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Girls vs. Boys (5/?)

Title: Girls vs. Boys (5/?)
Pairings: Yewook, Kyumin, Eunhae, Kangteuk, Hanchul, Sibum
Word Count: 2241
Summary: The boys used to pick on the girls when they were little kids. Then the girls moved away, overseas for a few years. When they came back, things had changed…in more ways than one.

Chapter 5

The boys were hanging out at Shindong’s place when Eunhyuk burst in.
“Hey Hyukkie, where’ve you been?” Kangin looked at Eunhyuk and stared. Siwon looked over at Kangin to see him staring at Eunhyuk. He glanced at Eunhyuk and stared. Soon all the guys were staring at Eunhyuk. He looked like he was on the verge of tears.
“Eunhyuk, what’s wrong? What happened?” Siwon immediately got up and wrapped his hyung in a hug. Feeling comforting arms around him, Eunhyuk started to cry. Siwon picked Eunhyuk up and carried him to his room. He sat down on his bed and held Eunhyuk close to him. He let Eunhyuk cry on his shoulder. When he felt the tears subside, he decided to risk asking him again.
“Eunhyuk, can you tell me what’s wrong?”
“I-I-I asked Donghae to be my girlfriend and she rejected me.”
“WHAT!?!?!” Kangin burst into the room. “You asked Donghae to be your GIRLFRIEND?!?!?!? YOU IDIOT!!!!! What did she tell you? It’s too fast. Can I think about it?” Eunhyuk nodded. “IDIOT!!!! Why did you do that? Now you’ve probably scared her off. You just met her today. It’s her first day back in Korea and now you’ve just ruined any chance you had of dating her. You and your stupidity. Gawd, I’m so mad at you. I gotta go.” Kangin stormed back out of Eunhyuk’s room and out the door. The other boys just stared at him before looking to Eunhyuk’s open bedroom door.
Eunhyuk looked frightened and sad. “Did I really ruin it, Siwon?”
“No, you didn’t ruin it. But you may have scared her a bit. You shouldn’t rush these things, Eunhyuk. Don’t you remember today was her first day? She hasn’t seen you for 5 years. You just can’t spring something like this on her that fast. That’s why she asked you if she could think about it. In this case, it’s not a rejection, Hyukkie. Just give her time. But if you’re really impatient, you can try and win her heart.”
“Romantic gestures. Things that will appeal to her, get her to be interested in you. If you want, I can help you. I need to go buy some things for someone. You’re welcome to tag along and see if you can find something for Donghae.”
Siwon smiled. “Good, now come on. Let’s go.” He grabbed a hold of Eunhyuk’s hand and led him out.
“Hey, guys. We’re going to go shopping, anyone want to join us?”
“Sure. I need a new game.”
“Alright. What about you, Hankyung hyung? Yesung hyung? Shindong hyung?”
“No I’m good. I’m going to have to start dinner soon for you guys.”
“I need to practice singing.”
“I’m just going to be lazy.”
“Alright then. Let’s go, Kyuhyun.” The three boys left the dorm.


They were inside a toy store, looking at some stuffed animals.
“Which one is better: this one or this one?” Siwon held up two stuffed ponies, one in white and one in brown.
“I don’t know. I’m a guy.” Kyuhyun sighed. “How long are we going to be here? I want to go buy my game.”
“In a bit, Kyuhyun.” Siwon turned to Eunhyuk. “Which one: this one or this one?”
“The white one. It seems more prince charming than the other.”
“Okay. Thanks hyung. I’m going to go pay for this. I’ll be right back.”
“Aish, why is he buying a stuffed animal?”
“It’s for a girl he’s trying to woo.”
“Woo? Who uses that word nowadays?”
“I don’t know. Seriously, since he went away, he’s gotten so different, using such high vocabulary and whatnot. It’s a little annoying sometimes. He’s such a prince now you wouldn’t believe what a troublemaker he used to be.”
“Yeah. Unlike him, most of us have stayed the same.”
“Yeah if by the same, you mean we’ve calmed down our bad boy antics then yeah, we’re the same. Ooo…I see something.” Eunhyuk moved away from Kyuhyun in the direction of a cute stuffed monkey.
“Aish, now he’s going to buy a stuffed animal too. Probably for Donghae.” Kyuhyun turned around and froze. He immediately ducked down behind the aisle and peeked around the corner. Sungmin was standing a few meters away looking at a stuffed pink bunny. He saw her look at it longingly before sighing and moving away. Once he was certain she was out of sight, he stood back up and made his way over to the bunny. He looked at it and smiled to himself. It looked cute like Sungmin. There was a red bow tied around its neck. He glanced around to see if anyone was watching him. When he was certain no one was paying attention, he picked up the bunny and quickly made his way to the counter and paid for it. Then he joined Siwon and Eunhyuk at the front of the store.
“Ready to go, hyungs? You buy what you wanted.”
“Yep.” Eunhyuk looked at the bag in Kyuhyun’s hand. “And it looks like we’re not the only ones.”
Kyuhyun looked down at the bag in his hands. “Uh…yeah…about that…uh…let’s get going to the game store before they close. I really need to buy another game.” Kyuhyun quickly walked off in the direction of the game store. Eunhyuk and Siwon just looked at each other before following Kyuhyun.


“Come on, Wookie. Let’s go go go.”
“Okay okay, Minnie. Hold up.” Ryeowook was struggling behind Sungmin with several bags. “Unni…can’t you hold your bags? They’re so heavy.” Ryeowook pouted. Immediately, the several guys stalking them surrounded her, offering to hold their bags for them. Sungmin looked back to see Ryeowook in the midst of several guys, vying for her attention. She sighed and marched through the crowd. She grabbed her bags and flung them over her shoulder. She looked at the guys with an uninterested glance.
“Could you please leave us? We don’t need help from guys like you.” Then she walked off without a backwards glance, Ryeowook hurrying after her, leaving the boys stunned and intrigued. They quickly scrambled after them but they had disappeared.
Sungmin and Ryeowook were sitting on a bench, laughing their heads off.
“Did you see their faces when you did that? That was hilarious, unni. They must’ve been so shocked.”
“They probably were, Wookie. I love doing that to them.”
“Yeah but now you might have more guys after you. You know some of them can’t resist girls who are sweet and innocent one moment and then cool and aloof the next.”
“It’s alright. I can handle it, Wookie. You’ve seen me do this countless times.”
“Yeah…but I can’t help worrying about you unni.”
“Aww it’s alright Wookie. Don’t worry about me, worry about something else.” Sungmin nodded her head to the left. Wookie glanced over her shoulder to see Eunhyuk, Siwon, and Kyuhyun coming out of the game store. Wookie looked back at Sungmin with a smile.


“Hey, isn’t that Sungmin and Ryeowook?” Eunhyuk pointed to two girls walking towards them.
“What?” Kyuhyun lifted his head up. His eyes widened. He tried to hide the bag behind his back. The girls kept walking closer. Kyuhyun watched as Sungmin got closer and closer to him. He felt his heart beating faster with each step.
Sungmin and Ryeowook stopped in front of them and gave them a smile. “Hi Eunhyuk oppa, Siwon oppa, Kyuhyun oppa.” Sungmin winked at Kyuhyun. He felt his heart jump. “What are you guys doing here?”
“Had a few errands to run. What about you?”
“Same. We had to pick up a few items for everyone at home. We also bought something especially for Donghae.” Sungmin saw Eunhyuk tense a little at the mention of Donghae. “She was still upset and wouldn’t leave her room when we left.” Sungmin peeked at Eunhyuk out of the corner of her eye. Eunhyuk’s face had fallen and he looked worried as well. “Well we need to get going. It was nice seeing you guys. Toodles.” Sungmin cutely waved before walking past them, “accidentally” bumping into Kyuhyun. Ryeowook shyly smiled and waved before walking after Sungmin.
Kyuhyun stared at Sungmin’s retreating figure. The way her hips swayed as she walked…Kyuhyun glanced down to make sure he wasn’t getting too excited. Thankfully he wasn’t. He felt his phone vibrate. He reached into his pocket and paused. He pulled out a piece of paper. It read “Call me ^^” with a number scribbled below it. He looked to where Sungmin had disappeared. He was tempted to run after her and demand an explanation but Siwon was calling him.
“Come on Kyuhyun! Let’s get going. Hankyung says dinner’s ready.”
“Yeah GameKyu. I’m starving!”
“Alright, hyung.” Kyuhyun hurried to catch up with his hyungs.


After he had stormed out of the dorm, Kangin had run around the park nearby to clear his head. He was now wandering down the street when he bumped into someone.
“Oh, excuse me. I-Leeteuk?”
“Huh? Oh, hello Kangin oppa. How are you doing?” Leeteuk smiled, showing off her trademark dimple. Kangin felt his heart melt.
“Uh…I’m,” He coughed, “I’m doing fine. Uh, do you need help?” Leeteuk was carrying several bags full of groceries.
“Oh, no I’m fine but thank you for offering.” Leeteuk smiled. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to be heading back now. I need to prepare dinner.”
Kangin didn’t want her to leave yet. He wanted more time with her, this bright shining angel. “If it’s not too much trouble, maybe I can walk you home? It’s not a good idea for a girl like yourself to walk alone especially now since it’s getting dark.” Kangin gave her a smile, hoping to persuade her to let him take her home and possibly learning where she lives.
Leeteuk’s eyes flashed. “A girl like me? What is that supposed to mean?”
“Someone beautiful and angelic. Fragile. Delicate.” Leeteuk blushed at his words. Kangin smiled. She looked more angelic with that splash of pink on her cheeks. “So may I walk you home?”
“I guess so.” Kangin smiled. He took some of the bags to lightened Leeteuk’s load. Leeteuk protested a bit but Kangin just took the decision out of her hands by walking ahead a bit. Leeteuk had to walk faster to catch up. “So where do you live?”
“Just over here. It’s not very far away. Where do you live?”
“Not too far from here either.”
“Oh that’s nice.” Leeteuk started walking ahead of Kangin. Kangin watched her walk, her hair flowing behind her, her hips swaying gently with each step. He could feel his desire mounting but he knew any move now would risk ruining what could be the most perfect relationship ever. He was so absorbed in watching Leeteuk he didn’t realize where they were walking.
Leeteuk stopped in front of a building. “Well thanks for walking me home.”
“You live here?”
“Yes…” Leeteuk looked at Kangin inquisitively.
“This is where I live.”
“Oh really? I didn’t know that. What a coincidence.”
“Yeah…I live with the guys in the dorm on the 11th floor.”
“Oh, we live really close to each other then. I live on the 12th floor with the girls.” Kangin stared at Leeteuk in shock and surprise. He kept the joy hidden from his face, afraid he might scare Leeteuk.
“Well since we live in the same building, I’ll just take you up to your floor and drop theses off.”
“No, that’s okay oppa. I can handle it from here.”
“No, I insist. A fragile angel like you can’t possibly hold all these up to the 12th floor.” Kangin stepped into the elevator, still holding the bags. Leeteuk had no choice but to follow him.
The ride up was silent. Kangin had no idea what to talk to Leeteuk about. He was afraid to start asking questions; he wanted to be on good terms with her first before he asked her out.
The elevator opened and Leeteuk walked out. Kangin had to rush a bit to catch up with her. She paused at her door for Kangin to catch up.
“Well thank you for taking me home and for helping to carry my groceries.”
“No problem.”
“Alright, I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”
“Uh…before you go, I was wondering…”
“If you had any free time, I could show you around the city.”
“Hmm…that would be nice but I have to check to see when I’m free.”
“Alright. Just come to my apartment if you decide you want a tour guide. I’m just below you on the 11th floor, apartment XXXX.”
“Alright, I’ll do that.” Leeteuk smiled and went to open the door.
“Uh…before you go…”
“Hmm…” Leeteuk turned her head to directly meet a pair of lips. It only lasted for a second before Kangin quickly disappeared down the stairs, too impatient and embarrassed to wait for the elevator. Leeteuk just stood frozen in the now open doorway.
“Unni! You’re finally here with the groceries. Now I can start dinner.” Ryeowook immediately took the bags from Leeteuk’s arms and went into the kitchen. Leeteuk slowly walked into the dorm and sank onto the couch. Sungmin looked at her unni with a confused look.
“Teukie, are you okay?” Donghae, hugging her plush fishy and sucking on a lollipop, looked at Leeteuk.
“I think I just had my first kiss stolen.” Everyone stared at Leeteuk, shock clearly written on each face.

A/N: I can't believe how fast I'm updating this...I'm like on a roll or something...but now it may be a while before I post another chapter up...if not by friday then next week...
lol no Hanchul which i bet some of you were expecting XD

let me know if you want a SPOT! :D i'll be happy to give you one
Tags: girls vs boys, multi-chaptered

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