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Girls vs. Boys - Extra Scene: Sibum

Title: When Siwon "Yelled and Begged" - Extra scene from Girls vs. Boys
Pairing: Sibum
Word Count: 1207
Summary: Siwon snapped and took Kibum to her room for a little "talk."

Siwon placed Kibum on the bed and crawled on top of her. She tried to move back but bumped into her headboard.
“S-S-Siwon? W-w-what are you doing?”
“I’m guessing…what I should’ve done in the first place.” Siwon claimed Kibum’s lips in a passionate kiss. She stiffened before melting into his embrace. She wrapped her arms around him. His tongue thrust into her mouth and she welcomed it. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled hard so he fell right on top of her. Siwon was surprised but soon forgot about it as Kibum continued to attack his mouth and run her hands along his sides and up his back. He ran his hand along her side and felt her arch up.
Hearing his name spill from her lips filled him with such joy but it dragged him back to reality. He could easily lose himself in her. He pulled back and she looked at him, puzzled.
He got up from the bed and started pacing. “I’m sorry. I didn’t intend to let it go that far. It’s just…you’re too tempting…and I’m sorry for just kissing you like that but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I want you. I want you to be mine. I thought I could win you with all my romantic gestures but after the one day, you just weren’t impressed and Kyuhyun also told me my charms were too perfect they seemed fake.”
Kibum smiled. “They were.”
Siwon shyly smiled. “Yeah…and well…I sorta got the feeling…earlier today…that you like your guys to be tough but sweet.”
Kibum smiled and got up from the bed, walking towards him. “You know,” she walked around him, ran a hand along his shoulder and chest, “you’re a prince which is fine and all but I’d prefer it if my guy was sweet and romantic and tough,” she gave a light chuckle, “but a beast in the bedroom.” She stopped right in front of him and placed her lips a few centimeters away. She stayed there a moment, saw him nervously gulp, before laughing and moving away to sit on her bed. He just watched her, completely fascinated and lost in her charm.
Kibum crossed her legs, causing her skirt to go up her thigh. She flipped her hair and beckoned Siwon with a finger. He moved forward as if he was caught in her spell and stopped right in front of her. She slowly undid the first two buttons of her shirt. Siwon swallowed the lump forming in his throat. She looked up at him from under her lashes and slowly licked her lips. He couldn’t hold back anymore. He attacked her.

Siwon ravished Kibum’s lips while his hands moved to remove her shirt. He didn’t have the patience to carefully unbutton and remove her shirt so he ripped it off her. Buttons flew around the room. Siwon tossed the shirt aside and stared down at Kibum. Her black lacey bra showed off her beautiful breasts.
“You look so beautiful Kibum…so gorgeous…” He traced a finger along her bra, above her breast. He slipped a hand underneath her, lifting her up. He unhooked her bra and slowly pulled it away to reveal her creamy white breasts.
Kibum held her breath as she looked up at Siwon. Siwon stared at Kibum with lustful eyes. As if caught in a spell, Kibum slowly sat up. She raised her hands up and ran them over his chest. She slid them up and slowly, one by one, unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his toned abs and pecs.
“Mmm…very nice…” She licked her lips while running her hands over his chest, feeling each sculpted muscle.
Siwon watched as Kibum moved her hands down his chest to the top of his waistband. She slowly unbuttoned his pants. She looked him in the eye as she pulled both his pants and boxers off, freeing his hardened length. She gave a sly smile as she gripped it in her hand and slowly tugged on it.
Siwon felt his breath catch in his throat. Kibum smiled at him as she slowly pulled on him. Her thumb rubbed against his slit and he jerked in surprise. Precome leaked from his cock that Kibum spread over his length. Her hand began moving up and down at a faster pace.
Moans and pants began to fill the room as Kibum worked her hands on Siwon. Siwon lost his breath when Kibum leaned down and replaced her hand with her mouth. She took Siwon’s entire length into her mouth and began sucking and licking.
Siwon wasn’t sure how much more he could hold out as Kibum worked her wonderfully skilled mouth on him. He could feel it building with each lick and suck. Siwon came with a very powerful suck of Kibum’s.
Kibum licked and swallowed every last bit of Siwon’s come. Siwon stared down at Kibum in amazement. She licked her lips and smiled at him. She looks so…so…
Siwon pulled Kibum to him and ravished her mouth. He could taste the essence of himself in her mouth which heightened his desire. He pulled Kibum to him, their arms wrapping around each other. His hand moved down her body and back up. It slipped under her skirt.
Kibum broke away to moan as she felt Siwon’s fingers slip into her. He began to thrust his fingers in and out of her, making her moan and pant.
Kibum leaned back against her pillow; she had trouble staying upright. Siwon leaned down, pulling her skirt and panties off. He placed an arm over her waist before leaning down and licking her.
Kibum let out a strangled moan and bucked her hips but Siwon’s arm kept her from moving. She moved her hands to grip his hair but he held both her hands in his. She whined in protest as Siwon kept her from moving. She wanted him to touch him and kiss him but he wouldn’t let her. He was torturing her with pleasure.
Siwon grinned up at her and flicked his tongue over her clit while he slipped his finger inside and flicked her G-spot.
Kibum sat up and let out a scream as her orgasm hit her. The orgasm was so intense she blacked out for a moment.
When she came to, Siwon was leaning over her, resting on his elbow while stroking her hair.
She smiled up at him. “Hi.”
“Hi.” He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.
Kibum was about to say something but a noise out in the hall disturbed them.
“Huh? What’s going on?” Kibum slipped off the bed into a robe and wandered out into the hall.

“Unni? What’s going on?”
“The boys are coming for dinner.”
Kibum’s eyes widened in shock. “Alright.” She quickly disappeared into her room.
She ran around the room, pulling out clothes and quickly placing them on. Once she was completely dressed, she fixed her make up. She looked at herself in the mirror, deemed herself presentable, and went out into the hall.
Siwon sat on her bed in a daze. He had never seen a woman get ready so fast. He quickly put his clothes on and left Kibum’s room.

A/N: so this should've been written awhile ago since it went with Chapter 10 but i wrote it now as a surprise...XD
Tags: girls vs boys, multi-chaptered, r/nc-17, sibum

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