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Title: Heechul: Jack Sparrow
Pairing: Heechul/Sungmin
Word Count: 1343
Theme: 008. Locket Heechul/Sungmin
Summary: Heechul wished it wouldn't happen to him but to his dismay, it did. It came without warning.

A/N: sorry I didn’t exactly keep with the character…a little hard to, especially trying to imitate his speech pattern…

“Heechul hyung? Are you there? I need to talk to you about something.” Sungmin opened the door and stopped dead in the doorway. “Heechul hyung?”
Heechul was sitting on his desk, dressed as Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean. “Heechul? Who is that? My name is Jack Sparrow.”
“OMG! What happened to you, Heechul hyung?”
“I am no Heechul. I do not know this Heechul fellow you speak of. I am Captain Jack Sparrow and I’m searching for something.” Heechul – no, Jack Sparrow smiled. He walked over to Sungmin and ran his finger down his cheek, causing him to shiver. “How would a pretty lass like you like to join me on my journey for this?”
Jack pulled a folded piece of paper out of his jacket pocket and showed it to Sungmin. He raised an eyebrow. “This is what you’re looking for? A locket?”
“Not just any locket. This locket is very special.” Jack took the paper out of Sungmin’s hands; folding it back up and placing it back into his pocket. “It will lead me to what I desire the most.”
Sungmin rolled his eyes. “Sure it will. Have fun looking for it yourself. I have other things to do.” Sungmin turned around to walk out of the room but was suddenly pulled back. Next thing he knew, he was lying on Heechul’s bed with Heechul – Jack Sparrow leaning over him.
“You will go nowhere. From now on, you’re my prisoner and will do as I wish. And I wish for you to take me to this thing. You know this place better than I do.”
Sungmin stared into Heechul’s eyes. He could see he wasn’t going to be released any time soon unless he complied. He sighed. He had no choice it seemed. “Alright. I’ll help you.”
Heechul smiled. “Good. Now let’s go. We must not waste a single second.” He went out the window. Sungmin ran to the window to see Heechul stand up, brushing the dust off himself. He glanced back up and waved towards Sungmin, motioning for him to follow. Sungmin sighed. What had he gotten himself into?


Sungmin and Heechul wander all over the town, in search of this mysterious locket. At first they tried looking in stores but Heechul’s odd behaviour got them kicked out. At least they weren’t banned from any place yet.
The two stopped at a bar for Heechul to get some rum. Sungmin watched as Heechul drank an entire bottle of rum in one go.
“Ahh, that hit the spot. Come on. Let’s go.”
Sungmin sighed, paid the bill, and followed Heechul. Heechul was stumbling down the street, clearly drunk.
Sungmin caught up with him. “Alright, come on. Let me help.”
“No. I don’t need help walking. I am Jack Sparrow, Captain of the Black Pearl.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on, Captain Jack. Let’s go down to the river, maybe your locket is there on one of the boats.”
“Good idea, son. Hurry. To the river.”
Sungmin sighed as Heechul ran in the wrong direction. “Jack! It’s this way.”
“Right, I knew that.”


Sungmin and Heechul were wandering along the river when Heechul gave a shriek and jumped right into the water. Sungmin just stared at his hyung before sighing and jumping in after him.
Heechul was swimming towards this small island that hadn’t been there before. Sungmin’s eyes widened in shock and he quickly sped up his pace to catch up with Heechul who was now crawling onto the island.
Heechul ran into the forest, Sungmin hot on his trail. They twisted and turned until they ended up in front of a waterfall.
“Well looky here. It’s right over there, under the waterfall. Be a doll and go get it. I’ll just wait here for you.” Heechul made himself comfortable on a nearby rock and motioned to Sungmin to go get the locket.
“YAH! Who do you think you are, ordering me around like your servant? I don’t have to listen to you.”
“Oh but you do. We can’t get off this island without that locket, seriously. Once you step foot on this island, you can’t get off, not without the locket. So be a good boy and get the locket for us.”
Sungmin huffed and glared at Heechul. He just smiled at him before inspecting himself and his surroundings. Sungmin sighed; there was no way out of this.
He drove headfirst into the water and slowly made his way towards the locket. What he failed to notice was that he wasn’t the only creature in the water.
Tentacles shot out of the water and attempted to grab him. Sungmin tried his best to evade but with 6 tentacles trying to grab him, he soon fell prey to one.
Heechul glanced over at Sungmin. “Oh shit! Just hold on. I’ll get you out in a jiffy.”
Heechul walked over to the water’s edge. The creature swam closer to Heechul and tried to grab him but Heechul quickly moved out of the way. He stepped onto a tentacle and used that to slowly walk across the water, dodging flying tentacles every so often.
He walked straight past Sungmin to the other side of the waterfall. He reached out and grabbed the locket in his hand. Then he quickly made his way back to Sungmin.
“Give me your hand.”
Sungmin tried his best to free one of his arms. He got one out and reached for Heechul. The moment their hands touched, a blinding white light enveloped them.


Sungmin woke up to find himself back in his room, lying on his bed. He slowly got up and went out into the living room to find the other members except Heechul crowded around the TV.
“Hey, what’s going on?” His eyes widened as he clearly saw himself on the screen alongside Heechul, running around Seoul. Everyone watched as Sungmin and Heechul went into store after store, searching for a locket, to only leave a few minutes later either from failing to find it or for getting kicked out.
Before it could play any longer, Sungmin strolled over and shut the TV off.
“Oh hey Minnie. You’re up. How are you feeling?”
“Yeah, tired from running around Seoul all night on a wild goose chase?”
“Hey! It’s not my fault. Blame it on Heechul for dragging me into it.”
“Blame me for what?” Everyone turned to see Heechul standing in the doorway, a locket around his neck.
Kyuhyun turned the TV on and Heechul flashed onto the screen. Heechul let out a scream and quickly ran to the TV to shut it off.
“OMG! That wasn’t a crazy dream? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”
“Aww, it’s alright hyung.” Ryeowook went over to comfort Heechul.
“NOOOOOOO, how did that happened? Why is there even a videotape? LEETEUK!!! You did this, didn’t you?”
“What? NO! Why would I?”
“Because –“
“Shut up! None of us did it. It’s some mystery person that’s manipulating us.” Everyone turned to look at Kibum.
“What did you say?”
Kibum sighed. “You guys don’t pay attention at all or maybe you do but you just forget it the next moment. There’s some mystery person out there, toying with us. He’s using us for his own entertainment. He’s going down the line. First was Leeteuk. Then it was Heechul. Next will be Hankyung, then Yesung, then Kangin, and so on and so on.”
“Alright Mr. Genius. If you know someone’s toying with us, why don’t you try and stop him? It’s going to be humiliating running around Seoul dressed in costume.”
“Believe me, I’m trying but it’s not easy. I need help. In the meantime, just prepare yourself. We’ll figure this out. Maybe he’ll end once each of us does his crazy bidding.”
“NO! I want this solved now. I can’t believe some crazy idiot is doing this for fun. We need to find him and have our revenge.”
“In time…in time…I think. But until then, prepare yourself Hankyung. You’re next.”

A/N: so I'm moving this series along faster than I thought, since I guess they weren't suppose to realize what was happening to them until later...o well XD
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, halloween, heechul/sungmin

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