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Fic for labels_r4_cans

Title: Vampire’s Boy Toy
Pairing: Kyuhae (and a surprise coupling)
Word Count: 1090
Summary: Kyuhyun wants Donghae as his next boy toy.

For labels_r4_cans :D Hope you like…Sorry it’s late…

Kyuhyun couldn’t stop staring at Donghae. How he wanted that boy…
His lean body writhing under him in pleasure. His long slender neck he could sink his teeth into…
“Stop it, Kyuhyun.” Kyuhyun turned to glare at his best friend Sungmin. “You’re scaring the poor boy.”
Kyuhyun just glared at Sungmin who smiled innocently and turned back to his food. He glanced back to where Donghae was and saw he had disappeared. Kyuhyun turned around to see Sungmin smiling brightly at him.
Kyuhyun frowned. He suddenly lost his appetite. He stood up and walked out of the cafeteria.


Kyuhyun walked down the hallway towards the library. He sat down in his favorite corner in the farthest part of the library and pulled out his PSP. A note fell out of his pocket. He picked it up and looked at it curiously.

Meet me after school in the back out by the bushes. – Donghae

Kyuhyun smirked and placed the note back in his pocket. He put his headphones on and began to play his PSP. He skipped his last few classes of the day, totally absorbed in playing.
When the last bell rang, Kyuhyun packed up his things and walked out of the library towards the back of the school.


Kyuhyun smiled as he saw Donghae standing alone out by the bushes. He decided to have some fun and snuck around the bushes. He carefully crept up behind Donghae and wrapped his arms around his waist.
Donghae jumped and would’ve protested if Kyuhyun hadn’t covered his mouth with his. He melted into the kiss before he remembered something and pushed Kyuhyun away.
“St-stop Kyuhyun. We shouldn’t do this. This isn’t right…”
Kyuhyun captured Donghae’s lips. “You don’t want me to stop, right?”
Kyuhyun smiled. “Good. Then let’s go.”
Kyuhyun wrapped his arm tightly around Donghae and transported them to his room via air.


Donghae wasn’t even given a chance to recover before Kyuhyun was ripping his uniform off. Soon Donghae was stark naked and watching Kyuhyun undress before him. He couldn’t stop the saliva from pooling in his mouth as he watched this gorgeous guy undress before him. He missed the lustful glint in Kyuhyun’s eyes as he looked at Donghae.
Donghae was thrown into the air and tossed onto the bed, Kyuhyun climbing on top of him. His mouth was captured in a passionate kiss. He felt hands run down his body and grip his hardened cock. He moaned as Kyuhyun began moving his hands up and down, thumbing Donghae’s slit.
Precum leaked as Kyuhyun ravished Donghae’s mouth and worked his cock. Kyuhyun spread the precum all over Donghae’s cock. He teased Donghae’s hole with his fingers.
Kyuhyun moved his lips from Donghae’s mouth to his cheek, down to his neck. Without warning, he thrust into Donghae, causing him to cry out. At the same time, he sunk his fangs into Donghae’s neck. As he thrust into Donghae, he sucked on him.
Donghae was in frenzy. Both sensations were too much to handle. Kyuhyun fucking him as he sucked his neck was too much, too much pleasure. He knew he wouldn’t last long.
Donghae came violent when Kyuhyun hit his prostate. Kyuhyun came not too long after. He kissed Donghae before slipping out of him.
Donghae curled up into Kyuhyun’s side and instantly fell asleep. Kyuhyun lay there for a moment just looking at how peaceful Donghae looked.
“You’re mine. No one else can have you. From now on, you belong to me.” He ran his hands over the marks he gave Donghae. He smiled down at him and gave him a kiss before slipping out of the room.

As an added bonus:

Donghae woke up when he felt someone sit on the bed next to him. He opened his eyes to see Sungmin smiling down at him. His eyes widened and he tried to sit up but found himself chained to the headboard.
“Don’t worry. It’s okay. I won’t hurt you. I’m not allowed to. Kyuhyun’s orders.” Sungmin smiled. “You’re his new boy toy and he’s unexpectedly possessive of you. But since I’m his best friend, he’s granted me permission to play with you. I’m just not allowed to damage you in any way.”
“What-what do you plan on doing with me?”
“Just having a little fun.” Donghae was taken by surprise when Sungmin suddenly kissed him. He couldn’t help responding back.
Sungmin smiled as he pulled away and saw Donghae’s half-hard cock. He ran his hands down Donghae’s body. He teased his nipples as his tongue moved to Donghae’s ear. His fingers flitted over Donghae’s arousal, making him writhe beneath him.
Sungmin reached into the nightstand and pulled out the bottle of lube. He coated his fingers and stuck them into Donghae’s hole.
Donghae moaned as Sungmin roughly pushed his fingers in and out. After he felt like he had prepped Donghae enough, he coated his entire length and stuck it into Donghae. He barely let Donghae adjust before he was pulling out and pushing back in as hard as he could.
Donghae cried out shamelessly as Sungmin fucked him senseless, abusing his poor prostate.
The two were so busy they didn’t realize the door had opened. Kyuhyun stood in the doorway and watched Sungmin fuck Donghae.
He could feel his arousal growing as he watched the scene on the bed. He silently slipped out of his clothes and moved across the room.
Sungmin cried out as someone slammed into his hole. He turned his head to see Kyuhyun smiling at him. Donghae opened his eyes to see Kyuhyun staring down at him from behind Sungmin.
Kyuhyun slipped out as Sungmin thrust into Donghae. Kyuhyun pulled Sungmin back against him, thrusting in and making Sungmin slip out of Donghae. Sungmin thrust back into Donghae, hitting his already bruised prostate and making said boy come all over their stomachs.
Donghae collapsed on the bed, exhausted.
Kyuhyun smiled. He flipped Sungmin on the other side of Donghae and thrust roughly into him. He thrust several times, hitting Sungmin’s prostate dead on. After a few more thrusts, the two came violently.
Kyuhyun collapsed in between Sungmin and Donghae. He reached up and unchained Donghae who instantly snuggled up next to him. Sungmin unconsciously did the same. Kyuhyun smiled and wrapped his arms around both of his lovers.
“You’re both mine. You belong to no one but me.” The two sleepily nodded their heads in agreement. Kyuhyun smiled and went to sleep content, wrapped between his two lovers.

A/N: Sorry this fic was posted until now. I had written it, lost it, and rewritten it. Hope you like this and the little bonus I added. The bonus was in the original, just rewritten.
Tags: donghae/kyuhyun, r/nc-17, sungmin/donghae
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