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Title: Birthday Suit
Pairing: Kibum/Kyuhyun
Word Count: 568
Theme: 042. Suits Kibum/Kyuhyun
Summary: Kibum kidnapped Kyuhyun to play dress up?

“Why am I getting all dressed up in a suit?” Kyuhyun looked at himself in the three-way mirror.
Earlier Kibum had come by the dorm and taken him out shopping which Kyuhyun destested. He would rather be in front of his computer playing Starcraft.
Kibum had kidnapped him and taken to a little known boutique. There, he was shoved into a dressing room and made to try on suit after suit.
Right now he was dressed in a decent looking suit. He was dressed all in black. Kibum and the shopkeeper were looking him over.
“Because we’re going out to celebrate.”
“Celebrate? Celebrate what, Kibum?”
Kibum sighed. Kyuhyun was hopeless sometimes. “Gawd, you’re so stupid sometimes. Go try on another suit.”
Kyuhyun frowned but did as he said.
Kibum took a seat and looked at his phone.

Bring him over in 5 minutes.

Kibum put his phone away as Kyuhyun came back out of the dressing room. He was dressed in yet another suit but this suit fit him better than all the others. It was black but the cut and style showed off his tall, lean figure.
“Yep, this is the suit. Now go pay.” Kyuhyun rolled his eyes but complied. He went back into the dressing room to get his wallet and changed. “Oh don’t change out of the suit.”
“Alright, alright.” Kyuhyun came out and paid for the suit. He also asked the shopkeeper to help take the tags off.
Kibum smiled to himself. Someone was bound to thank him for making Kyuhyun get this suit. He just hoped they would give him some kind of reward for his part in this.


After Kyuhyun paid, they went back to Kibum’s car.
“So where are we going now?”
“Just sit back and relax. It won’t take long.”
“Whatever.” Kyuhyun settled down in the passenger seat and closed his eyes. Kibum started the car and drove off.


“Kibum, what are we doing here?”
“Just get inside.” Kibum grabbed a hold of Kyuhyun’s wrist and dragged him into the restaurant.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!” Confetti fell around Kyuhyun and Kibum.
“Don’t tell me you forgot today was your birthday.” Donghae laughed.
Kyuhyun blushed. “Maybe…”
Everyone laughed. “That’s what you get for being so absorbed in your video games. If it weren’t for Kibum’s help, you probably would’ve spent the whole day in front of the computer, completely forgetting to celebrate your birthday.”
Kyuhyun glanced at Kibum who smiled at him. “Thanks, Kibum.”
“No problem. Oh, I think I should give you my present before I forget.”
Kibum walked over to Kyuhyun and slipped something into his hand. “For later.”
Kibum smiled and walked over to join the others sitting at the table, chatting. Kyuhyun looked down at his hand. He saw a set of keys.
“What do you have there, Kyuhyun?” Kyuhyun glanced up to see Sungmin smiling at him. Sungmin was dressed in a suit that emphasized his slim body.
“Oh nothing.”
“Okay, well come on, let’s join the others.” Sungmin turned around and walked away. Kyuhyun let out a low breath. Sungmin’s pants hugged his tight little ass and the way his hips swayed was turning Kyuhyun on. He glanced at the keys again and realization dawned on him. As he walked to the table, he made sure to pass Kibum.
“Thanks for the gift.”
“You’re welcome. Hope you enjoy it.”
Kyuhyun smiled. “No doubt.”

A/N: this is actually part one of Kyuhyun’s b-day fic XD part two
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, kibum/kyuhyun

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