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Title: Bubble Baths
Pairing: Kangteuk
Word Count: 975
Theme: 093. Bubble Baths *WC
Summary: Teukie likes to take private bubbles baths to unwind. Kangin walks in one day to find teukie taking a bubble bath. Smut…

None of the other members knew this but Leeteuk had a secret.
For 5 years, he managed to keep this a secret from everyone.
Whenever he felt stressed out or needed to relax, he took a nice long bubble bath. He loved the comfort of warm water. He loved the flowery scent from the bubble bath. He loved playing with the bubbles. Most of all, he loved the feeling of calm and order and the fact that he could just wash away all his pressures and responsibilities.
No one ever bothered him during this time and he loved it.
But all of that was going to come crashing down with this one incident…


Leeteuk was given a day off and all the members were busy with their schedules. Super Junior – M had left for China the day before. Heechul and Kibum were busy filming for their respective dramas. Eunhyuk and Shindong were at the dance studio coming up with new choreography. Sungmin and Kangin had schedules for the day.
Leeteuk smiled; he had the dorm (and day) all to himself. And he knew just what he was going to do…
He went into the bathroom and got the water running. He put in bath salts and bubble bath. He went into his room to grab his bathrobe and towel. Then he went into the bathroom and closed the door. He took of his clothes, turned on the radio, and slipped into the warm water.
“Ahh…this feels so nice…” Leeteuk laid his head on the bath pillow he had just bought and closed his eyes, letting the bath soothe and comfort him.


Kangin came home early from his schedule. Two of his events had gotten canceled much to his luck. Now he could come home early and sleep.
He stepped into the dorm and was instantly assaulted with soft music and flowery scents.
“Leeteuk hyung? Hello? Are you here?” Kangin slipped off his shoes, shut and locked the door, and moved down the hallway. He stopped right in front of the bathroom door.
“Leeteuk hyung? You in there?” Kangin knocked but no response. He tried the handle and found it unlocked. He opened the door and stood gaping in the doorway.
There, amidst all the bubbles, was Leeteuk hyung. Kangin just stared at Leeteuk, taking in all his naked glory. He didn’t realize it but the sight of Leeteuk in a bubble bath was turning him on.
Leeteuk still hadn’t noticed Kangin so Kangin decided to slip into the bathroom. He quietly locked the door and slipped out of his clothes before slipping into the bath.
Leeteuk jerked when he felt something brush his leg. He opened his eyes only to see someone’s face as they kissed him. He tried to struggle but the bathtub limited his moment. He could do nothing as the person pulled him towards them. He gasped, giving the person the opportunity to slip his tongue into his mouth, and blushed when he felt something hard hit his leg. Leeteuk couldn’t help but moan. Whoever this person was knew how to kiss. Leeteuk closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around the person’s neck, melting into the kiss. The person pulled away and looked deeply into Leeteuk’s eyes.
Kangin smiled before claiming Leeteuk’s lips for another kiss. Leeteuk was about to melt into the kiss again before he realized…
“Kangin! What are you doing here? When did you get home?”
“I just got home. I called your name but you didn’t answer.”
“Oh.” Leeteuk blushed. “But why are you in here with me?”
It was Kangin’s turn to blush. “Uh…well…you just looked so tempting, lying in the bath – wait, why are you taking a bath hyung?”
Leeteuk blushed harder. “Uh…about that…well I-I-I just wanted to relax so I drew this bath.”
Kangin raised an eyebrow. “You take baths to relax?”
Kangin smiled. “That’s so cute. But next time you want to take a bath, just tell me so I can join you.”
Leeteuk blushed. Kangin couldn’t help but pull him close for another kiss. Slowly the kiss turned into something more. Kangin kissed along Leeteuk’s jaw and neck. He placed a lovebite on his neck before claiming Leeteuk’s lips again. He ran his hands along Leeteuk’s body before slipping two fingers into him. Leeteuk jerked in surprise before quickly moaning in pleasure as Kangin moved his fingers in and out of him, brushing against his prostate. Kangin inserted another finger and kept pumping them in and out of Leeteuk.
When he felt Leeteuk was prepared enough, Kangin laid back against the tub, removed his fingers, pulled Leeteuk towards him, so he was straddling him, and thrust his entire length into him. Leeteuk moaned loudly at the feeling of being completely filled so quickly.
Kangin waited a few minutes to let Leeteuk adjust before he started moving Leeteuk up and down so Leeteuk was riding him. The bath made things more slippery but a lot more pleasurable. Leeteuk moved up and down, making the water slosh out of the tub and onto the floor.
Kangin wrapped his hand around Leeteuk’s length and pulled. Leeteuk moaned. Kangin timed his pulls with his thrusts. Soon he had Leeteuk at the edge.
“Kangin…Youngwoon…please…please…I’m…I’m so close…just a little more…please Youngwoon…” Kangin gave one hard jerk, causing Leeteuk to come. Kangin thrust a few more times before coming inside Leeteuk. Leeteuk collapsed on top of Kangin, his head resting on Kangin’s shoulders.
When the water had cooled, Kangin lifted Leeteuk up off him and placed a quick kiss on his lips.
“Yep, you are definitely going to tell me when you want to take a bath next time. That way we can play some water games.” Kangin smiled at Leeteuk, causing Leeteuk to blush. Kangin laughed before placing a kiss on Leeteuk’s lips.
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, kangteuk, one shot, r/nc-17

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