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Title: Disguises
Pairing: Yesung/Yesung, Yewook
Word Count: 1536
Theme: 061. Disguises Yesung/Yesung
Summary: Yesung has a crush on this one guy. He plans on following him the whole day so to stay incognito; he gets a bunch of disguises together.

Yesung smiled. I hope this works.
Yesung picked up his bag and left the dorm.


Yesung sat on a park bench, appearing to observe the birds with his binoculars when, in reality, he was spying on Ryeowook across the park.
Note: Today, he’s wearing skinny jeans that hug his little ass. Oh, how I want to just bend him over and fuck him senseless.
Yesung looked away when Ryeowook peered across the park in his direction. He quickly busied himself, looking at birds and making notes. He noticed Ryeowook leave from the corner of his eye. After making a few more notes, he got up and left.


Ryeowook was sitting at a café, sipping some coffee. Yesung smiled as he looked at Ryeowook over his textbook.
Note: He’s drinking the low-fat cappuccino I secretly sent him. I wonder if he gets the message. I specially requested that there be a heart made with the cream. Aww, he looks so cute but lonely. I wish I could go over and keep him company but it’s his routine.
Ryeowook finished his drink and snack (that Yesung had secretly sent him). He smiled, wiped his mouth, and walked out.
Yesung quietly paid for his drink and for Ryeowook’s and promptly left.


Ryeowook was browsing through the bookshelves, wondering if there were any new books or interesting books for him to read. He smiled when he found some books he needed for his Music Composition class. He also found a couple novels he’d been searching for.
Note: Today, he’s found the books he wanted. He looks so happy. I just want to go over and hug him. He’s too cute when he’s smiling. I just want to put him in my little pocket and keep him with me forever.
Ryeowook smiled as he quickly gathered them up and went to the register to pay. He walked out of the store and skipped a bit in happiness.
Yesung smiled as he followed him out of the store.


Ryeowook sat on the grass, reading one of his newly purchased books. A few meters away, Yesung lay on the grass, looking at Ryeowook.
Note: He’s sitting alone on the grass, relaxing with a book. He put his glasses on to read. He’s so adorable. I want to fuck him when he’s wearing those glasses. He’s bookworm sexy. I wish he were mine.
Yesung was so absorbed in his thoughts he didn’t notice a shadow pass over him. As he came out of dreamland, he looked over to where Ryeowook was and found him missing. He panicked and began packing up his things when he noticed a piece of paper with his name on it, sitting under a rock.
He picked up the paper and opened it. His eyes widened and he rushed off.


Yesung ran home, dumped his stuff in his room, and ran into the bathroom. He quickly showered and dressed before running out the door again. He ran back in to only feed Ddangkkoma before rushing out again.


Yesung got to the restaurant, just in time. He paused at the front door, straightened his jacket, and smoothly walked in to only stumble on the carpet. He quickly righted himself and walked over to the maitre’d.
“Uh I’m meeting someone here.”
“Kim Ryeowook.”
“Ahh, right this way.”
Yesung followed the maitre’d towards the back of the restaurant. A private table was set aside for the two.
Ryeowook smiled and stood up as he saw Yesung approaching.
“Have a seat.” Ryeowook indicated to the chair. Ryeowook sat as soon as Yesung sat down. “I’m so glad you could make it.”
“Oh, it was no trouble at all.” Ryeowook smiled and looked at his menu.
Yesung fidgeted in his seat. He opened his menu and looked over the top at Ryeowook. Ryeowook seemed absorbed in reading his menu. Yesung glanced back down at his menu, missing the look Ryeowook sent him.
“Are you guys ready to order?”
Ryeowook smiled. “Yes. I’ll have the salad and he’ll have the...”
“The chicken.”
The waiter took their order and menus and promptly left. Ryeowook smiled and took a sip of his drink.
Yesung stared at his water, debating on if he should speak first or ask the question he’s been dying to ask.
“So how was your day today?”
“Uh…fine. It was great.”
“That’s good.” Ryeowook smiled and took another sip of his drink.
Yesung gathered up his courage. “So why did you ask me out?”
“What? Isn’t it obvious? Besides, didn’t you want to go out with me? You were spying on me all day.” Ryeowook giggled. “Your disguises weren’t very good but I like the effort you put into it.”
Yesung blushed. Another fail. Yesung sighed. Will he never stop failing?
Ryeowook giggled. “You were cute though, in all your different disguises. So tell me, why the disguises?”
“Uh…well…the disguises…was…well…I wanted to uh…spy on you…but…I didn’t want you to notice me…so I got a bunch of disguises to use…hoping you wouldn’t notice but I ultimately failed, didn’t I?” Yesung gave a nervous laugh.
“Aww that’s sweet. A little creepy but sweet. Do you really like me that much?”
Yesung looked at Ryeowook shocked. “Like you? I don’t like you. I love you.” Yesung froze after the words left his mouth.
Ryeowook looked shocked and that was all Yesung needed. He abruptly stood up and quickly left the restaurant.
He ran as fast and as far as he could. Before he realized it, his feet had taken him to the park near his house. He collapsed on the bench, out of breath.
He buried his face in his hands in shame.
Why, oh why did I say that? He didn’t need to know that. Not right now. This is just our first date. He only noticed me following him today. I shouldn’t have told him that. I shouldn’t have told him that. Now he’ll be freaked out and avoid me forever. I’ve ruined my chances. He probably never wants to see me again.
Hands gently removed his hands from his face. They tilted his face up. Yesung’s eyes widened in shock. Before he could do anything, his lips were captured in a sweet, romantic kiss.
His eyes closed of their own volition and his arms wrapped around Ryeowook’s waist as they deepened the kiss.
Ryeowook pulled away and smiled. Yesung blushed and looked away.
“You know I love you too right?”
Yesung turns to look at Ryeowook with shocked eyes. Did he hear right?
Ryeowook smiled. “I love you, Yesung. Ever since I first laid eyes on you. You were so cute and dorky that first day of school. You didn’t notice me but I noticed you, especially when you stumbled into a locker.”
“I-I only stumbled into that locker because I was so mesmerized by you.” Yesung blushed at his confession while Ryeowook chuckled. He placed a quick kiss on Yesung’s mouth before settling himself comfortably on his lap.
“Well ever since then, I always kept an eye on you. Imagine my surprise when I started noticing you everywhere I was. I figured you were probably following me, which at first was creepy but I grew to like it. Now all I needed to do was wait for the right opportunity to ask you out. Which I did but then you ran out on our date, which was very rude. Now why did you do that?”
Yesung looked away but Ryeowook turned his head back to his and stared straight into his eyes. He knew there was no way out of this now. Ryeowook was sitting in his lap, holding his head so they could straight into each other’s eyes.
He took a deep breath to calm himself. He stared straight into Ryeowook’s eyes. He had such a fierce expression Ryeowook was slightly scared but he never wavered his gaze.
“I ran out of the restaurant because I was ashamed that I told you I love you.” Ryeowook’s eyes fell in despair. “But now that I know you love me too, I’m not ashamed at all. In fact, I’m unbelievably ecstatic. I can’t believe someone like you would love me, let alone even like me.” Yesung smiled.
His smile reassured Ryeowook who smiled back. They leaned towards each other for a romantic kiss. They pulled away, smiles gracing their faces. Yesung had an unbelievably huge smile on his face.
“Why don’t we go back to that restaurant and finish that date? Then possibly go home together?”
“Sure.” Ryeowook got off Yesung’s lap and held out his hand. Yesung placed his hand in his and they walked off.
“Oh by the way, whatever happened to those disguises?”
“They’re at my house.”
“Oh okay. So after dinner, we’re going to your house.”
“So I can show you the right way to use those disguises. By the way, you are forbidden to get rid of those disguises until I say so.”
Yesung looked at Ryeowook confused. “Uh…alright.” Ryeowook smiled and leaned up to kiss Yesung’s cheek. Then laughing, he pulled Yesung back to the restaurant where they had a pleasant dinner and an even more pleasant night at Yesung’s house.

A/N: I’m sorry about the ending there…I had remembered something I wanted to write in the end of the fic but then I had a little bit of trouble ending it (like I always do XD)
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, one shot, yesung/yesung, yewook

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