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Girls vs. Boys (6/?)

Title: Girls vs. Boys (6/?)
Pairings: Yewook, Kyumin, Eunhae, Kangteuk, Hanchul, Sibum
Word Count: 1697
Summary: The boys used to pick on the girls when they were little kids. Then the girls moved away, overseas for a few years. When they came back, things had changed…in more ways than one.

Chapter 6

Kyuhyun stared at the piece of paper lying on his desk. It kept taunting him, telling him to dial the number. Before he could stop himself, he grabbed his phone and punched in the numbers (No he did not have them memorized already!). He heard it ring 3 times before someone answered.
“Hello? Who is this?” He immediately hung up and threw his phone on his bed. Just hearing her voice had his heart pounding. His phone rang. He picked it up and saw it was her number. He just let it ring. There was no way he could actually talk to her when he was feeling like this. He flopped down on his bed in despair. He looked at his desk where his PSP rested. He decided it couldn’t hurt to play for a little bit. He needed something to take his mind off of Sungmin.


After dinner, Hankyung washed all the dishes. Once finished, he went out into the living room to clean up whatever mess was created. Shindong and Eunhyuk were sprawled on the couch asleep. He took a blanket and draped it over them so he wouldn’t get cold. Once the living room was clean, he went to the rooms to check on the others. He checked Siwon’s room first. He peeked in to see Siwon giving a prayer. He waited patiently for Siwon to finish.
“Oh, hello hyung.”
“Hi Siwon. You should be getting to bed now. There’s school tomorrow.”
“I was just about to.” Siwon turned back the covers and slipped into his bed. Hankyung came over and tucked him in and placed a kiss on his forehead.
“Good night, Siwon. Sweet dreams.”
“Good night, Hankyung.” Hankyung quietly slipped out of his room, gently closing the door. He then went to Yesung’s room. Yesung was on his bed reading a book.
“Time for bed Yesung.”
“Oh, thanks Hankyung.” Yesung placed his book on his desk and slipped under the covers. He conked out the moment his head hit the pillow. Hankyung came over and tucked him in, placing a kiss on his forehead, and quietly left his room.
Hankyung debated going to Kangin’s room or Kyuhyun’s. He decided to go to Kangin’s first, figuring that it would take longer to get GameKyu to sleep if he was playing games.
Hankyung entered Kangin’s room to find Kangin sitting at his desk, staring out the window lost in a dream.
“Kangin? Kangin…it’s time for bed.”
“Huh? Oh okay. Thanks Hankyung.” Kangin moved from the desk and got under his covers. Hankyung came to tuck him in.
“Good night. Sweet dreams.”
“Night Hankyung.” Hankyung slipped out of his room and moved over to Kyuhyun’s room. He could already hear noises from one of Kyuhyun’s video games through the door.
“Kyuhyun! Time for bed.”
“In a minute hyung.” Hankyung sighed. A minute would be an hour. He barged into the room and grabbed the PSP out of his hands. “HEY! I was playing that.”
“Not now. Go to bed. There’s school tomorrow. You can play this then.”
“Fine.” Kyuhyun pouted and slipped under his covers. Hankyung tucked him in and placed a kiss on his forehead.
“Now good night.”
“Night.” Hankyung left Kyuhyun’s room. He leaned against Kyuhyun’s door. He heard noises and pressed his ears against the door to hear more clearly. Kyuhyun had pulled out another PSP and was now playing it but with the volume lowered. Where does he get all these? Why doesn’t he listen? He sighed. It was so tiring taking care of 6 boys. He just stayed there for a moment to rest before going back to his room.
Hankyung turned to open his door and stopped in shock. Lying on his bed, wearing nothing but sexy lingerie, was Heechul. She was smiling at Hankyung. “Did you miss me?”
Hankyung quickly shut the door and locked it. “Heechul! What are you doing here?”
“Did you forget we had a date?” Heechul got up from the bed and walked slow and seductive towards Hankyung. He just stood frozen there. She walked around him and draped herself over him. She placed her mouth by his ear. “Don’t you want me, Hannie? Haven’t you always wanted me? Now’s your chance.” She nibbled on his ear before kissing down his neck. “I’m all yours.”
Hankyung clenched his hands into fists. He had to resist…he had to resist…he had to-ohh… Heechul was doing something magical with her tongue. He was so absorbed in the pleasure he didn’t realize Heechul had pulled down his pants until he felt cold fingers wrap around his half-hard self. He jolted and was about to move until he felt Heechul’s mouth by his mouth again.
“Shh…it’s okay…it’s okay…trust me…” She started to slowly stroke him up and down. He groaned. It felt so good but they shouldn’t be doing this, not so soon. Hankyung reached down and grabbed her hands, effectively stopping her. He pulled her hands off him and turned around to face her. She had a smug smile on her face. He frowned at her causing her to frown as well.
“We can’t do this, Heechul. Not yet.”
Her frown deepened. “What do you mean?”
“It’s too soon. You just came back today. I…I can’t take advantage of that.”
“What advantage? I’m freely giving myself to you.”
“But I don’t want that. I want to have the chance to win you over.”
Heechul scoffed. “You’re so stupid.” She walked to the door. “You just lost your chance with me.” She quickly opened the door and left.
Hankyung sank down on his bed and groaned. He could not deal with this right now. He was way too tired. He changed into his pajamas and slipped into bed, instantly falling asleep.


Heechul came back to her room, all pissed and upset. She changed into her pajamas and got into bed. “How could he just reject me like that? I gave myself willingly to him. Does he realize how many guys would kill to be in his place? Stupid asshole. Stupid…stupid…stupid…” Heechul laid down and cried herself to sleep.


The next day…

Leeteuk woke up to see a rose on her desk. She smiled and saw a note next to it.
Hope you slept well, my smiling angel. Can’t wait to see you at school. Perhaps afterwards, we could go to dinner? – Kangin
She picked up the rose and sniffed it. She sighed contentedly before getting ready for school. She came out to see Ryeowook already up, making breakfast and lunch for them. She smiled at her before going to the other rooms to wake everyone up.
Once they were all ready, the girls made their way to school.


The first thing Donghae sees when she gets to school is a stuffed monkey, hanging from her locker, holding a rose. A note was stuck on her locker as well.
Just a little something to remind you of me :D
Love, Eunhyuk
Donghae hugged the monkey and sniffed the rose, smiling to herself. Eunhyuk was so sweet. She walked to class, hugging the monkey to her chest. Eunhyuk was already sitting at his desk, lost in his thoughts, when Donghae came in. She smiled and walked over to Eunhyuk.
A shadow covered Eunhyuk. He looked up and felt a pair of lips against his. He froze and stared. Donghae was smiling down at him before going to her seat. He just stared at her, along with everyone else.
She smiled at everyone. “What? Can’t I kiss my boyfriend?” Eunhyuk’s jaw dropped. Several guys were glaring at him. Donghae smiled at him before frowning. Before he knew it, she had come over to him and was seated in his lap.
“Hyukkie? Is something wrong?” She pouted, snapping Eunhyuk out of his daze. He smiled at her and wrapped his arms around her waist.
“No, not at all but is it alright if we go somewhere private to talk?”
Donghae smiled. “Sure. I know just the place.” She grabbed Eunhyuk’s wrist and pulled him out of the classroom.


Ryeowook was on her way to class when she heard a voice singing. She stopped and listened. The voice was so lovely, so rich and beautiful. She followed the voice to the choir room. She peeked through the windows and stared. Yesung was in there singing a song about love.
Ryeowook stood there, watching and listening to him. She was totally absorbed in listening she didn’t realize Kibum had come up behind her.
Kibum waved her hand in front of Ryeowook’s face. “Unni? Unni?”
“Huh? What? Oh Kibummie, what are you doing here?” She smiled at her dongsaeng.
“We need to get to class. Hurry or we’ll be late.”
“Oh alright.” Kibum started walking. Ryeowook took one last glance at Yesung before walking after Kibum.


Sungmin opened her locker only to step aside to let all the love letters and gifts fall out of her locker. She just smiled to herself. It was amusing to get so many gifts from so many admirers. She pulled out her spare bag and started to pick up all the letters that she was going to read and then possibly recycle and all the gifts she was going to give to those less fortunate.
When she had finished picking up her first batch of gifts (there was bound to be more after lunch), she was about to close her locker when she noticed another gift, just sitting inside her locker. Somehow this one gift hadn’t fallen down with the others. It was wrapped in a pretty pink box decorated with bunnies with a red ribbon. There was no name or card attached. She gently took it out and glanced around to see if anyone was watching her. She made it a policy to not open any gifts from admirers until she was safely confined in the privacy of her dorm but the pretty pink box with the bunnies on it was just too tempting.
She quickly opened the box and gasped. Inside was the stuffed pink bunny she had stared at yesterday. Who bought this and how did they know she wanted this?

A/N: i sorta feel bad for making this chapter shorter than the others...but felt like i should give you an update and it felt like a good place to end the chapter...
idk when i may be able to update next, i have a midterm this week to study for...and club activities...
Tags: girls vs boys, multi-chaptered

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