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Girls vs. Boys - Yewook Wedding

Title: Girls vs. Boys – Yewook Wedding
Pairing: Yewook, Hanchul, Kangteuk, Kyumin, Eunhae, Sibum, Zhoury
Word Count: 3817
Summary: After Sungmin’s wedding, Heechul was suppose to marry next; however, a little problem arose and now Ryeowook may be the one to marry next to everyone’s surprise.

“RYEOWOOK!!! RYEOWOOK!!!! WHERE ARE YOU??!?!?!?!” Yesung searched frantically, trying to find his pregnant girlfriend. Seriously, how many places can you hide on a beach? It’s all open spaces, lots of sand and surf. There’s no way Ryeowook would be in the water so where the hell was she if Yesung couldn’t spot her on the beach?
Yesung walked up and down the beach, searching for Ryeowook, trying to think of where she could be.

After she had stormed off in a huff, taking the car, Yesung had followed her, after giving a very brief explanation to the rest of the group. He followed her, borrowing someone else’s car. She had gotten a good head start but he caught up to her. He had lost her for a moment but found her again, heading towards the beach. Why she would go here was beyond him.
Yesung wandered around the beach, hoping to catch a glimpse of Ryeowook, when his cell phone rang.
“Yesung, come home.”
“No, not until I find Ryeowook.”
“She’s here.”
“WHAT?!?!? I’ll be right there.”
Yesung hopped into his car and drove home as fast as he could.


Ryeowook was in her room, crying due to all the emotional stress. Sungmin and Leeteuk were trying their best to comfort her but all she really wanted was Yesung.
“W-w-wh-where is he? Did-did he leave me?” Ryeowook sobbed.
“Shh, shh, it’s okay sweetie. Yesung didn’t leave you. He’s looking for you right now.”
“Wh-why would he be looking for me when I’m right here?” Ryeowook sobbed.
Sungmin and Leeteuk looked at each other helpless. “You should go rest Sungmin. You’re leaving on your honeymoon soon right?”
A loud sob came from Ryeowook. “WAHHHHH!!! I’m so sorry for ruining your reception, unni. I’m so sorry. I didn’t want anyone to know and you wouldn’t if Yesung had kept his big fat mouth shut. That stupid guy. I told him not to say anything but noooo, like the big idiot he is, he had to ask Heechul unni if she would like her wedding postponed again. How could he do such a thing? Is he insensitive? Heechul unni wants to get married next. She has to get married next. Why is he so worried about us getting married? He never worried about this when I wasn’t preganant. Only now that I’m pregnant, he wants to get married as soon as possible. Well guess what, now I want to wait. How does he like that? He wanted me to wait when I wasn’t pregnant. Well now he has to wait while I’m pregnant. But I don’t want to hurt him. What if he leaves me because I won’t marry him until after the baby is born? I don’t think I can marry after Heechul unni. I’ll be big by then. I don’t want to wear a wedding dress then. I’ll look fat. I want my wedding to be perfect just like yours, Leeteuk unni, or yours, Sungmin unni, or Heechul unni’s when she had hers.”
Leeteuk and Sungmin looked at each other and then at the crying pregnant girl between them. They never experienced such mood swings before.
“You know you’ll be going through this pretty soon, right Sungmin?”
“Yeah I know. I apologize in advance.”
“Shh, don’t worry about it.” Leeteuk wrapped an arm around Ryeowook. “Wookie ah, are you okay? Feeling any better?”
Ryeowook sniffled. “A-a little bit.” Tears came to her eyes. “I’m so sorry unni. I’m ruining everything.”
“No, no, no. You’re not ruining anything. Don’t worry about it. Why don’t you try and sleep? You must be exhausted.”
Ryeowook nodded her head. She let Leeteuk tuck her in. Leeteuk placed a kiss on her forehead before leaving, quietly closing the door.
Leeteuk and Sungmin went into the living room where the rest of the gang was waiting.
“So how is she?”
“She’s sleeping now but I think she’ll be okay. Could someone get to Yesung before he –“
“WHERE’S RYEOWOOK!??!!?” Yesung burst into the dorm and stared wildly at everyone in the living room. He quickly saw Ryeowook wasn’t there and made his way to her room; however, Hankyung quickly caught him and pulled him back towards the living room. He was dragged into a chair and restrained by Kangin and Shindong.
“Hey, what’s going on?”
“Shh, be quiet. We just put Ryeowook down for a nap. She’s exhausted.”
Yesung’s eyes widened. “Is she okay? I should go in and check on her.” He tried to get up but was restrained by Kangin and Shindong.
“She’s fine. She just needs sleep.”
“So Yesung, give us some answers.”
Yesung looked towards Heechul. “What answers?”
“Oh starting from when did this happen to when will you guys get married.”
Yesung looked at his friends to see them all staring at him. “Well uh…do I have to tell you guys?”
“We have a right to know.”
“And you have a right to keep your mouth shut.”
Everyone turned to see Ryeowook standing near the entrance to the living room. She walked in and went straight for Yesung’s lap.
“Hi sweetie.” She smiled sweetly and gave him a kiss. Everyone just stared, completely shocked. Yesung sat there shocked before instinct took over and he was kissing Ryeowook passionately.
She pulled away and snuggled into Yesung’s embrace. She turned to look at everyone. “I would appreciate it if you don’t ask any questions.”
“But we deserve some answers.”
“No, you don’t but Heechul may since this will affect her the most.” Ryeowook looked at Heechul, who, for once, looked speechless. “Now Heechul unni, in no way will your wedding be postponed by this so you don’t have to worry. Just worry about having your perfect wedding.”
“But what about you, Wookie ah? Shouldn’t you get married?”
Ryeowook smiled. “Of course I should get married but I won’t get married before Heechul unni.”
“But what about your baby?”
Ryeowook sighed. “If you’re all worried about me having a baby out of wedlock, me and Yesung can just get married at city hall or something, just a small quick ceremony, nothing that will overshadow Heechul unni’s wedding. She’s waited long enough to marry Hankyung. I don’t want her to wait any longer.” Ryeowook smiled. “So it’s settled. Heechul unni will get married next while me and Yesung will just had a small insignificant ceremony so my baby isn’t born out of wedlock.”
Ryeowook stood up, kissed the stunned Yesung on the mouth, and went to the kitchen to begin making food.
Everyone stared after her, a mix of emotions.
“What was that all about?”
“Did she really mean that?”
“How can she just give up her wedding day like that?”
“Are you really going to do that?”
Everyone turned to look at Yesung.
“If that’s what she wants…”
“Wait so you’re going to let her –“
“Yes I am. I just want to make her happy.” Yesung placed his head in his hands. “It’s all my fault this happened. I just want to help in any way I can.”
“And you can but you don’t have to accept this.”
“Don’t have to? How can you say that? If I don’t respect her wishes, she’ll leave me. I don’t want to lose her.” Yesung crumpled into the chair, overcome by his emotions.
Leeteuk took some pity and went over to Yesung. She wrapped an arm around him in comfort. “Yesung, there’s no way she’ll leave you. She loves you. She’ll do anything to stay with you. If you’re unhappy with what she wants, then tell her. Be honest. She’ll appreciate it.”
“How can you be sure? I don’t want to fight with her, especially when she’s pregnant. I don’t want to upset her in any way. She’s more sensitive now.”
“Yes she is more sensitive but she’s still the same Ryeowook. She’ll understand if you just talk to her.” Leeteuk tilted Yesung’s face up to hers. “Yesung, you need to talk to her. That’s the only way this will be resolved.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. Now go talk to her.” She pulled Yesung out of the chair and pushed him towards the kitchen.
Yesung walked into the kitchen, bracing himself for the fight that was bound to happen, when he froze in the doorway. Collapsed on the floor of the kitchen was Ryeowook with a knife in hand. A long red cut could be seen on her arm.
Yesung ran over and held Ryeowook in his arms. His scream made the others come running in. They all froze in the doorway.
“Someone call the hospital and alert them. Kangin, go get the car. I’ll go to the hospital with Yesung. You guys wait here. We’ll call with news later.”


Kangin drove as fast as he could to the hospital. Without stopping the car, Yesung rushed out and carried Ryeowook straight into the ER.
“Can someone please help me?”
“Are you Mr. Kim?”
“Yes.” Yesung turned to see a nurse smiling at him.
“Come this way. A room has been prepared for you.”
The two rushed away. As soon as Yesung had placed Ryeowook on the bed, he was pushed out of the room.
Leeteuk and Kangin found Yesung pacing outside the room.
“Yesung?” Yesung glanced up and saw Leeteuk and Kangin. “How is she?”
“I don’t know. They kicked me out as soon as I put her on the bed. I haven’t heard anything since. She’s been in there for so long. I hope she’s okay. I don’t want to lose her. I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose her. She’s my life now.” Yesung sat on the bench and covered his face with his hands.
Leeteuk and Kangin exchanged glances. “You stay here with him. I’ll go run out and get something for him.”
“Coffee, black. It’ll help him.”
Leeteuk nodded and left. Kangin sat down next to Yesung. “Come on. It’s alright. She’ll be fine. The doctors will take care of her.”
Leeteuk returned a few minutes later, holding a tray of drinks and bags of food. She gave Yesung a cup of coffee and passed Kangin the bag of food. They ate and drank in silence.
“Mr. Kim?” The three turned to look at the doctor who had just come out of the room. “You may go in now.”
“How is she?”
“She’s fine now. We treated and wrapped her cut so it should heal nicely. She suffered some blood loss but she’s okay.”
“How’s the baby?”
“The baby is fine. No worries there. But we’ll be keeping her here overnight just in case.”
“Alright. Thank you, Doctor.” Yesung walked in and saw Ryeowook asleep. She looked so pale and peaceful. He saw the bandage wrapped around her arm.
He grabbed a chair and placed it by her bedside. He took her hand in his and gently lifted a hand to her face.
“Ryeowook…what happened? Why did you do this?” Tears silently came to his eyes. “Don’t make me worry so much about you. I love you so much. I don’t want anything to happen to you. I can’t live without you.” The tears silently fell as Yesung looked at Ryeowook.
Ryeowook stirred and glanced to her side to see Yesung crying. “Yesung…? What’s going on?”
“Ryeowook.” Yesung looked up to see Ryeowook looking at him. He leaned up and gently kissed her lips. “Baby, I came into the kitchen and found you passed out on the floor, knife in hand, and a big cut on your arm. Gawd, that scared me so much.” Yesung gently wrapped his arm around Ryeowook, burying his face in her neck.
“Yesung, it’s alright. I’m okay now. You made sure of that. Don’t worry. That cut was intentional at first but then I realized how stupid that was but then my hand slipped.” Yesung’s eyes widened in fear. “But it’s all okay now. Don’t worry, Yesung. I would never intentionally kill myself. How could I just leave you? Besides, now I have someone else to worry about. By the way, what did the doctor say about the baby?”
“The baby’s fine. They’re just going to keep you here overnight because you loss some blood and they’re worried about you. So you’re really okay? Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m fine, Yesung.”
“Then you don’t mind talking about what you said earlier?”
“What? Oh you mean the wedding? Sure, what did you want to say exactly?”
“I don’t want us to have a small ceremony at city hall or anywhere for that matter. I want a real wedding for us. If I have to wait until after you have the baby, then so be it but we will have an actual wedding. I don’t want you to give up the most special day in your life.”
“But don’t you want the baby to have your name. We need a small ceremony before the baby’s born so it can legally be both of ours.”
“But don’t you want a big wedding?”
“It’s alright. The baby is more important than some big fancy wedding.”
Yesung looked at Ryeowook skeptically. She just smiled brightly at him. “Alright…are you ready to see the others? I think they should be here by now. Leeteuk probably called them to tell them how you were.”
Yesung strolled over to the door and opened it. Everyone who was listening at the door fell on the floor and on top of each other.
“Ryeowook! Are you okay?” After untangling herself, Sungmin launched herself towards the bed, followed by the others.
Yesung stepped outside the room to take a breath and think. Leeteuk noticed this and stayed outside instead of walking in.
“Are you okay, Yesung?”
“Yeah. I-I just feel bad. She’s not going to get the wedding she wanted. I know she had her heart set on some big fancy wedding but she might not be able to have it now or ever. I would plan for one after the baby is born but I don’t know how a baby would fit into the wedding. And there’s no way I can plan a big fancy wedding in a few weeks. Besides, I know Ryeowook doesn’t want to marry before Heechul so I don’t think that will work. But I want her to have the wedding of her dreams. It’s the least I can do for her but I can’t even do that.”
“Now who says you can’t?” Yesung looked up to see Heechul standing outside the doorway.
“Now I was going to go in to see Ryeowook when I noticed you two standing out here. I thought it might be more interesting than going in to see Ryeowook when she’s surrounded by so many people. And guess what? I was right. So what is all this talk about Ryeowook and wedding and moi?”
“Yesung here feels bad that he can’t give Ryeowook the wedding she’s dreamed of.”
“Oh is that it? Well I think we can arrange something.”
“What do you mean? You know Ryeowook doesn’t want to marry before you, Heechul.”
“Well I’m being nice for once and letting her do this. Besides, there’s some wedding details that need a little more time so I can postpone mine a little longer.”
“Really? That’s great, not for you but for Ryeowook. But wait, can you not tell her about this? I want to surprise her.”
“Our lips are sealed.” Yesung grinned and walked back into the hospital room to stand by Ryeowook’s side.
Leeteuk turned to look at Heechul. “There aren’t any wedding details that need more time to process. Everything’s ready and has been ready since before Sungmin’s wedding.”
“Shh, they don’t need to know that.”
Leeteuk smiled. “Alright. You’re a good person, Heechul, you know that?”
“That’s what I keep trying to tell you guys.” The two laughed. “So shall we get started on planning Ryeowook’s surprise wedding?”


For the next two weeks, Yesung stayed by Ryeowook’s side, taking care of every little thing for her. He was afraid she would get hurt from the littlest things, including lifting a fork to feed herself. Yesung did every little thing for Ryeowook she was slowly going crazy from being confined to her bed with nothing to do.
“Yesung…I’m fine. I can feed myself. I can even walk around. Why do you insist on keeping me in bed?”
“I want you to rest. You haven’t been sleeping well.”
“Yesung, answer my question. Why do you insist on keeping me as an invalid?”
“I’m worried about you. I don’t want you to overexert yourself or hurt yourself in anyway.”
“Yeah but there’s no way I could hurt myself by at least reading or watching TV. Yesung, you keep me confined to my bed with nothing to do. Let me do something or I’ll go crazy and start tearing out my hair just to give me something to do.”
“Alright, alright. I’ll let you do something,” Ryeowook smiled, “tomorrow.” Ryeowook frowned. “Now get your rest. I want you to be well rested for tomorrow. And the only way that’ll happen is if you sleep now.”
Ryeowook pouted. “Fine.” She settled under the covers and closed her eyes. Yesung sat by her bed and sang a lullaby. When he was certain she was fast asleep, he quietly crept out of the room towards the living room.
“So is everything ready?”
“Yep. Now don’t forget.”
“I won’t. But just in case, text or call me.”
“Alright. Good night Yesung.”
“Good night ladies.”


Ryeowook woke up the next morning to Yesung’s voice and gentle shaking.
“Baby, it’s time to get up. We have a big day ahead of us.”
Ryeowook groggily got up and looked at Yesung. “Where are we going?”
“Shower and dress first.”
“Uh…okay…” Ryeowook stumbled to the bathroom. She quickly showered and changed into something. When she came back out, Yesung was gone but Sungmin and Donghae were there.
“Hi Sungmin unni. Hi Donghae unni. What are you guys doing here? Where’s Yesung?”
“Yesung went to go do something. He told us to take care of you today though.”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re going out with the girls today. He said you were complaining about being stuck in bed so we’re here to take you out.”
“I’m not going out with Yesung?”
“You’ll see him later. So come on. Let’s go. We have a big day planned for you.”
Sungmin and Donghae walked next to Ryeowook and hooked arms with her. “Uh…alright.” Then she was promptly taken out of the dorm and put into a car, taking them to who knows where.


First stop was a beauty salon. Ryeowook was dragged in where people did her hair and face.
“Oh you look so pretty Ryeowook. Come on, let’s go.”
Ryeowook was dragged out before she could even get a glimpse of herself.
Next stop was a small boutique. Sungmin picked out some accessories for Ryeowook. Ryeowook just sat there dumbfounded while Sungmin fluttered around, picking this and that.
“Alright. Let’s go.”
“Sungmin unni, where are we going?”
“Trust us and relax.”
“How much more though?”
“We promise this will be the last stop.”
“Alright.” Ryeowook settled back in her seat and stared out the window at the passing landscape.
They were driving further and further out of the city and towards the coast it looked like. They stopped in front of this one building.
Sungmin and Donghae pulled Ryeowook out of the car and into the house. After the three had disappeared inside, Leeteuk came out and grabbed their bags from the car.
Ryeowook was taken to an upstairs bedroom where Heechul, Kibum, Leeteuk, and Henry were waiting.
“What’s going on?”
Leeteuk smiled. “Go in there and change. Everything’s been laid out for you.”
“Alright…” Ryeowook walked into the adjacent dressing room and found a gown, lingerie, and accessories lay out. “Guys…what is this?”
“Just get dressed. We’ll answer your questions afterwards.”
Ryeowook stared at the gown before complying with their wishes.


Ryeowook walked out of the dressing room dressed in a gorgeous wedding gown. Her hair had been styled in soft waves that flowed down her back. She looked young and beautiful.
“Oh, Wookie…”
“You look absolutely gorgeous.”
Leeteuk wiped her eyes. “Our little baby is getting married today.”
“I’m getting married today?” Ryeowook turned wide eyes towards everyone who were dressed in bridesmaid gowns.
“Yes, you’re getting married today.”
“But-but what about you, Heechul unni? Aren’t you supposed to marry before me?”
Heechul smiled. “It’s alright. I’m giving you permission to get married before me. But you’re the last one. No one else can.”
A knock was heard on the door and then Kangin poked his head in. “You girls ready? It’s almost time to start.”
“Yes, we’ll be out in a bit.”
“Oh Ryeowook, you look lovely.”
Ryeowook blushed. “Thank you, Kangin.”
“Come on, everyone, let’s go line up.”
The girls went out into the hallway and down the stairs to the living area. The guys, saved for Yesung, were already waiting.
“Everyone, places please. The ceremony will begin in a few minutes.”
Sungmin went down the line, handing bouquets to everyone. “Alright, everyone ready? Good. Now go.”
One by one, the couples went out. They walked down the aisle set up in the backyard of the house.
The song changed to the wedding march. Ryeowook took a deep breath before walking outside.
She looked at the altar to see Yesung standing there, smiling brightly at her. She smiled just as brightly as she walked down the aisle towards him.
Yesung leaned down to place a kiss on her cheek as he took her hand. “Thank you, Yesung, for doing all this.”
“Anything for you, my baby.”
They smiled at each other before turning to the minister who proceeded with the ceremony.


“A toast to Yesung and Ryeowook. I hope you’ll be happy with your new life. May your love last.”
“And a toast to Heechul for letting us marry before her. And to her upcoming wedding as well.”
Everyone toasted the couple and took a sip of the champagne, saved for Ryeowook and Sungmin.
“Uh…Heechul unni, you might not be the next one to get married.”
“WHAT?!?!?” Everyone turned to look at Donghae. “What do you mean by that? Didn’t I specifically say earlier that Ryeowook is the last one to marry before me?”
Donghae smiled. “Yes.”
“Then what is all this talk about me not being the next one?”
Donghae smiled. “Me and Eunhyuk are eloping.”
Donghae burst out into laughter. “I’m just joking. Gawd, you all should’ve seen your faces, especially you Heechul unni and Hyukkie. That was hilarious.”
“DONGHAE!!!!! What have I told you about joking about weddings?”
Everyone laughed as they watched Heechul chase Donghae around for a while before Donghae ran to Eunhyuk for protection and Hankyung subdued Heechul with a kiss.

A/N: okay I did not plan for that little bit of angst in the middle XD and my bias abounds, this yewook epilogue is the longest so far I think XD I think you all know which couple will be next XD lol Heechul will kill me if it’s not her XD
Tags: girls vs boys, multi-chaptered, yewook

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