened his eyes and smiled.
“Hey Yesung…” Kangin looked puzzled as he looked at the empty spot Yesung had occupied. He looked around the rooftop but it was too dark to see anything.
“Yesung? Are you there?”

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Kangin
Happy Birthday to you

Yesung, followed by the other members, walked over to Kangin. Leeteuk was smiling brightly and holding a birthday cake with a single candle.
“Happy Birthday, Kangin. Blow out the candle and make a wish.”
Kangin looked at all the members before closing his eyes and blowing out the candle.
“Yay! Time for cake.”
Someone flipped a switch and twinkly lights turned on, illuminating the rooftop. Leeteuk came over to Kangin and wrapped his arm around him, leaning up to place a kiss on his cheek.
“I didn’t know you guys were planning this.”
“Yeah well we had Yesung distract you while we made the plans.”
“Ahhh okay. That explains all the stargazing.”
“Yeah but from what Yesung told me, you seem to like stargazing.”
Kangin smiled. “Yeah, it’s nice and relaxing looking at the stars. They’re so bright but they dim in comparison to this one star.”
“And what star would that be?”
“You.” Kangin smiled and looked at Leeteuk. Leeteuk blushed before going up on tiptoes to give Kangin a kiss.
“I love you, Leeteuk.”
“I love you, Kangin and happy birthday.”
Leeteuk and Kangin looked at the other members enjoying themselves. Yesung glanced over at them and smiled. Kangin smiled and gazed up at the stars.
I guess wishes really do come true when you wish upon a star.

A/N: really belated birthday fic for Kangin. Just now realized it was his birthday January 17. Feel bad so wrote this short quick birthday fic.
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, kangteuk, one shot, yesung/kangin

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