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Title: The Light Between Heaven and Hell
Chapter: 7/25
Pairings: Kangteuk, Hanchul, Yewook, Kyumin, Eunhae
Word Count: 1792
Summary: A war is brewing between heaven and hell but with the light missing, who will stop it? Where is the light that can save the world? (sorry about the bad summary...)
Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Chapter 7

I pulled Jungsu into the room and onto his bed. I closed and locked the door. “You have some explaining to do, Jungsu.”
“Uhh…what do you mean Youngwoon?”
I walked over to him on the bed. “I mean you need to tell me the specifics of your relationship with Siwon.”
“But there’s nothing to tell. I’m going out with you. You’re not jealous again are you?”
I pouted. “No.”
He smiled. “Yes you are. You’re so adorable when you’re jealous. But you really have nothing to worry about. I love you.” He gave me a peck on my lips. That momentarily distracted me but I had one more question. I crawled on top of him.
“So tell me what really happened this afternoon. I know you, Jungsu. You can’t lie to--mmph”


I kissed him to shut him up and ‘cause I wanted to. He just looked so hot like that. It was mainly as a distraction but we soon fell into the kiss. My arms went around his neck and pulled him down towards me. He was leaning on his arms so he wouldn’t crush me with his weight. I wanted to feel all of him so I yanked him closer so he fell on top of me. I saw the shock on his face before I kissed him again. I closed my eyes as I felt his tongue enter my mouth. We made out for several minutes before we had to stop for air. I hugged him and snuggled in his embrace before going to sleep.


He just fell asleep like that, in an instant. He must really be tired. I pulled him further into my embrace, my arms wrapping around his waist before falling asleep as well. My last thought before I faded into unconsciousness was that I would find out the truth about what really happened this afternoon.


We walked in and saw him sitting on his throne.
“We had him but some stupid imbecile fell asleep on the job and let him get away.”
“Let him get away?”
“He had outside help from some unidentifiable stranger. That’s all we know your Highness.”
“Hmm…well…I guess we gotta try again. You two have thought up another plan?”
“Yes.” I looked over at my partner. He shook his head at me. I just ignored him. “I was thinking that we could attempt to take him again at school.”
“That would be too risky in my opinion your Highness. I think that should be the last resort. We wouldn’t like to give away our identities just yet.”
“That is true. We’ll reveal them once we learn the identity of the ones that are helping him. Good idea…well I guess for now, have someone watching him, following him. We need to learn all we can about him.”
“Excellent idea your Highness. I already have someone in mind to do just that. He’s the best at gaining any kind of information.”
“Hello, your Highness.” He smiled.
“Excellent choice. Now leave, all of you.” The three of us left and went to our rooms. We had a long day ahead of us tomorrow.


“Come on, Youngwoon, wake up.” He grumbled. I sighed before an idea popped into my head. I got back on the bed and gently straddled him. I pulled his face towards mine and kissed him. It only took a moment before I got a response. Just before I felt my mind go fuzzy, I pulled away and got off, leaving him awake and oh so confused. He looked so adorable with that sleepy confused expression on his face. I just smiled. “Come on, Youngwoon. We don’t want to be late for school now do we? If you don’t get up in the next few minutes, I’m leaving without you. Ryeowook and Siwon are already waiting outside.” I grinned at him and just left the room, closing the door behind me.


What just happened? Did Jungsu do what I think he did? Wait, did he say he was going to leave without me? Ryeowook and Siwon? Wait WHAT? He’s gonna leave me to go to school with Siwon?
As soon as that thought clicked in my mind, I raced around getting ready. I threw my clothes on and ran down the stairs, grabbing a little something to eat before I raced out the door. I saw Jungsu talking to Ryeowook and Siwon. He glanced away and saw me at the door. He smiled and walked over to me.
“Tsk tsk, so messy. Here, let me fix it.” He straightened out my shirt and finger combed my hair. “There, now you look halfway presentable.” He smiled and walked back over to Ryeowook and Siwon. “Come on, let’s get going.” They took off. It took another moment to register in my mind before I ran after them to catch up.
I caught up to Jungsu and took his hand so he couldn’t get away from me. I missed the small blush on his face when I took his hand and held on. It was a very quiet walk to school.


It felt nice walking hand in hand to school. I couldn’t help but blush at the fact that we were holding hands. I saw, out of the corner of my eye, Siwon’s slight disapproval but I didn’t care. We got to school and I noticed people were staring at us, especially me and Youngwoon. I blushed again, let go of his hand and raced into school. I went to the first empty classroom I could find. I hid in the corner of the classroom. I didn’t realize it but Ryeowook had followed me.
“Are you okay, Jungsu? You just ran off like that.”
“Uh…yeah…I’m fine Ryeowook. Just a little embarrassed I guess. I don’t know. Just seeing everyone looking at me and Youngwoon together got me embarrassed. It was just weird and different. It’s hard to explain. I just-” The door opened. A boy came in.
“Oh sorry I didn’t realize-”
“No, it’s okay. We were just going to go. Come on, Ryeowook.” I took Ryeowook’s hand and gently pulled. Ryeowook didn’t budge. I looked at him. He seemed to be dazed, looking at the guy in the doorway. “Come on.” I tugged a little harder and pulled him from the room. “We need to get to class.”


I was worried about Jungsu running off so I ran after him, to protect him and to find out what was wrong. Youngwoon looked a little sad seeing Jungsu run away from him but I couldn’t deal with that. I had to check on the Light.
He ran into an empty classroom. I saw him in the corner. I went over and hugged him.
“Are you okay, Jungsu? You just ran off like that.”
“Uh…yeah…I’m fine Ryeowook. Just a little embarrassed I guess. I don’t know. Just seeing everyone looking at me and Youngwoon together got me embarrassed. It was just weird and different. It’s hard to explain. I just-” The door opened. A boy came in.
He was the hottest, most attractive guy I had ever seen. His dyed brown hair cut at an angle to seemingly cover one side of his face. He had such an allure to him. And his voice was so smooth like melted chocolate. I could just look at him all day. Then I made the mistake of looking into his eyes. They were so dark and mysterious, pulling me in. I didn’t even feel Jungsu pulling me away. I was trapped in his eyes. I wasn’t even aware we were in our class. The boy’s face haunted me.
“Ryeowook? Ryeowook?” Jungsu was waving his hand in front of my face. I shook my head.
“What? Sorry, did you say something?”
“Are you okay, Ryeowook? You were spaced out for a while there.”
“Uhh…yeah I’m fine.” Jungsu looked at me for a moment before going back to his seat between Siwon and Youngwoon.
The teacher came in. “Students, we have another new student joining our class.” I stared at the student behind the teacher. I couldn’t take my eyes away from him even as he introduced himself as Yesung. “Yesung, you may take a seat next to Ryeowook over on the side.” He looked where the teacher pointed and spotted me. A small smile came across his face. He looked right at me and winked. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven (again). He walked over to me, his stride nice and smooth. He sat down and looked right at me.
“Hi, Ryeowook. Want to hang out after school?” I nodded my head. I felt like I was in a trance, just looking into those beautiful brown eyes.


When I entered the classroom with Ryeowook in tow, Youngwoon was in his seat, obviously waiting for me. I placed Ryeowook in his seat (I was worried about him. He seems so dazed) and made my way back to mine in between Siwon and Youngwoon.
“Jungsu, why did you run away this morning?”
“Ohh, uh…it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it, Youngwoon.” I looked away from him.
“You were embarrassed weren’t you? I can tell.”
“What do you mean?” He looked at me. “Okay okay…so I was embarrassed. It was just weird having all those people looking at us.”
“It’s okay, Jungsu. But please, if you ever get embarrassed again, don’t run off or run away from me. It hurts me when you do.” He pouted.
“I won’t.” He smiled. I smiled back. I glanced back over at Ryeowook, because he was worrying me, and he still hadn’t seemed to snap out of his daze or whatever it was. I went over to him.
“Ryeowook? Ryeowook?” I waved my hand in front of his face. He shook his head.
“What? Sorry, did you say something?”
“Are you okay, Ryeowook? You were spaced out for a while there.”
“Uhh…yeah I’m fine.” I looked at him for a moment, checking to see if he really was okay, before going back to my seat between Siwon and Youngwoon. The teacher came in and introduced another new student. It was the guy from before. I looked over at Ryeowook. Again, he looked to be in another trance. He was just staring at the new guy Yesung. I think he’s got a crush on him from the way he just keeps staring. I wonder when he’ll realize it. I smiled to myself. Aww, they would make such a cute couple. I didn’t notice Youngwoon or Siwon looking at me a little strangely.

A/N: sorry if you get a little confused. I go back and forth between people and sometimes go over events that happened in a different pov. i think this is my longest chapter so far...strange...
Tags: multi-chaptered, the light between heaven and hell

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