July 1st, 2021


Fic Requests 2

So I decided to open up my fic requests again~ Hopefully I don't take too long to complete them but I can't make any promises on that :P I haven't completed some of the other fic waiting on my computer >.<

But I like writing for other people so decided to do this again ^^

So if you want me to write one for you just leave the following information in a comment:

Rating (optional, basically just tell me if you want smut or not)

Tell me if there's anything you don't want to see happen in the fic, so I know what to avoid :D or else anything is fair game (but by nature, I will steer clear of angsty stuff unless you personally request it or I unintentionally write it XD)

I think that's all.

For the record, I write only Super Junior and EXO pairings with a pinch of SHINee pairings

Again, I will try to complete requests asap :D
Hopefully you'll be satisfied (and I hope you don't mind the length either...XD)

Love ♥