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Fic for lulufeca

Title: Innocent Love
Pairing: Yewook
Word Count: 3442
Summary: A very innocent relationship is about to go to the next level…

For lulufeca :D Hope you like…

“Here’s an invitation to my party this weekend. Don’t forget to bring your boyfriend.”
Ryeowook looked at the invitation Heechul unni had given her before moving off to hand out invitations to other people.
“Oh what’s that?” Donghae snatched the pretty pink envelope from Ryeowook’s frozen hands. “Oh, you were invited too. That’s great. So was I. Hey, we could go together with our boyfriends.”
Donghae looked at her friend to see her standing frozen, a shocked expression on her face. “Hey, what’s the matter, Ryeowook? Afraid something might happen at the party with your boyfriend?”
“It’s bound to happen. You know what happens at Heechul unni’s parties.” Sungmin wrapped her arms around her two friends. “Her parents are never home so she has that whole big mansion to herself. Every weekend she fills it with people that all end up in one of the guest rooms in the morning with someone from the party.”
“Are-are you saying that people have…sex at her party?”
“Yeah that’s normally what happens. Why? Didn’t you know?”
“N-n-no. I’ve never been invited to one of Heechul unni’s parties ever.”
“Hmm…maybe because she knew you’d be uncomfortable but now that you have a boyfriend you should be alright.”
“But-but we’ve never done things like that.”
“Oh don’t worry. There’s nothing to worry about. You’ll like it.” Sungmin smiled at Ryeowook.
“Sungmin, don’t scare poor innocent Wookie.” Donghae wrapped her arm around Ryeowook in an attempt to comfort the poor little girl. “Come on, let’s go to my house where we can talk freely.”


“So what happens at Heechul unni’s parties?”
“That’s where people go to party and later end up having sex with someone.”
“So-so am I going to end up having sex if I go to her party?”
“Probably. She always invites one virgin to her party. By the next morning, it’s gone and BAM they have a boyfriend.”
Donghae and Sungmin giggled. “What? It’s true. Heechul unni’s parties are infamous for hook ups and one night stands but the people at her party actually end up in a lasting relationship. Take me and Eunhyuk.”
“What?!? You and Eunhyuk met at Heechul unni’s party?”
“Yeah, I was the virgin she invited. I was dancing when I bumped into Eunhyuk. We were dancing together on the dance floor and one thing led to another. Next morning I woke up naked in bed with him.” Ryeowook stared wide-eyed at Donghae. “Afterwards, he took me out on a date. It wasn’t until a few weeks later when he actually confessed. We’ve been going out ever since.”
“But-but that’s different, isn’t it? I mean I already have a boyfriend.”
“So? How is that different? You two will go to Heechul’s party together and end up having sex later. What’s the problem?”
“Well because we’ve never done that before. I’m afraid. Doesn’t sex change things?”
“It does but usually for the better. At least that’s what it seems like at Heechul’s parties. She just has this knack for bringing people together.”
“Okay…so I should go to her party then.”
“YES!” Sungmin and Donghae smiled at Ryeowook.
“You’ll go to her party and have sex with your boyfriend. It’ll be the best night of your life. You’ll love it.”


Ryeowook was getting ready for Heechul’s party with help from Sungmin and Donghae. They wanted her to look extra special for tonight since she was going to lose her virginity and all.
They picked out sexy lingerie for her and a cute, sexy outfit. They fixed her hair and make up so she looked absolutely stunning.
“Oooooo, Ryeowook, you are going to knock him dead.”
“One look at you and he’ll want to fuck you all night long.”
Ryeowook blushed bright red. “Sungmin…don’t say that.”
“What? It’s true.” Sungmin grinned.
The doorbell rang. “Oooo, they’re here.”
Donghae raced downstairs to open the door, letting their boyfriends in. She gave her boyfriend a kiss hello. Sungmin came down and greeted everyone, kissing her boyfriend in the process.
“Ryeowook will be down in a bit, Yesung.”
“Yeah, she’s just taking a little time to get ready. We’ll meet you out in the car okay?” And with that, the two couples left Yesung standing in the foyer, waiting for Ryeowook.
Yesung stood there awkwardly, looking around, not knowing what to do.
“Yesung oppa…?”
Yesung glanced up and his jaw drop. Ryeowook was dressed in a mini skirt and small top that hugged her petite frame. She slowly made her way down the stairs and stopped right in front of Yesung. She shyly glanced at him, a blush forming on her cheeks due to Yesung’s blatant staring.
“Yesung oppa…?”
Yesung shook his head and still stared at her. “Ryeo-ryeo-ryeowook…you-you look absolutely…beautiful.”
“Th-th-thank you. Uh…should we get going?”
“Uh yeah.” Yesung opened the door and held it as Ryeowook walked out ahead of him. He couldn’t stop staring at her cute little butt as she walked in front of him to the car.
“Alright, everyone in. Let’s get going!” Everyone piled into the car.
Yesung sat next to Ryeowook. He glanced at her before looking away. The skirt had moved up her thigh when she sat down. Ryeowook shifted in her seat and the skirt moved even higher. Yesung glanced out the window and swallowed nervously. Gawd, she looks so hot right now. I just want to - Ryeowook shifted in her seat and accidentally brushed against Yesung. They looked at each other before looking away, blushing. Yesung stared out the window and sighed. Must keep perverted thoughts out of head. Must keep perverted thoughts out of head.
The whole ride to Heechul’s house was filled with laughter and talking from two of the couples and an awkward silence from the other couple.


“Hey, glad you guys could make it.” Heechul enthusiastically greeted the three couples at the door.
“Hey Sungmin, Kyuhyun. You look great.” She kissed Sungmin’s cheek before she went inside.
“Oh Donghae, Eunhyuk, glad you guys are here. Finally people will start dancing.” She kissed Donghae’s cheek before letting them pass.
“Ryeowook! Glad you’re here. Wow, you looked stunning. And this must be your boyfriend, Yesung. Hello. Please come in. Glad you guys could make it.” Heechul kissed Ryeowook’s cheek and gently led them inside. “Go make yourselves comfortable. Have fun. I still need to greet guests but I’ll catch you guys later.” Heechul turned away to greet the people coming in.
Ryeowook and Yesung looked at each other confused.
“Come on.” Sungmin came over and grabbed both their wrists and dragged them after her.
They were taken to Heechul’s living room, which were several connecting rooms. One room was for the music and dancing. Another room was set up with tables and chairs and a buffet. The other room had several seating areas around several TVs. They saw a few people already making out on the couches, some people eating, and a few dancing. Donghae and Eunhyuk were already tearing up the dance floor.
Sungmin took Ryeowook and Yesung over to a table where Kyuhyun and some other people were already seated.
“Hi everyone, this is Ryeowook and Yesung. Ryeowook, Yesung, this is Leeteuk and Kangin.”
“Hi, how are you?”
“I’m fine.”
“That’s good. Are you hungry? You should go get some food.”
“Oh no, that’s okay. I’m not hungry right now.”
“Then do you want to dance?”
“Oh no, I’m not a very good dancer.”
“What? Well that’s okay, I’ll teach you.” Leeteuk stood up and grabbed Ryeowook, dragging her out to the dance floor. Sungmin followed, leaving the guys alone at the table.
“So how long have you guys been going out?”
“What?” Yesung looked at Kangin.
“How long have you and Ryeowook been going out?”
“About 4 months now.”
“That’s good. Me and Leeteuk have been going out a year now.”
“Wow, impressive.”
“Yeah. She’s great, isn’t she?” Kangin turned to stare at Leeteuk out on the dance floor. She and Sungmin were trying to teach Ryeowook how to dance. They were moving their bodies to the rhythm.
Kangin smiled and got up to walk over to Leeteuk. Kyuhyun and Yesung looked at each other, over at the girls and Kangin, shrugged, and went out on the dance floor.


“I’m not sure I’m getting this, Leeteuk unni.”
“No, you’re slowly getting it. Try and feel the music. Let it flow through you and just move with it. Here, let me help.” Sungmin came up behind Ryeowook and placed her hands on her waist. She helped her move to the music. “That’s it. Just feel the music.”
Arms wrapped around Sungmin’s waist. She looked back and smiled. She leaned back into Kyuhyun’s embrace and began moving to the music with him.
Yesung came up to Ryeowook who was gently swaying to the music. “Want to dance?”
Ryeowook turned and blushed. “Uh…sure…” Yesung wrapped his arms around her and gently swayed with her to the beat of the music.
Yesung leaned down and whispered in her ears. “Do you really want to be doing this?”
“Not really…”
“Alright.” Yesung grabbed Ryeowook’s hand and took her off the dance floor and back to the table. They sat down and looked at each other. “So what do you want to do?”
“You guys can go upstairs and talk privately if you want.” Yesung and Ryeowook looked up to see Heechul standing next to them. “Why don’t you guys go upstairs? I’m sure you’ll be more comfortable alone, talking with each other, than staying down here with all this music and noise. Just go upstairs. I already have a room reserved for you guys. Go on, have fun.” She gently nudged the couple towards the stairs. She smiled and shooed them up the stairs.
After making sure they were on the second floor, she went out onto the dance floor in search of someone.
“They’re upstairs.”
“Alright. Good job. Hope it works.”
“Don’t worry. I’ve never failed.”


Yesung and Ryeowook walked hand in hand, up the stairs and down the corridor. The first door they saw had their names on it.
“So she wasn’t lying when she said she had a room reserved for us.”
Ryeowook frowned. Why would she reserve a room just for us already? But she didn’t have time to really wonder before Yesung was gently leading her inside.
Ryeowook walked in and stared. Yesung quietly shut the door and locked it before turning to look at the room.
“Oh wow…” The room was beautifully decorated. There were a few vases of roses on the table and nightstands. There was a small sitting area and a giant king-sized bed. A door led to an adjacent bathroom. There was a Jacuzzi and shower in the bathroom along with several unidentifiable bottles.
Ryeowook walked over and sat on couch. Yesung walked over and sat down next to her. Ryeowook instinctively curled up next to Yesung.
“What did you want to do?”
“I don’t know. We can just relax here. We don’t have to do anything.”
Just then, a cabinet in front of them opened to reveal a TV. The screen turned on and a movie began playing. Ryeowook and Yesung were surprised but they settled down to watch it.
Imagine their surprise when they saw what was happening on screen. Ryeowook blushed and buried her face in Yesung’s chest in embarrassment. Yesung, being a guy, couldn’t help watching. He wrapped his arms around Ryeowook in comfort but the scene on the screen fascinated him.
He looked at the screen then down at Ryeowook, back at the screen and then down at Ryeowook.
Ryeowook shyly lifted her head and found her lips captured in a heated kiss. Yesung pulled her towards him so she was sitting on his lap and devoured her lips. Ryeowook responded with as much passion.
Yesung tore his lips away from hers and stared at her. “Ryeowook…do you want to do this?”
She blushed and Yesung couldn’t help thinking how adorable she looked. “If-if…you want to…it’s alright with me…”
“Are you sure?”
“Ye-ye-yes…I-I want you to be my first…” Ryeowook looked away, blushing.
“Are…are you sure about that?”
“You what?”
“I-I think I love you…” She glanced away again, her cheeks burning in embarrassment. Yesung could only stare at her. She loves me? She loves me?
Yesung turned her head towards his and kissed her sweetly.
“I think I love you too.” Yesung smiled at her before claiming her lips again.
His tongue ran along her bottom lip, asking for entrance. Ryeowook hesitantly parted her lips to let Yesung’s tongue in. Their tongues played with each other as Yesung slowly moved his hands down Ryeowook’s body. He slipped them under her shirt.
“Yesung…” Ryeowook pulled away and stared down at Yesung. She blushed as Yesung cupped her breasts.
“Yes…?” He flicked his fingers over her nipples and kissed her neck.
“D-d-don’t…don’t stop…” Yesung grinned and kissed Ryeowook. He carefully removed her shirt and stared at her. Ryeowook saw him staring, looked down, and turned away, blushing.
“I-I wore this for you. There’s even matching panties.” Yesung’s eyes widened as he stared at Ryeowook.
“Matching panties?”
“Ye-yes…” Ryeowook got off Yesung’s lap and took off her skirt. Yesung’s breath caught in his throat as he stared at Ryeowook dressed in nothing but lacy blue lingerie.
“Where-where did you get that?”
“I just bought it today…for now…” Ryeowook blushed.
“You look hot. Come here.” Ryeowook shyly walked towards Yesung. He pulled her onto his lap and kissed her as his hands ran down her body.
Ryeowook hesitantly ran her hands over Yesung’s chest, slowly pulling his shirt off. She lightly ran her hands over Yesung’s chest, making him shiver.
“Wow…” She traced a finger over his nipple. Yesung sucked in a breath. Ryeowook’s hesitant touches were killing him.
“Ryeowook…” She looked up at him with such innocence. He captured her lips for a passionate kiss. He lifted her up and carried her over to the bed. He gently laid her down.
“Take-take your clothes off.” Ryeowook sat up and hesitantly drew off Yesung’s pants and boxers before giving him a chance to do it himself. She was surprised by her boldness. She never thought she’d do something like this.
Ryeowook looked at Yesung’s hard cock and blushed.
“You’re so cute when you blush.” Ryeowook blushed even more.
“Come-come to bed…Yesung…” Yesung slowly climbed onto the bed, on top of Ryeowook. He reached behind her and unclasped her bra and tossed it aside. He couldn’t help staring at how perfect Ryeowook looked. He was hesitant to touch so perfect a creature.
He lifted a finger and traced her breast. Ryeowook shivered at his touch. He gently cupped her breast and flicked his thumb over her nipple. She let out a gasp as Yesung leaned down and flicked her breast with his tongue.
“Yesung…” He gently sucked on her breast while his hand teased the other. He switched when he felt he played enough with the one. Ryeowook was quickly moaning. He slowly moved down her body, placing kisses along the way.
Yesung stopped between her legs. He slowly, gently drew her lacy thong off and tossed in aside. He ran a finger along her hips, slowly creeping down to that place between her thighs.
“Shh…trust me…” Ryeowook watched as he lightly ran a finger over her clit.
“Oh Yesung…” He teasingly moved his finger over her clit again. He teased her entrance with his finger before slipping a finger inside.
“Oh my gawd…Yesung…” She tried to move but Yesung gently held her hips in place. He rotated his finger inside her. She leaned back in pleasure. Then she shot straight up when Yesung experimentally flicked his tongue against her clit.
“Shh…it’s alright baby…” Yesung hesitated a moment since he wasn’t exactly sure what he was doing but he thought he was doing the right thing if Ryeowook’s moans were any indication. He flicked his tongue against her clit and she wiggled beneath him.
“Yesung…” He experimentally licked her as he stuck another finger in.
“Oh Yesung…oh oh oh…that’s it…” Yesung flicked his fingers and caused Ryeowook to moan. He licked her as his fingers moved in and out of her. Ryeowook writhed in pleasure on the bed, her hands gripping Yesung’s hair.
“Oh Yesung, Yesung, Yesung…that’s it…more…more…oh gawd…please…”
Yesung stopped and moved back up Ryeowook’s body, placing little kisses here and there. “Do you want me to…”
“Yes…please…I need you…I want you…”
“Okay.” Yesung looked around in search of something.
“What are you looking for?”
“A condom. I don’t want you to get pregnant right now.”
“I-I think there are some in the drawer right there.” Ryeowook pointed to the nightstand. Yesung opened it and found tons of condoms. He grabbed one and placed it on.
He settled himself between Ryeowook’s thighs, his cock positioned right at her entrance. He paused for a moment. “Are you sure about this?”
“Yes. I want you. I need you. Please. I love you, Yesung. Be my first.”
“I love you too. I just don’t want to hurt you.”
“You won’t. I trust you.” Ryeowook pulled Yesung’s head down to hers and gently kissed him.
Yesung gently eased the tip of himself into Ryeowook. He waited for her to adjust to him before slowly moving another inch.
“Ye-Ye-Yesung…please…I-I need more…”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes…I want all of you…”
“Alright, but this may hurt.”
“I’m fine. Just do it.” Yesung snapped his hips forward, thrusting the rest of the way into Ryeowook. She gave a strangled noise as she wrapped her arms around Yesung and buried her face in his neck, breathing deeply.
Yesung waited a moment, letting her adjust. When he felt her relax, he leaned back and gently kissed her lips before slipping out part of the way and slowly pushing back in.
“Nnh…Yesung…” Yesung slipped out a little more this time before pushing back in. He pulled out, a little more, before pushing back in just as slowly. He kept up this slow rhythm, afraid of hurting Ryeowook.
Ryeowook moved her hands to Yesung’s hips and then his butt. “Yesung…give me more…”
“Are-are you sure?”
“Yes…I need more…please…”
“Wrap your legs around my waist.” Ryeowook wrapped her legs around his waist. Yesung braced himself on his arms. He pulled out of Ryeowook completely before slamming back into her.
“Yesung! Oh gawd, Yesung. Do that again.” Yesung pulled out and thrust back in. Ryeowook moaned.
“That’s it…oh gawd Yesung…please…” Yesung pulled out and thrust back in, a little harder this time. Ryeowook let out a loud moan of pleasure.
“Oh yes…yes…Yesung…please…please…oh gawd…” Yesung grunted as he thrust in and out of Ryeowook as hard as he could.
“Yesung, Yesung, Yesung…I think…I think…” Ryeowook lost her ability to speak as Yesung thrust roughly into her.
“I know, I know…” Yesung pulled out and slammed in at a different angle.
Ryeowook screamed as her orgasm hit her. She fell limp on the bed.
Yesung came at almost the exact moment. He pulled out of her and went to dispose of the condom. After he tossed it out, he climbed onto the bed and pulled Ryeowook into his embrace.
She leaned up and lazily kissed him. “That was great. When can we do it again?” She grinned at Yesung’s shocked expression.
“You want to do it again? Already? But aren’t you tired? And won’t you be sore tomorrow?”
“Don’t think so. Besides, it’s okay if I’m sore. It’ll serve as a reminder of what a great night I had.” Ryeowook smiled and kissed Yesung. “But if you want to wait until later, that’s fine with me. We can do it tomorrow morning if you want.”
Ryeowook settled down into Yesung’s embrace and promptly fell asleep. Yesung stared down at Ryeowook. She looked so adorable and innocent right now Yesung had trouble believing that she would want to have sex again so soon. He never thought she would turn out like this. What have I done?
“You released the vixen in me.” Yesung stared down at Ryeowook. He didn’t realize he had said that out loud. Ryeowook was asleep but a smile tugged at her lips. He smiled and leaned down to gently kissed her lips.
“I love you, Ryeowook. Maybe tomorrow…if you still want to…” Ryeowook smiled brightly in her sleep. Yesung smiled, seeing her smile. He lay down next to her. She instinctively curled up next to him. He wrapped his arms around her and slept. They slept until morning when Ryeowook decided to wake Yesung up in her own special way.

A/N: okay I’m so sorry about the ending but I didn’t know how to end it XD I just couldn’t think of a good way to end it XD but I hope you like it. My bias totally went wild here :D
Tags: r/nc-17, yewook

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