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Title: SM Costume Party
Characters: Super Junior, DBSK, SHINee, SNSD
Pairings (very subtle): Kangteuk, Hanchul, Yewook, Eunhae, Sibum, Kyumin
Word Count: 1473
Summary: SM’s costume parties were always crazy but this was just ridiculous.

Everyone was all abuzz. They couldn’t wait for the costume party SM was holding this year. They had heard so many rumors about the party.
“Did you hear about the party?”
“Yeah, I heard it was going to be huge. They had to rent out the entire building.”
“Well I heard they were bringing in some celebrities from overseas like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.”
“No, that’s just a rumor. They can’t afford to do that.”
Heechul and Sungmin had happened to “accidentally” overhear SNSD’s conversation. They both smiled to each other and ran off to tell the other members.
“Hey everyone. Guess what?”
“The costume party this year is going to be huge.”
“Yeah, they had to rent out the entire building just for us.”
“Whatever, we already found that out from Teukie. He got an email about it.” Heechul and Sungmin pouted.
“Thanks for totally ruining it.” Heechul went over to Hankyung. “HANNIE!!!! Make me some Beijing fried rice.”
Sungmin glanced at Kyuhyun but he didn’t seem to notice how upset Sungmin was. He huffed and stormed off into his room. The door slammed, startling Kyuhyun.
“What was that?”
“Oh, that was just Sungmin slamming the door to your room.”
Kyuhyun looked at Ryeowook confused. “Slamming the door? Is he upset about something?”
“Maybe…why don’t you go find out?”
“Nah…he’ll be fine.” Kyuhyun turned back to his PSP. Ryeowook just looked at Kyuhyun in disbelief; was his dongsaeng really oblivious? He shook his head and went into the kitchen to help Hankyung make dinner.


The next few weeks, everyone was busy getting his costume together. It was an unspoken rule to keep their costume idea a secret.
Soon it was the day of the Halloween party. Everyone was so excited; they spent all day getting ready.
“Alright, is everyone ready?” Leeteuk heard the others yell out. “Okay, on the count of three, we all come out. ONE!...TWO!...THREE!” Everyone popped out of his room and looked along the hallway. They all started to laugh and talk at the same time.
“OMG! That’s hilarious!!!”
“You look good like that, Kangin. You should always wear that from now on.” Heechul smirked at him.
“*squeal* KYU!!! You look so hot like that!!!!” Sungmin jumped on Kyu and started making out with him. Kyuhyun looked shocked at first before melting into the kiss.
“AWWWWW!!! WOOKIE!!!!” Leeteuk immediately ran over to Wookie to pull him into a tight hug.
“Hands off my boyfriend!” Yesung came over to pry Leeteuk off of Ryeowook.
“Ooo…Hankyung, you look great dressed like that.”
“Heechul, do the walk, do the walk!”
“Hey Kibum, come suck my blood!” Siwon winked at him. Kibum was on his way to Siwon when Heechul came over and pretended to suck Kibum. Siwon just frowned. Heechul smirked at Siwon before bounding over to Hankyung.
“Let’s take a group picture and then we’ll go.” Everyone piled into the living room.
“Alright, get closer in. That’s right. Not that close, Donghae.” Donghae pouted and got off Eunhyuk’s lap. “Alright, that’s it. Now hold still.” Leeteuk set the camera on timer and quickly got into position. The red light blinked a few times before the flash went off. Leeteuk grabbed the camera and looked at the picture. He smiled.
“Alright everyone, move out!” Everyone went out the door and into the waiting vans.


The place was lavishly decorated for the party. Fake cobwebs hung from the ceilings. The ground was covered in smoke from a smoke machine. The lights were dimmed, almost off, and green lighting was placed in strategic places, shedding some light to the monsters placed around the room. There was a table full of food and drinks. A DJ was set up on the stage and an area cleared for a dance floor. Tables littered the sides of the room, so everyone could have a place to sit and chat or eat.
First to arrive were DBSK dressed as vampires. Second were SNSD dressed up as mannequins. Third were SHINee dressed as angels. Everyone was having fun with each other; they never saw each other often due to schedules. A few people were on the dance floor, dancing to some music the DJ put on. Others were either eating or chatting. Everyone was anticipating Super Junior’s arrival. They always had the best entrance. There were 13 members!
Heechul came in first, followed by everyone else. “YO YO YO. WAZZUP MY BROTHER?”
“HEECHUL HYUNG!!!!” Taemin ran over to greet his other mother and father.
“Oh, Taeminnie, don’t you look cute?” Heechul hugged Taemin to him. “Look at you. What a cute angel you are. Look Hannie. Look at our son, the angel.” Hankyung smiled at Taemin. He smiled back before bounding back to his members.
“JUNSU!!!!” Eunhyuk ran over and glomped onto Junsu who smiled back.
“EUNHYUK!!! How’ve you been?” Junsu hugged Eunhyuk who hugged back tightly.
“JUNSU!!!! HANDS OFF MY BOYFRIEND!!!!” Donghae came running over. He went inbetween Eunhyuk and Junsu, successfully pulling them apart before glomping onto Eunhyuk protectively and glaring at Junsu.
“Hae, don’t be jealous. I haven’t seen Junsu in ages. Can’t I hug him?”
Donghae pouted. “No.” He got off Eunhyuk and walked away to talk to SNSD. Eunhyuk just stared at Donghae who was now happily chatting with Jessica and Yoona. You wouldn’t have believed he was jealous and possessive a moment ago. Eunhyuk saw Jessica run her hand along Donghae’s arm. That fired Eunhyuk up. He stalked over to them and pulled Donghae away.
“Eunhyuk, what are you doing? Why were you so rude?” Donghae gave Eunhyuk a cute confused look. Eunhyuk just stared at him in disbelief. “I’m hungry. Let’s get some food.” Donghae slipped out of Eunhyuk’s grip and grabbed his wrist instead, pulling him towards the food where Shindong was already getting a second plate.

Everyone was enjoying himself, eating, chatting, dancing, when someone turned off the music. “Alright, it’s almost midnight and you know what that means?”
“Yeah! Let’s count down. 5…4…3…2…1!” A blinding white light flashed and that’s the last thing anyone remembers.


The next morning, Leeteuk woke up in his bed. What had happened last night? He looked up to see Kangin sleeping next to him. He got up quietly and went to check on the others. Hankyung had Heechul in his arms, Donghae was clinging to Eunhyuk in his sleep, Ryeowook was cuddling with Yesung, and Sungmin was resting peacefully on Kyuhyun. Everything seemed normal.
Leeteuk made his way to the kitchen. He walked in and headed straight for the fridge, searching for some thing to eat when he paused, stood up, closed the fridge, and looked towards the dining table. Lying right on the table was a DVD with a note that read, “Watch”.
Leeteuk looked at the DVD carefully, wondering what it was. He stood there, staring at the DVD he missed all the other members waking up.
“Hyung, what do you have there?”
“A DVD.”
“Ooo, what’s it about?”
“I don’t know.” Leeteuk glanced up. Everyone was staring at him.
“Well the note says ‘Watch’. Shall we go watch it now?”
“Sure. Today’s a free day.” Everyone went into the living room and made himself comfortable. Leeteuk popped the DVD in. Everyone stared at the TV, patiently waiting for the DVD to start. The first thing that popped up was a picture of them and then a shot of them in their costumes from last night.
Then a voice came over the speakers. “Super Junior…everyone’s favorite idols. We know what they’re like onstage but what are they really like behind the scenes. Today we learned the truth behind Super Junior. Super Junior have alter egos; they lead a double life.” Everyone’s jaw dropped. What the hell was this?
Shots of them partying last night with the rest of SM were shown. They were all having a good time and then the screen switched.
“What the hell?”
Videos of them were shown; doing things they don’t remember doing. Kibum, along with DBSK, had gone around and started sucking the necks of every person he could find. Yesung had gone around, haunting poor strangers. Ryeowook had cast spells on different people. Heechul had gone around, stealing things from all sorts of people. Sungmin, Siwon, and Eunhyuk had gone around, trying to save innocent people. The only members that seemed normal were Leeteuk, Hankyung, Kangin, Shindong, Donghae, and Kyuhyun. The DVD kept playing, showing Super Junior (with a few shots of DBSK, SNSD, and SHINee) doing other crazy stunts.
Then the voice came over the speakers once again. “Super Junior…their alter egos…now they’re under my control. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA” The TV shut itself off. Everyone looked at one another in shock.
“Does this mean what I think it means?”
Leeteuk nodded gravely. “Yes…we’re now stuck with two identities.”

Super Junior’s costumes/alter egos:
Leeteuk: The Little Prince
Heechul: Jack Sparrow
Hangeng: Prince from Goong
Yesung: Chinese vampire
Kangin: Clown
Shindong: Caveman
Sungmin: Robin Hood
Eunhyuk: Bruce Lee
Donghae: Traditional Korean man
Siwon: Zorro
Ryeowook: Harry Potter
Kibum: Dracula
Kyuhyun: Sea captain/Pilot

A/N: If you didn’t realize, all these costume ideas were taken from their first Super Show. Sorry I couldn’t think of any good costume ideas for the other SM groups.

So this was my entry for the Halloween Fanfic Contest held by miracle______. Posting it up on my journal now...this will become a series (most will be crack i believe...sorta like this one...)
Tags: dbsk, halloween, shinee, snsd, super junior

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