trying to fix what's damaged (read0write) wrote,
trying to fix what's damaged

Fic Requests

Now taking fic requests. I wasn't planning on doing this but I thought it would be fun :D
I like the idea of multi-tasking, writing different fics at one time :D

So if you want me to write one for you just leave the following information in a comment:

Rating (optional, basically just tell me if you want smut or not)

o, tell me if there's anything you don't want to see happen in the fic, so I know what to avoid :D or else anything is fair game (but by nature, I will steer clear of angsty stuff unless you personally request it or I unintentionally write it XD)

I think that's all
lol I'm still new to fanfic XD so I don't know what I'm doing sometimes

I will try to complete requests asap :D
Hopefully you'll be satisfied (and I hope you don't mind the length either...XD)

Love ♥

First Batch Completed!!!! 4/4/10
Second Batch Completed!! 7/22/12 (more than two years after O_O i feel so bad for those that had requested :( )

you may still request :D
as of now, requests are on hold, too many to do that i'm a little overwhelmed so will take time to first write all these before possibly opening up a new request post...depending...
sorry for the delay but will try to finish these asap...

Finally done ^^
Fic Requests may open again some time in the future but not now...
Too many ideas have been backed up so will take the time now to get them out :D
love ♥

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