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Title: New Love (Sidestory to A Couple and A Jealous Guy)
Pairing: Sibum, Kyumin, mentioned Eunhae
Word Count: 1868
Summary: Kibum had a crush on Donghae but that faded when he met the new guy.

The moment Kibum laid eyes on him, his heart was lost forever. He’d never felt like this before. Not even when he had what can now be called a crush on Donghae, the new girl.
Kibum felt out of place with all these feelings crowding him.
He did his best to hid his reaction and smile at the guy.
“Hello, how may I help you?”
“I’m new and I was wondering if you could show me around. The people in the front office said I should ask you to be my guide since you’re the school president.”
Kibum gave him a bright smile. “Sure no problem. My name’s Kibum and yours is?”
“Siwon. Choi Siwon.”


Kibum and Siwon walked through the hallways. Kibum pointed out all the essential places Siwon needed to know: the library, his classroom, the gym.
“If you need any more help, just give me a call or a text. I’ll be happy to help you.”
Kibum smiled as he gave Siwon his number.
“Alright, thanks Kibum.”
Kibum watched Siwon walk away. Mmmm…the way he walks…
Kibum was jolted out of his thoughts when Kyuhyun flicked him on the head.
“Oww, what was that for?”
“Sorry, but you were lost in dreamland.” Kyuhyun smirked. “Got a crush on the new guy?”
“That’s none of your business.” Kibum walked off in a huff.
Kyuhyun looked at Kibum’s retreating back. “Yep, he’s totally into the new guy.”
The swish of a skirt caught Kyuhyun’s eyes. He looked up to see a finger beckoning him. Kyuhyun smiled and followed.


Kibum was working on homework when his phone rang.
“Hi Kibum?”
“Oh hi Siwon. How are you?”
“I’m good, I’m fine. Uh…I was just wondering if you wanted to meet me. I need some help catching up on assignments and was wondering if you would be available to tutor me.”
“Sure. Would tomorrow after school work?”
“Yeah. That’ll be great.”
“Good. Meet me at the front after school, okay?”
Kibum smiled as he hung up the phone. He went back to work, whistling.


“Hey, Kibum. Over here.” Kibum looked to his left to see Siwon waving at him. He smiled and waved back.
“Hi Siwon.”
“Hi Kibum. So where did you want to go?”
“There’s this café just around the corner. We can go there and study.”
“Alright. Lead the way.”
Siwon followed Kibum to this little café. There weren’t many people inside which Kibum liked.
“This is nice.”
“Hi boys, what can I get you?”
“The usual. And same for him.”
“Alright.” The waitress smiled and winked at Kibum before moving away.
“You come here often?”
“When I can. So shall we get started?”
For the next few hours, Kibum worked with Siwon, making sure he was caught up with the rest of the class.
Siwon looked outside to notice it was getting dark.
“Oh wow, time really flies. I should probably get going.”
“Oh, yeah.” Kibum and Siwon packed up their things. “Uh…Siwon, did you want to go grab dinner? It’s the least I can do for keeping you out so late.”
“Oh no, that’s not necessary.”
“No but I insist.”
Siwon looked at Kibum skeptically. “Uh…I guess so.”
“Great. I know this place we can go to.”


“Wow…this place is nice. But are you sure you can afford it?”
“Don’t worry about it. Just relax and enjoy yourself.”
They spent the whole dinner talking and eating. It turned out they actually had a lot in common.
The more time Kibum spent with Siwon, the deeper he fell.
“Oh look how late it is. I should take you home.”
“Oh, alright then.” Kibum paid and the two left, on their way to Siwon’s house.
“Well I had a great time today.”
“Yeah. Thanks for the help and the food.”
“No problem. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Yeah, see you tomorrow.”
Siwon moved to walk away but Kibum tugged on Siwon’s tie and crashed their lips together in a quick, passionate kiss.
Kibum pulled away, smiling, and left. Siwon stood there, dazed. He touched his lips. What is this feeling?


Kibum walked into school the next day, a smile on his face.
“What’s the matter with you? Why are you smiling?”
Kibum turned to look at Kyuhyun. “Probably the same reason you’re smiling. Your tie is crooked and you’re missing a button.”
Kyuhyun flushed and quickly fixed his appearance.
Kibum walked the halls, smiling. His smile brightened as he caught sight of Siwon.
Siwon turned his head and quickly turned away when he spotted Kibum. Kibum frowned. He walked over to him.
“Siwon, what’s the matter?”
“Oh really? Maybe you’re embarrassed about something that happened last night.”
“What? No, no, no I’m-I’m not embarrassed. I-I”
Kibum covered Siwon’s mouth with his, effectively shutting him up. He pulled away and smiled at the blush covering Siwon’s face.
“You know you’re cute when you blush. I like it.” Kibum walked away, leaving Siwon staring after him.
What the hell? I thought I had it all figured out and then he just completely ruins it.
Siwon shut his locker and stalked off to his next class.


“I’m sorry but I can’t accept you.” The girl turned away, crying. Kibum turned and walked away.
It always bothered him when he had to reject someone’s proposal but there was only one person he wanted.
Kibum walked the grounds and found Siwon sitting under a tree. His head was tucked in his legs so he was curled up into a ball. It seemed like he was crying.
Kibum quietly made his way over to Siwon. He sat down beside him and wrapped his arm around him, trying to comfort him.
Siwon was startled to find arms suddenly wrapped around him and when he realized whose arms they were, he struggled out of their grasp. He took one look at Kibum’s horrified face and ran.
Kibum stared at Siwon’s retreating figure. Unknowingly, tears came to his eyes and he hurried to brush them away.
“Hey Kibum. Are you okay?”
Kibum looked up and saw Kyuhyun standing over him. “What? Yeah, sure I’m fine.”
“Why are you crying?”
“I’m not crying. You’re just imagining things.”
“Oh really?” Kyuhyun reached down and swiped a tear off Kibum’s face. “Looks like you missed one.”
“Alright fine, I was crying. Happy now?”
“No, what’s the matter?”
“He rejected me.”
“Siwon. I tried to comfort him but he just ran away from me. He flat out rejected me and that hurt.”

Someone was watching the two from a distance but she heard every word clearly. She went off in search of someone.


Siwon turned around and saw Sungmin. He stopped and let her catch up with him. “Hello Sungmin. What can I do for you today?”
“Actually it’s more like what can I do for you. Is there something wrong? It looks like you’ve been crying.”
“Oh it’s nothing important.”
“Really? If it’s not important, then why cry over it?”
Siwon chuckled. “Alright, you caught me.”
Sungmin and Siwon wandered over to a bench and sat down. “Do you want to talk about it?”
“I guess.”
“Alright, where do you want to start?”
“So I have these feelings but I don’t know what kind of feelings they are.”
“Okay, describe them to me.”
“My heart beats faster each time I’m with him. He brightens my day just by being in it. I always think about him. And when I see him with other people, I’m overcome by feelings of jealousy?”
“Uh…Siwon, I think you might like this person. The feelings you’re describing are the same feelings I get with my guy.”
“You mean you feel this way about Kyuhyun?”
“Yes. I love Kyuhyun just like you love Kibum.”
Siwon stared at Sungmin. “How-how did you know?”
Sungmin smiled. “I’m a very good observer. I saw the sparks between you two. I take it something happened between you two which is why you’re questioning your feelings towards him.”
“Well he kissed me last night.”
“Ahh, okay. That’s it.” Sungmin smiled. “I think you should go talk to him and sort this out. He’s probably feeling hurt.”
“Because he likes you and you just ran away from him. Now go find him, confess to him, and everything will be alright. If you hurry, he might still be at the tree.”
“Thanks, Sungmin. I owe you one.”
Sungmin smiled and waved at Siwon. Thank gawd, he didn’t ask how I knew all that.
Arms wrapped around Sungmin’s waist and she leaned back into Kyuhyun’s embrace. “We did a good thing right?”
“Of course. They’ll thank us one day, just like Eunhyuk and Donghae will thank you.”
Sungmin turned around and gently kissed Kyuhyun. “I love you Kyuhyun.”
“I love you Sungmin.”
Sungmin smiled brightly and innocently up at Kyuhyun.
“No, don’t tell me.”
“Yes, we have to.”
“But Minnie…”
“I promise I’ll make it up to you later. Now hurry up. We don’t want to miss the important parts.”


Siwon found Kibum exactly where Sungmin had said he would be. He was resting against the tree, lost in his thoughts.
Siwon quietly crept over to him and lightly touched his lights to Kibum’s.
Kibum’s eyes flew open and he stared directly into Siwon’s eyes. Siwon pulled back, his face turning a light shade of pink.
A smile spread across Kibum’s face. He pulled Siwon back to him and claimed his lips for a longer kiss.
“I love you, Siwon.”
Siwon blushed. “I-I love you too, Kibum.”
Siwon shyly nodded his head. “Ye-yeah. I feel all weird when I’m with you. My heart jumps out of my chest each time I see you. I get butterflies in my stomach by just being near you. My day is only complete when I see you.”
Kibum’s heart fluttered at Siwon’s sincere words. “You make me feel strange too. I’m only truly happy when I’m with you. I love everything about you. You make me a better person. Before you came along, I was a loner save for a couple of friends. You’ve opened me up in more ways than one.”
Siwon blushed. Kibum smiled. He tilted Siwon’s face to his and gently kissed him on the lips.
“I love you Siwon. From now on, you’re mine.”
“But what about that girl?”
“What girl? Oh here. Wait is that why you were crying? You saw me with her?” Siwon shyly nodded. “Oh Siwon, you should know I never accept anyone who confesses to me except for one person.”
“You.” Kibum laughed and kissed Siwon. Siwon happily kissed back.

A few meters away, Sungmin and Kyuhyun were watching the new couple. “Yes! Another successful match for the Love Doctor.” Sungmin giggled.
“Come on. Let’s go and leave them in peace.”
“Alright.” Sungmin smiled and walked away, hand in hand with Kyuhyun. “I’m good aren’t I?”
“In more ways than one.” Sungmin gaped and gently, teasingly pushed Kyuhyun who just laughed and wrapped an arm around Sungmin’s waist, kissing her softly. They walked away, smiling. Meanwhile, the couple under the tree were kissing and smiling brightly, happy they had each other now.

A/N: here's the sibum sidestory. a yewook proposal will be coming soon. if you want, I can write a kyumin XD
Tags: eunhae love, kyumin, sibum

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