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Girls vs. Boys (2/?)

Title: Girls vs. Boys (2/?)
Pairings: Yewook, Kyumin, Eunhae, Kangteuk, Hanchul, Sibum
Word Count: 2118
Summary: The boys used to pick on the girls when they were little kids. Then the girls moved away, overseas for a few years. When they came back, things had changed…in more ways than one.

Chapter 2

“Gawd, it’s going to be another boring year.” The boys were lounged around a tree in front of the school.
Siwon frowned. “Don’t use the lord’s name like that.”
“Oh right, sorry Siwon. But seriously, there’s nothing new here.”
“Yeah, it’s just the same old thing.”
“What happened to all the hot girls? Didn’t we use to have a ton running around here?”
“They’re still some, they just haven’t gotten here yet.”
“Right…so anything planned for today?”
“Nothing that I know of.”
“So what do you want to do?” Shindong looked at each of the boys.
“Video games.” All the other boys groaned.
“Can you suggest anything else? We always do that.”
“Well do any of you have a better suggestion?” Kyuhyun looked at his hyungs.
“Can’t we just hang out at someone’s house? We can figure out what to do there. Besides, then we’ll have food too.”
“Gawd, can’t you think about anything other than food, Shindong?”
“Kyuhyun, don’t use the lord’s name like that.” Siwon frowned.
“Sorry hyung.” Kyuhyun took one last glance at his hyungs before turning back to his video games.
Eunhyuk was looking around, trying to find anything interesting. His gaze swept past the school gate. He paused and looked back. His eyes widened.
“Guys…” No response. “Guys.” No response. “GUYS!!!” All the boys jolted. Yesung and Shindong woke up from their little nap. Hankyung and Siwon looked up from their books. Kangin glanced over at Eunhyuk. Kyuhyun looked up from his game.
“Look over there.” Eunhyuk pointed over to the school gate.


“Do I look okay, unni?” Ryeowook tugged at her skirt.
“You look fine.” Leeteuk smiled at her and went over to fix her bow.
“No, you look hot. All the guys are going to drool over you.”
“They already do.”
“You didn’t have to shorten our skirts though.” Kibum frowned. Heechul just looked at her.
“When you have legs like that, yes you do. You need to show them off. Don’t be afraid to.” The girls paused for a moment by the school gate.
“Alright, now we go in and strut our stuff. You know what to do when we see those boys.” Everyone nodded. “Good. Now let’s go.”
They smoothed down their uniforms. Leeteuk and Heechul went through and checked to make sure nothing was out of place and that their make up was flawless. Once they were given the okay, they lined up and walked through the school gates together.
Heechul was the first to spot the boys. “Alright girls, prepare yourselves.”


The moment they walked through the school gates, they were crowded by a bunch of guys.
“Is that who I think it is?”
“I think so.”
“No way…it can’t be. It’s been what? 10 years since we last saw them.”
“Actually it was 5 years ago when they left.”
“Whatever Hankyung.” The boys let out the breathe they were holding and sighed. Time sure worked wonders on them. They looked absolutely stunning now. Kangin stood up and the boys followed suit. He straightened out his uniform.
“We should go greet them, shouldn’t we? Isn’t that the polite thing to do?”
“No, what’s the polite thing to do is to save them from that crowd of horny perverted boys.”
“Yeah, how are those girls going to be able to defend themselves?”
“Right. Come on boys. Let’s give those girls a proper welcome.” Kangin placed his best smile on his face and started walking towards the girls, the other boys following behind.


“Here they come,” mumbled Heechul to the others. Heechul looked at Sungmin and Ryeowook who nodded. They smiled at the boys surrounding them.
“Uh…excuse me oppa but could you move out of the way for us? We need to get going now.” They gave them their most innocent face. The boys instantly parted like the Red Sea, leaving a clear path leading straight to the boys. The girls smiled and walked away from the crowd, straight for the boys.


Both groups walked towards each other. The first to trip up was Yesung.
Yesung was walking after Kangin. He glanced over all the girls but did a double take when he saw Ryeowook. He couldn’t believe that was the same person. He ran his eyes up from her shapely legs, emphasized by her skirt, over her petite body to her face. Her long straight black hair framed her face beautifully. She had a blue bow in her hair. She looked so cute and adorable, like an innocent schoolgirl. The instant he locked eyes with her, he tripped over his own feet. Everyone stared at him. He just got up with a slight blush to his face. He looked at Ryeowook who giggled with a light blush over her face. Yesung felt like he was in heaven when he heard her giggle. She had the most beautiful voice he had ever heard. She looked so pure and perfect.
Ryeowook couldn’t help giggling at how adorkable Yesung was. She knew what kind of effect she had on guys but never had a guy actually tripped over himself because of her.

Both groups stopped a meter from each other.

Heechul was not so subtly looking at Hankyung. He had gotten better with age. He was tall and lean with black hair instead of the blonde he had.
Hankyung felt a little uncomfortable with Heechul blatantly looking at him. He began to blush a little at the undivided attention. He saw Heechul smirk at him before winking at him. He blushed harder.

Eunhyuk just gaped at Donghae. He didn’t even try to hide his reaction. He just stared at her. Her skirt did nothing to hide her beautiful legs. He moved his eyes up, trying not to stare blatantly at her chest, before resting on her face. He locked eyes with her and instantly turned away, blushing. She looked so cute with the blue headband in her hair. She looked so innocent. Eunhyuk couldn’t believe it. She was so much cuter and more adorable than she was in elementary school.
Donghae couldn’t help blushing as she let Eunhyuk stare at her. It felt a little uncomfortable for someone to stare so blatantly at her. Normally whenever she was with her friends, most guys would pass over her to look at Kibum, Leeteuk, or Heechul. She looked at Eunhyuk from under her lashes. She couldn’t help smiling a little when she noticed blood dribbling down his nose.
“EUNHYUK!! Your nose!” Eunhyuk touched his nose and looked at his fingers.
“HOLY –“
“Here.” Siwon handed Eunhyuk some tissues. “And don’t swear hyung.” Eunhyuk quickly stuffed the tissues up his nose to stop the bleeding. Donghae couldn’t help laughing at how silly Eunhyuk was. Eunhyuk stared at her, letting the tissues fall. More blood started flowing out.
“EUNHYUK!” Eunhyuk didn’t respond. “Aish, someone take him to the bathroom.” Shindong quickly led Eunhyuk away.
Siwon was about to follow them when his eye caught something or rather someone. His eyes moved up the long legs over her S-line figure to her face. He couldn’t help but quietly gasp. She looked stunning. He didn’t realize he was openly gaping at her before someone called to him.
“Siwon oppa, your mouth is hanging open.” Siwon quickly closed his mouth and blushed at being caught doing something so rude.
“Thanks, Kibum-sshi.” Kibum smiled before turning away. Siwon felt like his heart was jumping out of his chest. She was just so sexy and beautiful. He had to have her as his own. No matter what, he was going to win her heart.

Kyuhyun took no notice of what his hyungs were doing. He just got up with them out of habit. He was totally absorbed in his game until Shindong accidentally knocked his PSP out of his hands when he went past with Eunhyuk. He bent to pick it up when someone else’s hand reached out to get it. Their hands touched, causing a jolt of electricity to run up his arm. It’s been years since he felt that jolt of electricity and it was all because of…
He looked from their hands to Sungmin’s face. She smiled, causing Kyuhyun’s heart to skip a beat. She pulled the game out of his grasp and stood up.
“I believe this is yours.” She held out his PSP. He took it from her, careful not to touch her lest he feel that jolt again. She smiled again and turned away. Kyuhyun took this opportunity to look at her. She had a beautiful S-line. Her hair was clipped back by a pink bow. She looked so pure and innocent. Kyuhyun frowned when she glanced back over in his direction. He saw her pout a little before turning away again. He placed a hand over his heart to see if it was still there. It had felt like it was breaking when he saw her pout.

Kangin felt like someone had hit him over the head. He was completely dazzled by the angel standing in front of him. She had wavy light brown hair and the cutest, most adorable dimple when she smiled. She was smiling so brightly he felt blinded by it. He smiled one of his big trademark smiles in response. She just smiled and giggled. Kangin felt his heart jump at her cuteness.
“Hello Kangin oppa. How are you?” Kangin felt like he died and gone to heaven. Her voice was perfect.
“I-I’m fine.” Kangin swallowed the lump in his throat. “How have you been, Leeteuk-sshi?”
She laughed, a gentle melodious laugh. “I’ve been good. Now if you could excuse me. We need to get going. Today’s our first day of school.”
Leeteuk started to walk past Kangin but Kangin reached out a hand and grabbed her wrist, stopping her. She looked at his hand then up at him with a slight disapproving frown. Kangin looked a bit surprise at the change but that didn’t faze him.
“If you want, I could show you around school. Me and my friends can show you and your friends around.”
Leeteuk smiled. “I’ll call you if I need a tour guide.” She turned around and started walking away, the rest of the girls following. Kangin just stared after her. It may be wrong but he liked Leeteuk’s change in moods.

Heechul winked at Hankyung again as she walked past. She also made sure to subtly smack his ass. She smiled when she felt Hankyung jolt in surprise.

Sungmin walked past Kyuhyun, making sure to lightly brush against him. Kyuhyun jerked back like he had been scalded. Sungmin just kept walking, exaggerating her hip movement. Kyuhyun couldn’t take his eyes away from her ass.

“Come on, Kibummie, Wookie.” Donghae skipped along after Leeteuk. Kibum sighed and followed along. Siwon watched Kibum walk away. He loved the way her hips swayed as she walked, so smooth and sensuous. He wondered how long it would take to win her over.

Ryeowook smiled sweetly at Yesung and started to walk away. She brushed past him. “I’ll see you later, Yesung oppa.”
Yesung blushed and stared. He couldn’t believe there was such an innocent cute girl like Ryeowook. He watched her walk away, watched as her hips swayed side to side. If he didn’t know better, it was almost like she was trying to seduce him. The way she swayed them, so sensuous…it made heat start to pool in his lower region.
“Yesung careful…you’re getting a little too happy…” Siwon pointed to his lower region. Yesung looked down and blushed before grabbing his bag and strategically placing it in front of him to hide himself. As he looked at Ryeowook walk away, he felt like it was going to be a while before he could calm down.


Once the girls got inside the building, they started to laugh.
“Did you see their faces? They had no idea what hit them.”
“Yeah, they were so shocked. Did you see what happened to Eunhyuk? He got a nosebleed he had to leave.”
“That doesn’t compare to what happened to Yesung.”
“What are you talking about? All he did was trip over himself.”
“Not just that. If you had looked back, you would’ve seen what happened when he watch our little Wookie walk away.”
“What? What happened?” Sungmin smiled and demonstrated with her hands what happened. Donghae and Ryeowook’s eyes widened.
“No way.”
“It’s true. Just goes to show how unobservant you are…as always Hae.” The girls laughed before Leeteuk called their attention.
“Alright, come on, you guys. We need to get going. We need our schedules and everything.”
The girls sighed. “Alright umma.” They trudged along after Leeteuk to the office.

A/N: sorry nothing much was mostly their reactions...just been a bit busy with school and such...hope you enjoy :D
Tags: girls vs boys, multi-chaptered

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