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Title: Fountain of Youth
Pairing: Shindong/Siwon
Word Count: 914
Theme: 076. Youth Shindong/Shiwon
Summary: Siwon has been asked to create a substance like the Fountain of Youth. He can’t do it alone so he asks for Shindong’s help.

“Hyung, can you come help me for a bit?”
“Sure.” Shindong got up from his desk and followed Siwon to his office just down the hall.

Both Siwon and he worked for this mysterious boss along with a few other friends of theirs. Shindong worked as an inventor while Siwon was in charge of creating whatever ideas the inventors came up with.

“So what’s the problem, Siwon?”
“Personal order from the boss. I’m supposed to create a potion with similar effects as the Fountain of Youth.” Shindong raised an eyebrow. The boss barely personally requested an idea to be made. This was huge and important.
“So what are you having trouble with?”
Siwon ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t know where to begin. If I knew what to start with, I could finish this quick. Like I need to know what things help prevent wrinkles or aging. Think you can do some research? I mean I know you’re an inventor but they have to do a little bit of research before they start inventing right?”
“Sure, yeah. That’s fine. I don’t have anything on my plate right now so I can help you.”
“Thanks, hyung.” Siwon smiled before turning back to his work. Shindong quietly left and began to do some research.

After a week of searching, Shindong had amassed hundreds of paper of information. He and Siwon met for lunch that day.
“Here you go, Siwonnie. All the information I could find on the Fountain of Youth and ingredients that contain properties on anti-aging or wrinkle prevention.” Shindong handed Siwon the bag containing the stacks of information. “So what are you going to try and make? A daily supplement? A drink? A lotion? A –“
“I think I’ll decide that after I figure out what I’m going to use. Some things are better in a certain form than others.” Siwon placed the bag in his bag. “So how have you been, hyung?”
“Fine, not as busy anymore, now that I’m done your research.”
“Hmm…alright. Well if you’re not too busy, you can come help me in the lab. I have the feeling I might need an extra pair of hands.”
“Alright.” Shindong smiled and dug into his food.

For the next two weeks, Shindong and Siwon worked together to create a substance with the same effects as the mythical Fountain of Youth. They had many failures but soon they found the right combination of ingredients to produce the desired results. They tested it several times to be sure and they worked.
They made it into lotion. In liquid form, it looked just like water. They didn’t want anyone to accidentally drink it. Having too much of this could have negative results. In one case, when used too much, they started to grow backwards. They got younger and younger until they just disappeared. That was the only problem they had and they had no idea how to get rid of it.
Siwon placed it in a pretty jar and stuck a warning label on it, along with directions on usage.
“Alright, now to go deliver it to the boss.”

Siwon and Shindong took the elevator to the top floor. They stepped out into the lobby and walked down the hall to the boss’s office. Siwon knocked once before opening the door.
Both stood frozen in the doorway. “Heechul?!!?!?!?”
Heechul smiled at Shindong and Siwon from behind the desk. “Hello boys. Please come in. Hankyung, close the door.”
“Heechul? How are you the boss? You-you work here too.”
“Yeah, for fun. And that way I get to know the employees as well.” Heechul stood up and walked around his desk. “Now, do you two have my lotion?” He held out his hand.
“Uh…yeah…” Siwon handed Heechul the jar.
“Excellent. You two can have a nice long vacation now.” Heechul went around his desk and sat down. He opened the jar and looked at the lotion inside. “Oh and don’t bother coming back to work afterwards. You’re both done working here. You’ll find your paycheck and references in the lobby. Have a nice day.”
Siwon and Shindong stared at each other. That’s it? After all that work, he’s just going to fire us like that?
“Uh could I see the jar for a moment, Heechul? I forgot to put something on it.”
“Oh sure. Here you go.” Heechul handed Shindong the jar. Shindong gave a small smile and peeled off the warning label. He then stuck another label on it with a picture of a kitty.
“There you go. Well I guess we’ll be going now. Bye Heechul. Hankyung.”
Shindong and Siwon left, closing the door behind them. They picked up their references and paychecks in the lobby and went down and out.
As they were walking home, Siwon turned to Shindong. “Hyung, what did you do? I saw you switched labels.”
“Oh that. Nothing to worry about. It’s not important.”

A few weeks later…

Shindong was relaxing at home after a nice long vacation to the tropics when the phone rang.
“Heechul’s gone.”

A/N: sorry this fic isn’t that interesting, just wanted to get my Shindong series finished and out of the way XD
I’m sorry to those who like Heechul but I couldn’t help making him the bad guy in this fic. I needed something to happen…I didn’t want it to just be those two making something then giving it to someone without any kind of action or motive or whatever…
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, shindong, shindong/siwon

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