January 19th, 2010


a lil upset

Okay so right now I'm just a little bit upset.
Someone left a comment saying one of my stories sounds a little too similar to her friend's story.
I just read it and I will say there's a few similarities but not that many I think.

Both stories involve vampires and there's sex involved where the person gets bitten, oh and the vampire claiming the person as theirs. However that's basically all the similarities I can point out. I mean besides characters being different, my story was supposed to have taken place in a high school, according to the prompt I was given. The other person's story was at a night club and involved someone dying right in front of their eyes. I don't do death in fics by choice.

There's no way I could've copied it because I never read it until now.
I had originally written my story back in December and would've posted it sooner had I not accidentally deleted it, causing me to rewrite the whole thing. The rewrite was basically what I had written originally. I had only changed the bonus part I included as a little surprise. Everything else was pretty much the same, or as much as I could remember.

I seriously don't know what else to say about this though. It's really disheartening to have someone tell you your fic sounds like someone else's. And this is even worst for me, in my opinion, because I just got off an inpromptu hiatus (I had lost my writing muse/inspiration due to losing 4 completed fanfics, ready for posting) and I've been in the mood to write a lot.

I shouldn't mention names or anything like that but if you're reading this, you can probably guess which fic I'm talking about.

I really don't have anything else to say. You all can make your own opinions about this. (It doesn't help your mood either, when you're upset about getting the comment and finding out that the person had left a post about someone writing a fic similar to theirs and being upset about it too.)

I don't want this to ruin anything but if this isn't resolved in some kind of way or an understanding is reached, I may either take a hiatus from writing or just post in a completely different journal, possibly friends only. This may be a little drastic, I know it, but with my feelings like this, that's what I'm thinking. It's a little hard to think somewhat rationally when you're upset. And who wouldn't be upset when you're sort of accused of plagiarism?

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Title: Heechul: Jack Sparrow
Pairing: Heechul/Sungmin
Word Count: 1343
Theme: 008. Locket Heechul/Sungmin
Summary: Heechul wished it wouldn't happen to him but to his dismay, it did. It came without warning.

A/N: sorry I didn’t exactly keep with the character…a little hard to, especially trying to imitate his speech pattern…

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