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Title: Flu Season
Pairings: Shindong/Ryeowook, (very slight) Yewook
Word Count: 778
Theme: 074. Flu Season Shindong/Ryeowook
Summary: It’s flu season and the members of Super Junior are getting sick. (sorry it’s a very bad summary)

“Ryeowook! Ryeowook! Ryeowook!”
“I’m coming, hyung!” A million voices were calling for Ryeowook. He sighed. How could all the members get sick with the flu except him?
Ryeowook picked up the tray holding several bowls of soup and proceeded down the hallway. He stopped in each room and placed a bowl of soup on their nightstand.
He came back into the kitchen and laid his head on the table. He was exhausted from taking care of all the members. He fell asleep right there on the table.


Shindong woke up, feeling a lot better. He felt like he could move around now instead of staying bedridden. He walked out of his room and into the kitchen.
There was Ryeowook lying on the table. He looked completely exhausted. Shindong smiled and felt a little bad for him. He had to take care of everyone while they were sick. The least he could do was make Ryeowook more comfortable. He went over and picked Ryeowook up. His eyes widened. Ryeowook was burning up.
He immediately went into Ryeowook and Yesung’s room and tucked Ryeowook into bed. He felt his forehead. It was hot. He went into the bathroom and got the thermometer. He turned it on and gently coaxed Ryeowook’s mouth open and placed it inside. He waited a few minutes and looked at it. His eyes bugged out. How could someone so little have such a high temperature?
Shindong went into the kitchen to get a wet cloth to place on Ryeowook’s forehead. A few of the other members had woken up. They looked at lot better now.
“Hi Shindong. Feeling better?”
“Yep.” Shindong made an ice pack instead of getting a wet cloth since Ryeowook had such a high fever.
“If you’re feeling better, then why are you getting an ice pack?”
“For Ryeowook.”
“WHAT??!? Wookie’s sick?”
“Yep. So if someone could make some soup for him when he wakes up, I would really appreciate that.” Sungmin went into the kitchen to start making some soup.
Shindong went into Ryeowook and Yesung’s room to see Yesung sitting by Ryeowook’s bed, watching him. He held his hand and stroked his hair.
“Oh, Shindong, what are you doing here?”
“I got an ice pack for Ryeowook.”
“Oh thank you.” Yesung took it and placed it on Ryeowook’s forehead.
“Hyung, don’t you have a schedule?”
Yesung sighed. “Yeah, but I don’t want to leave him like this.”
“I’ll watch over him for you, hyung.”
Yesung smiled gratefully. “Thank you Shindong. Alright then. I leave him in your capable hands. I’ll call you later to see how he’s doing. Call me if he gets worst.”
“Alright hyung. I’ll see you later.” Yesung nodded and quietly left the room.
Shindong looked at Ryeowook, sleeping peacefully. Ryeowook mumbled something in his sleep.


For the next few hours, Shindong watched over Ryeowook. He changed the ice pack when all the ice melted. He switched to a wet cloth when Ryeowook didn’t feel as hot as before. He checked his temperature every couple hours at Yesung’s request. Ryeowook’s fever was coming down.


Ryeowook woke up a few hours later to see Shindong lightly dozing in the chair next to him.
“Hyung?” Shindong quickly woke up at the sound of his voice.
“Ryeowook-ah, are you feeling any better? You hungry?” Shindong picked up the bowl on the nightstand. “Here.” He took out a spoonful and held it to Ryeowook’s lips. He obediently ate it.
“Shindong hyung, what happened? Wasn’t I in the kitchen earlier? Why am I in bed now?”
“You got sick. I woke up and found you asleep on the kitchen table with a burning fever.”
“Oh. Thank you hyung for taking care of me.”
“It’s alright. Do you think you can get up now?”
“He’s not going anywhere. Not yet. Not until he’s completely recovered.”
“Yesung hyung?”
“Oh, hello Yesung hyung. When did you get back?”
“Just now.” He walked over to Ryeowook’s bed and sat down by his side. “You are not going anywhere Wookie. Not until I deem you fully recovered.”
Ryeowook pouted. “Hyung, you can’t do that. I have things I really need to do.”
“No. They’ll just have to wait. Now be a good boy and lie down.” Ryeowook frowned, crossed his arms, and lay back down. Yesung smiled and kissed his forehead before leaving the room.
“Don’t worry, Ryeowook-ah. It won’t be that bad.” Shindong smiled while Ryeowook frowned and fell back against his bed in frustration. Yesung was so overprotective. “Well have fun Ryeowook-ah.” Shindong slipped out of the room as Yesung walked back in with another bowl of soup.

A/N: felt like writing a one-shot, will update Girls vs. Boys soon...hopefully...
i still have to work on my paper, it's so confusing me...but whatever...i'm probably going to write whatever and bs most of it...probably not good but what else can i do?
sorry about the ending but i didn't know how to end it...
i think the next update after this is either another one-shot or the next chapter of Girls vs. Boys
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, shindong, shindong/ryeowook, yewook

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