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Title: Bathroom Tiles
Pairing: Sihan
Word Count: 1180
Theme: 036. Bathroom Tiles Hankyung/Shiwon
Summary: Hankyung works for Siwon as a maid. Failed Smut...

Hankyung was on his hands and knees. He could feel cold bathroom tiles under his hands and knees. My knees are going to hurt tomorrow. How did I end up like this?


A few minutes ago…

Hankyung had been made to clean the bathroom for the fourth time that week. His master Siwon wanted everything to be spotless but seriously, why did he have the clean the bathroom again when he had just cleaned it the day before and there’s no way if could’ve gotten dirty already?
But he had to follow orders, so Hankyung, dressed in his maid’s uniform (why his master made him wear this ridiculous outfit was beyond him) went to the master bathroom and true enough, it was still as clean as it was yesterday after he’d clean it.
But orders were orders so he started to clean. Besides, his master was there, watching him work.
After a few minutes, Hankyung couldn’t take it anymore. He felt uncomfortable and couldn’t concentrate. He could feel his master’s gaze on him, looking at his exposed legs. A few times, Hankyung had secretly glanced at his master to see him staring at him with a smile on his face.
Hankyung stood up, tossing his rag down. He looked Siwon directly in the eyes. “Can you stop staring at me? It’s making me uncomfortable especially in this ridiculous outfit you put me in. Tell me, why do I, a male, have to work in a maid’s uniform? There are so many frills and it’s way too short. It’s unnecessary and gets in the way.”
Siwon just arched a brow before cracking a smile. “Well if you find it unnecessary, why don’t you take it off?”
“W-w-what? Take it off? Then I’d be wearing nothing.”
Hankyung looked at Siwon. What did he mean by that? He looked directly into his eyes. What he saw there frightened him. He unconsciously took a step back.
Siwon smiled at that. He stood up and walked towards Hankyung. “If you don’t like that uniform, just take it off. I don’t care what you’re wearing as long as you get back down on your hands and knees and start scrubbing that floor. I want those bathroom tiles to sparkle.”
Hankyung looked at Siwon. There was no way out of this…
He went down on his hands and knees and resumed cleaning the floor. He waited for Siwon to go back to his seat and resume watching him clean but he didn’t hear any footsteps. Instead he felt cold air hit his back and the dress slip down his shoulder.
“Siwon?” Hankyung turned his head. His lips were claimed in a passionate kiss. He didn’t even notice that Siwon had removed his uniform until Siwon let Hankyung up for air and he felt the cold bathroom tiles on his back.
“Siwon? What are you doing?”
“Get on your hands and knees.” Hankyung watched as Siwon removed his clothes. He couldn’t help blushing when he saw Siwon’s hardened cock. “Didn’t I say get on your hands and knees?”
Hankyung didn’t know what had happened but he was roughly turned around. Before he could register anything else, he let out a scream as something was shoved up his ass. It felt like something or someone was ripping him in half.
“Shh…it’s alright.” Siwon had a grip on Hankyung’s waist. He slowly took his penis out before pushing back in with a sigh. It felt like heaven to him. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to do this to you? You have no idea what you do to me in that maid’s uniform. I want to fuck you nice and hard while you’re on your hands and knees. I also wanted you to suck me off but I guess that’ll have to wait for another time. I have to have you now.” And with that, Siwon started to thrust in and out of Hankyung as hard and rough as he could.
Hankyung didn’t know what to do. The pain overpowered any other sensation. But as Siwon kept thrusting in and out, Hankyung’s body soon stretched to accommodate him and in time, the pain turned to pleasure especially when Siwon brought his hand around to Hankyung’s now hardened cock and started pumping in time to his thrusts.
It only took a few more minutes before Siwon came loud and hard in Hankyung. Siwon pulled on Hankyung a few more times before the Chinese man came just as loud and hard. Hankyung would’ve collapsed on the floor if Siwon hadn’t picked him up.
Siwon gently placed Hankyung in the giant bathtub. He gently kissed him before going to turn on the water and fill the bath. “Just rest there for a bit while I clean things up.”
Hankyung turned his head to see Siwon cleaning up the mess they had made on the bathroom tiles. “Master Siwon, you shouldn’t be doing that. That’s my job.”
“Shhh, quiet love. Just rest and relax. I probably wore you out. Couple that with all the hard work I’ve had you do, you must be exhausted. Just rest and relax in that bath. I’ll join you in a bit.”
Hankyung didn’t need any more encouragement before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.


Hankyung awoke a few minutes later when he felt another body slip into the water with him. Siwon smiled and pulled Hankyung close for a kiss.
“Let me wash your back for you.” Siwon got a washcloth and started to gently wash Hankyung.
“Master Siwon, why are you doing this? I’m just a servant. We shouldn’t have done that just now.”
“Quiet, Hankyung. I can do as I please.”
“But what if the others find out?”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“If you’re so worried, I’ll just fire the others and keep you.”
“What? No, you can’t do that.”
Siwon laughed. “I was just joking. I’m just going to fire you.”
Hankyung’s jaw dropped.
Siwon laughed again. “I’m joking. I won’t fire you. I’m just going to promote you to love slave.”
“From now on, you will stay by my side as my lover. You are no longer my servant. You won’t be required to clean anything except me.”
“What? Master Siwon, you’re not making any sense.”
“I love you, Hankyung. You’re mine. Oh and you don’t have to call me master anymore unless you want to or if we’re roleplaying.” Siwon smiled.
Hankyung just sat there in disbelief. His mind couldn’t wrap around the last few minutes. Fired? Promoted? Love slave? I love you. What?
“Siwon, can you just explain everything again? I don’t understand.”
Siwon chuckled and kissed Hankyung. “You’re so cute.” Hankyung couldn’t help but pout, which Siwon found to be totally adorable, making him kiss Hankyung again. “The only thing you need to know is I love you and you’re mine.” Siwon claimed Hankyung’s lips in a passionate kiss.
Siwon was right. That was all Hankyung needed to know. He smiled and returned Siwon’s kiss with as much if not more passion.

A/N: so this was sort of a fail smut attempt…totally ruined the end, I had something I was going to write there but then it flew out of my mind and this is what I ended up with as the ending…sorry ☹
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, hankyung/siwon, one shot, r/nc-17

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