January 8th, 2010


apology (idk if it's necessary)

Okay, so I'm feeling a little bad...
It's almost been a week since I really tried to write a fanfic. I've been so uninspired/avoid writing since I lost four fics I had already completed that were ready for posting...that completely killed my writing mood for a while...
As I said before, I'm so sorry to ajikto, labels_r4_cans, and shihan_ai. I had completed fics for you guys but due to a stupid computer error, they got deleted. I tried to rewrite but the fact that I had lost them and needed to rewrite them made me so depress I couldn't write them. But now after having some time to "forget" it, I will now begin trying to write them again. Hopefully if time's on my side and everything works out, I can post them some time next week. :D
I figured it was time to start writing again when other ideas for fanfics began popping into my head. I had avoided writing fanfic or thinking of fanfics during the last few days (still read fanfic though XD - can't stay away lol) but when the ideas started coming, I knew I had to write again. Now if only I could remember a few of those ideas...lol XD though some of the ideas related to the fanfics I needed to rewrite.
I'm so sorry I'm running behind on requests and such. I have so many prompts and ideas but not enough time to get them all out. Will try to finish a few requests soon, in between other stories (sequels and whatnot).
Sorry for this temporary hiatus...will try to post a fic up next week...if school doesn't keep me too busy from writing...just started a new quarter in college so new classes, more work, etc. etc.

Love all of you ♥
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