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Title: Leeteuk: The Little Prince
Pairing: Eeteuk/Kibum
Word Count: 901
Theme: 038. “I want you to stay forever.” Eeteuk/Kibum
Summary: The first night after Halloween, something strange happens to Leeteuk.

A/N: sorry if things aren’t right, I’ve never read The Little Prince.
Okay at first, I was going to try and make Leeteuk act like The Little Prince but since I don’t really know the character that well, I’m just writing Leeteuk the way I think he should be…

It was just the day after Halloween when the first incident happened…

Leeteuk was in his room, trying to relax by reading a book. He was in the middle of an interesting part in the book when he felt a strange sensation crawl up his spine.
He looked down at his hands and saw a strange yellow glow.
“W-w-what?” Leeteuk looked at himself in the mirror by the closet and saw his whole body becomes engulfed in a bright shining light.
“Hyung? Are you-“ Kibum came through the door and paused. He blinked, looked, rubbed his eyes, and looked again. He couldn’t believe it. Where Leeteuk had been was now someone who looked like Leeteuk but was dressed as The Little Prince.
“Hyung? Are you alright?”
Leeteuk smiled at Kibum. “Of course. Now if you’ll excuse, I have things to take care of.” Leeteuk slipped past Kibum and out the door. Somehow, none of the other members noticed him. Kibum sighed and followed his hyung.


Leeteuk wandered along the streets with no evident destination in mind.
He took in all his surroundings, amazed at all the people and buildings. He wandered down the streets, into shops and restaurants. But for all his wanderings, he felt like something was missing. And he was going to find it.


Kibum took a moment to rest. It was hard keeping up with his hyung. He kept walking everywhere.
Kibum looked around and panicked when he couldn’t find his hyung.
“Hi Kibum.” Kibum jumped a meter in the air. He turned around to see Leeteuk smiling at him.
“Can you help me?”
“Great.” Leeteuk grabbed Kibum’s hand and lead him away.


“Hyung, what are we doing here?”
“Shh, help me look for it.”
“Look for what?”
“It.” Kibum sighed. His hyung was making no sense.
Leeteuk was searching all over the meadow. He looked in the grass, under rocks, in trees, among the flowers. But for all his searching, he couldn’t find it.
He lay down on the ground and looked at the night sky.
He gasped. “Look, there it is.”
Kibum walked over and looked down at Leeteuk. “Where is what?”
“There, right there.” Kibum looked to where Leeteuk’s finger was pointing but couldn’t make out what he was pointing at.
“What are you pointing at, hyung? There are a million stars up there. How do I know which one you’re pointing to?”
“That one right there. Can’t you see it? It’s shining the brightest because it’s the most innocent and pure one out there.”
Kibum lay down and looked up at the sky, trying to find the star Leeteuk was talking about.
He squinted his eyes. “Oh, now I see it.”
The star got brighter and brighter. It looked like it was coming closer and closer.
Kibum’s eyes widened as he realized it actually was moving towards them.
“Leeteuk, shouldn’t we move out of the way?”
“No, it won’t touch us.”
Kibum scrambled away as the star moved closer and closer to them. It stopped right above them, 50 meters away.
“Hello there. Are you here to take me home?”
A door opened and a set of stairs came down, stopping right in front of Leeteuk.
Leeteuk stood up and brushed the dirt off him. He started walking towards the star.
“Leeteuk, where are you going?”
Leeteuk turned around and smiled at Kibum. “I’m going home.”
Leeteuk took another step towards the star.
“No, hyung. You can’t go.”
“Why not?”
“Because you just can’t. You can’t leave. Think about what will happen when you’re gone.”
Leeteuk thought for a moment but still moved towards the star.
“NO! Leeteuk!” Kibum ran towards Leeteuk. He stopped right in front of him. “I want you to stay forever.”
Leeteuk’s eyes widened before he fainted. Kibum caught him just in time.


Leeteuk woke up to find himself tucked into bed. Last thing he remembered was reading a book before a yellow glow covered him. Then everything went black after that.
He looked to his right to see Kibum sleeping peacefully in his chair. Leeteuk sat up and noticed something on the ground.
He leaned down to pick it up. All the memories from last night came rushing into his head.
He dropped the item with a gasp.
Heechul came into the room and looked at Leeteuk. “Hello Little Prince and how are you feeling today?”
Leeteuk turned to look at Heechul. “What did you just call me?”
“Little Prince. Last night you were caught wandering around town, dressed as the Little Prince. It was crazy. I couldn’t believe it. But the best part was the star coming to take you home and Kibum stopping you with his ‘I want you to stay forever.’” Heechul laughed. “That was one crazy adventure.”
“How do you know about that?”
“Some guy sent over a DVD of what you did last night.”
“What? But how’s that possible? Is someone spying on us?”
“I don’t know.”
“I think someone’s playing with us.”
“Oh really?”
“Yeah. He has some kind of control over all of us. That’s why I was the Little Prince last night. That’s why I acted weird. That’s why I couldn’t remember last night. That’s why there’s a video of my adventure last night.”
“Oh gawd, if that’s true…I hope that doesn’t happen to me.” Heechul looked at Leeteuk before walking away. Little did he know…

A/N: So I’m finally starting this series. The beginning of this that sets the stage was posted a while ago, written back in October for the Halloween contest.
Just like the Shindong series, this is just a way to get rid of 100 Fanfics. So bear with me. You don’t actually have to read unless you want to XD
This whole series will probably be crack since the first part was crack really XD
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, halloween, leeteuk/kibum

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