February 9th, 2014


curiosity about ask.fm

Hey, so I've been kind of debating this because wondering if it'll get more interaction with people.
I write and very few people comment so it's a bit of a downer. Plus I don't really interact with many of you like just random chats and things.
So my question is this: if I have something like ask.fm, would people ask me questions and actually be interested?
I mean I have a twitter for communication (and a tumblr) and yet still I don't interact as much with people :T which I would like to do but socially awkward here (with issues to boot :P)
So I'm wondering if it'll be worth it to have an ask.fm or not.

Feel free to respond but it's there no real response, then I'm just not going to bother.

Opening up an Ask.fm

It's your choice, why ask me?
I don't care