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Title: Birthday Blues
Pairing: Sungmin/Sungmin, Kyumin
Word Count: 769
Theme: 047. Stutter Sungmin/Sungmin
Summary: Every year Sungmin’s birthday gets overshadowed by New Year’s. Just once he wish it was different…

Another year…another birthday…
Sungmin sighed. Every year, it was the same thing. A New Year’s party turned birthday party…
By the time the birthday part rolled around, everyone was so wasted they couldn’t stay awake, let alone celebrate Sungmin’s birthday.
Every year he wished for the same thing…
This year, he wished it would be different but to no avail… Heechul and Kangin got everyone drunk by midnight, including their leader, who was adamant about staying sober this year so at least one person could celebrate Sungmin’s birthday with him.

Sungmin sighed as he moved around the room, trying to help some of the other members go to bed. A few of the members were passed out in the living room. He just left them there. But other members…
Sungmin did his best to get Donghae and Eunhyuk into a bedroom before they did anything more. He was able to drag Eunhyuk off Donghae and into a bedroom and of course Donghae followed like a little drunk puppy. He locked the door and walked back into the living room.
“Oh gawd, hyung. Get a room!” Sungmin shielded his eyes from the sight of Heechul all over Hankyung.
“F-f-fine…” Heechul hung all over Hankyung, trying to get to a bedroom. Sungmin went over and helped drag them into a room.
Yesung had already dragged Ryeowook away so he didn’t have to worry about them. Siwon, Kibum, Kangin, Shindong, and Leeteuk were passed out in the living room.
Sungmin did his best to clean up the living room and kitchen so they wouldn’t have much to clean the next morning.

After he did his best cleaning around everyone, he went into his room and collapsed on the bed, exhausted.
Why does this keep happening? Ever since I became a trainee, my birthday has never been anything special. And ever since I joined Super Junior, my birthday is almost forgotten…it just gets rolled into our New Year’s party and that’s nothing new or special. Why can’t they have a party just for me, just once? Is that too much to ask?
It’s always the same thing each year. Whenever they have a New Year’s party, they get so drunk and wasted, leaving me alone to celebrate my birthday. And I spend my birthday cleaning up after them, being a good member. But every year when they wake up with hangovers, they don’t even notice my efforts. For once can they just notice?
They can’t see what a miserable birthday I have because they’re all so drunk off their asses and end up either pass out or fucking their lover. Gawd, I hate this. I hate the stupid parties. I hate New Years. And most of all, I hate my

“S-s-sung-sungmin hyung?”
Sungmin looked towards the door to see Kyuhyun tentatively poking his head inside.
“K-K-Kyuhyun? Wh-what are you doing here? Didn’t-didn’t you get drunk like everyone else?”
Kyuhyun stepped into the room. “N-no. I-I stayed out of the way so I wouldn’t get drunk.”
“W-well be-because I-I”
Sungmin raised an eyebrow. “I never knew you had a stuttering problem, Kyuhyun.”
“I don’t. Not normally. It’s just that –“
“That what?”
Kyuhyun struggled for a moment, trying to find the words but eventually gave up. He strolled over to Sungmin and captured Sungmin’s lips in a kiss.
“I love you, Sungmin hyung. And Happy Birthday.”
Tears came to Sungmin’s eyes. “Kyuhyun…”
He shyly looked away. “I-I wanted to celebrate your birthday with you and maybe possibly confessing. I-I know you haven’t had a real birthday for a while so I-I wanted to do something special for you. So I –“
Kyuhyun turned away and walked out the door. He came back a few minutes later, carrying a tray. On the tray was a little birthday cake with a single candle. Next to the cake was a small present.
“Happy Birthday Sungmin.” He placed the tray on the table and leaned down to give Sungmin a kiss.
“Thank you, Kyuhyun. Oh, before I forget, I love you too, Kyuhyun.” He smiled, turned towards the little cake and blew out the candle.
Sungmin took the cake and two forks, offering one to Kyuhyun. They both took a bite of the cake. Sungmin let out a little moan; it tasted so good.
“So hyung, what did you wish for?”
“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” Sungmin smiled and looked out the window at the night sky. I wish every year I can spend my birthday with Kyuhyun, just me and him. That’s all I need to make me happy.

A/N: So this is really really late. I had started it earlier and had the intention of posting it for Sungmin’s birthday. But due to other circumstances, it didn’t happen that way. I had started this then I ran into my little computer trouble which left me uninspired to write for a while. But I finished now and posting it. Better late than never? O well…it’s the thought that counts :D
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, kyumin, one shot, sungmin/sungmin

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