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trying to fix what's damaged
Title: Flirt Pairing: Yesung/Kibum, Yewook, Sibum Word Count: 2531… 
13th-Oct-2009 02:27 am
Title: Flirt
Pairing: Yesung/Kibum, Yewook, Sibum
Word Count: 2531
Theme: 033. Flirt Yesung/Kibum
Summary: Yesung goes to a class to learn how to flirt (not that great of a summary)

Yesung looked up at the building then back down to the paper in his hand. “I hope this is the right place.” He walked up the stairs and through the doors.
There was a front desk to the right, chairs arranged to the left and a long hallway with a million doors. Yesung walked up to the front desk where a lady was just chewing gum and reading a magazine.
“Excuse me? Uh…am I in the right place?”
The lady glanced up at Yesung then back to her magazine. “If you’re here for the class, go down that hall and the third door to your right.”
“Uh…thanks.” Yesung just looked at her before moving past here and down the hallway. He started counting. He reached the third door and looked at the nameplate next to it. It read Flirting 101.

~ ;) ~

He walked into the room to see a small stage and some chairs set up. There were only a couple of people in the room, including Sungmin and Siwon.
“Sungmin?!?! What are you doing here?” Yesung looked next to Sungmin. His eyes bugged out. “SIWON!!?!?? Why are you here?”
“Oh, Yesung hyung, what a surprise to see you here.”
Sungmin giggled. “Not really.”
“So why are you two here? I didn’t think you’d be here, especially you Siwon.”
“He’s only here because of his b-“ Siwon covered Sungmin’s mouth. Sungmin struggled for a bit but when that failed, he just gave up. Siwon released him when he was sure Sungmin wouldn’t spill his secret. Sungmin glared at Siwon before pouting. Yesung just looked at them confused.
“So why are you guys here again?”
“Well I wanted to learn how to flirt. It might help me get Kyuhyun.”
“Like flirting would help, hyung. That boy is so oblivious to everything when he’s playing a game. How would flirting help if he doesn’t notice any of your previous attempts?”
Sungmin pouted. “That was mean, Siwonnie.”
“Well I’m sorry but if you weren’t about to reveal that –“
Someone cleared his throat, drawing the attention of the three to the small stage. No one had noticed when he had come in (or when the lights had been dimmed so the person on stage was hidden by shadow).
“Who is that?”
“I don’t know.”
Yesung, Sungmin, and Siwon sat down and looked at the stage. The person was still in shadow.
“Hello everyone. Welcome to Flirting 101.” The lights turned on, illuminating the figure on the stage. It was Kibum, sitting there with his killer smile.


Yesung felt his eyes bug out. “KIBUM!!???! He’s the teacher?”
“Yeah…go figure…” Yesung missed Sungmin rolling his eyes in sarcasm. “Geez, hyung, didn’t you figure it out? Siwon’s only here to watch over his boyfriend.” Sungmin scoffed. “Like Siwon would need help with flirting. He’s the prince in the group. All the girls love him.”
Siwon blushed at Sungmin’s comments, frustrating Sungmin a bit at how princely he was. Yesung still couldn’t believe Kibum was the teacher. All sorts of questions were running through his head. He was so absorbed in his own thoughts he didn’t pay attention to what Kibum was teaching the rest of the class.
He finally snapped out of it when Sungmin poked him.
“Come on hyung. You ready to go?”
“What?” Yesung looked around and saw everyone moving. Some people were talking to Kibum while Siwon stared at them, silently warning them to not make a move on him. “It’s over? Already?”
Sungmin sighed. His hyung was so clueless sometimes. “Hyung, were you even paying attention?” Judging by Yesung’s expression, he hadn’t. Sungmin sighed again. “Aish, hyung, how are you ever going to learn if you don’t pay attention?”
“That’s right.” Sungmin and Yesung turned around to see Kibum walking over to them with Siwon trailing behind. “Which is why you’re going to stay after to learn what you missed while you were spaced out.”
“WHAT? But…but…I have other things to do…”
“Not anymore.” Kibum smiled. “Siwon took care of it for you already, so your schedule’s free for the afternoon.”
“The afternoon?!?!”
“Yep because that’s how long it’ll take to teach you everything you missed.”
“But…but… this was only an hour class.”
“Yes but I know you’re going to have some trouble with this so I’m extending the time.” Yesung looked completely flabbergasted. Was he really that fail of a hyung that he needed more time to learn than others?
“Yes *cough* *cough*” Sungmin looked away. Yesung didn’t realize he had said that out loud.
“But what about you Sungmin? Don’t you need someone to walk home with?”
“No but Shindong said he’d walk with me so you can just come home later.”
“SHINDONG!?!?!?! When did he get here?”
Sungmin rolled his eyes. “He was always here. You were too spaced out to noticed.”
Yesung looked behind Sungmin to see Shindong standing there.
“Hi hyung.” Shindong waved.
“Hi Shindong.” Yesung tentatively waved back.
“Come on Sungmin. Let’s get going and leave Yesung to his lesson.”
“Alright. Bye. See you back at the dorm.” Sungmin cutely waved to Kibum, Siwon, and Yesung before skipping out the door.
“Alright Yesung. Are you ready for your lesson?”


“Come on hyung. It’s very easy. Just say it.”
Kibum sighed. “No no no…that’s not it hyung. Do you see your expression? It’s creepy. Here…watch.” Kibum turned to Siwon. Siwon walked over to Kibum.
“You are so…gorgeous.” Siwon had a look of longing on his face. He gently brushed his hand along Kibum’s cheek.
“Alright. You see? Try it.” Kibum turned around to look at Yesung. He sighed. Yesung was in another daze.
Yesung couldn’t believe how good Siwon was; no wonder all the girls love him. If only he could be like that, then…
Yesung jumped as Kibum clapped right in front of him.
“Hyung! Pay attention! Stop spacing out! Now do what Siwon just did.”
Yesung sighed and tried to do what Siwon did but failed miserably.
“Hyung! Come on…concentrate. Don’t you want to be able to flirt with Ryeowook?”
Yesung snapped his head up at that remark. “What makes you think I want to flirt with Ryeowook?”
“Oh, come on hyung. It’s so obvious.” Kibum sighed. “Siwon, can you go get us some dinner? We’re going to be here for a while.”
“Alright. I’ll be back in thirty.” Siwon gave Kibum a peck before leaving the room.
“Alright, now to get down to business. Let’s work on your voice then your looks then lines. The voice you use depends on what kind of person you are and the person you’re flirting with. You have to be a good judge of character. Now for you, you need to have a deep, husky voice. With the right words and tones, you could totally seduce someone. Here, let’s practice and see if you can get the voice down.”
They spent the next ten minutes working on Yesung’s voice.
“Alright, now that you have that down, let’s work on your expressions. You have to use the right expressions at the right time for it to work. Now let’s practice.”
For the next hour, Kibum had Yesung practice making different expressions from a heated glance to an innocent look to a sultry expression. Siwon came back with food as Yesung was still practicing expressions.
“Siwon, what do you think?” Kibum stepped aside so Siwon could see Yesung’s expression.
“What look is he going for?”
“Hmm…he almost has it, just needs a little more-“
“Yeah, I see what you mean. Alright Yesung. Let’s take a dinner break and then resume afterwards.”


After they ate dinner, Kibum drilled Yesung on his voice and expressions for the next hour.
“Alright, I think you have them down. Now the next part is easy: lines. Anything can be used as a line, be it cheesy or not. Though a line could be cheesy, you can make it work with the right tones, voice, and looks. Now pay close attention.” Kibum motioned for Siwon to come over.
Siwon slowly made his way over to Kibum, a hint of a smile on his face. He came over to Kibum and gently ran his fingers over Kibum’s cheek.
“I’ve been wondering.” He tilted Kibum’s chin up and brushed Kibum’s lips with his fingers. “Do your lips taste as good as they look?”
Kibum smiled and gave him a peck before turning back to Yesung. “Do you get it?” Kibum sighed. Yesung had spaced again.
Yesung jumped a foot in the air. “What? What? Did something happen?”
Kibum sighed. “Did you even pay attention to what Siwon was doing?”
“Yes…no…sorry, I was just thinking about something.”
Kibum sighed. “Hyung pay attention. If you don’t, you won’t learn anything and then how would you seduce Wookie? Now actually pay attention this time.”
Siwon walked over to Kibum with a bright smile on his face.
“Hi. I’m straight. Think you can convert me?”
Kibum smiled, patted his butt, and turned back to Yesung. “Alright, you get it now?”
“Uh…a little…”
“Well doesn’t matter. We’ll give you a few lines to practice. Once you get them down, you can use any line to seduce Wookie. Now remember, these lines we’re teaching you are just for practice. You can use them on occasion but these are usually classified as cheesy. Most people don’t use them in real life unless their partner likes it or they’re drunk.” Yesung nodded his head. “Alright, let’s get started.”
For the next hour, Kibum helped Yesung put together everything he learned. He practiced lines with Kibum, trying to get the tone, voice, and expression right.


“Alright, I think you got it. Let’s just try a situation. I’m going to pretend to be Ryeowook. Now you try and seduce me.”
“Ye-yes hyung?”
“I-I-I was wondering…if you’d-*cell phone rings*”
Yesung looked around, trying to find the source of the noise.
“Uh hyung? Check your pocket.” Siwon pointed to Yesung’s pocket.
“Oh.” Yesung flipped open his cell phone. His eyes widened. “Uh, thanks for the lesson, Kibum, but I have to get going now. I forgot I had something urgent to do.” Yesung ran out the door.
“What was that all about?”
“Hmm…I don’t know…but now that he’s gone, think you could give me a private lesson on flirting?” Siwon raised his Shibrows at Kibum, smiling.
Kibum looked at Siwon suspiciously. “I bet you know what’s going on but I won’t ask…yet ‘cause like you, I also want to have a private lesson with you on flirting.” Kibum walked over to where Siwon was sitting. He slid onto his lap and kissed him like he had wanted to all day.


Yesung raced home. He really hoped Ryeowook was okay. The text he sent him was very vague and had him worried.
Yesung was about to barge into the dorm when he remembered the time. It was pretty late, he hadn’t realized he’d spent almost the whole afternoon with Kibum, learning. He quietly slipped into the dorm and walked to his room.
“Wookie-ah, are you-“ Yesung froze in the doorway. Ryeowook was lying naked on his bed, stroking himself and moaning his name.
Ryeowook opened his eyes and stared right at Yesung. “H-hyung…please…I…I…need your help. I…uhh…feel…so…hot. Please…help…me…hyung...”
Yesung just stood in the doorway, dazzled by the sight before him, but when Ryeowook moaned his name, he snapped out of it. He closed and locked the door before coming to Ryeowook’s side. He slipped out of his shirt and pants and slid on top of Ryeowook. He placed his hand over Ryeowook’s, stopping his movement.
“Here,” said Yesung in a husky voice, “let me do that for you.” He began to stroke Ryeowook up and down, so very slowly.
Yesung looked down at Ryeowook and kissed him. He slipped his tongue inside and groaned. Ryeowook tasted like heaven. He could feel how much Ryeowook wanted him. He was so hot and ready for him. He pulled away and replaced his mouth with his fingers. Ryeowook greedily took them into his mouth and sucked. After a minute or two, Yesung took them out and positioned them at Ryeowook’s entrance. He looked at Ryeowook to see if it was okay for him.
“Just do it hyung.” Yesung didn’t need any more encouragement and shoved his two fingers into him. Ryeowook cried out at the sudden intrusion. Yesung waited a moment before moving his fingers, searching for that one spot. He knew he hit it when Ryeowook trembled and gasped. He thrust his fingers in, hitting that spot over and over.
“Shh…” Yesung pulled his fingers out and kissed Ryeowook gently. He positioned himself at Ryeowook’s prepped entrance and slowly pushed in. He stopped when he felt Ryeowook tense.
“No…don’t stop…please…hyung…” Yesung slowly pushed in some more. He stopped to let Ryeowook adjust to him. When he felt Ryeowook move, he pushed in all the way and froze, letting Ryeowook adjust to him.
“Move hyung.” Before Yesung could do anything, Ryeowook thrust his hips up, causing Yesung to groan.
“Faster…harder…more…hyung…” Ryeowook and Yesung thrust against each other. Ryeowook froze when he felt Yesung hit his prostrate. Yesung stopped as well and then started again, making sure to hit him there every time. It wasn’t long before they both came together.
Yesung collapsed on top of Ryeowook. He laid there for a moment, taking in Ryeowook’s scent before rolling onto his side and pulling Ryeowook to him. Ryeowook snuggled into his embrace.
“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this, hyung. I tried everything to get you into my bed. If I had known, I would’ve done this earlier and saved myself the agony of wanting you but not having you.”
“What?” Yesung looked at Ryeowook who was hiding his face in his chest. “You’ve been trying to seduce me all this time? I always wanted you but you’re the eternal magnae. But it was killing me so I decided to just seduce you which is why I went to a class to learn how to flirt but now I can’t even do that since you beat me to it.”
“You went to a class to learn how to flirt?”
“Well yeah…because I’m the fail hyung and don’t know how to flirt especially with someone like you. But if I had known, I wouldn’t have bothered going.”
“You learned how to flirt for me? That’s so sweet.” Ryeowook gave Yesung a kiss. “Why don’t you show me what you learned in class?”
“Well…” Yesung looked down at Ryeowook. “I shouldn’t because you may use it on someone else.”
“Oh no, the only person I’ll ever flirt with is you. I can only flirt with someone I love or else it’s just awkward and embarrassing.”
“Flirt with someone you love? So does that mean you love me?”
“Isn’t it obvious? I love you so much, it’s making me crazy.” Ryeowook giggled and Yesung chuckled.
“I love you too. I love you so much, it’s making me crazy too.”
“So we’re two crazy people in love.”
“Yep, we’re crazy in love.” Yesung smiled and kissed Ryeowook before slipping into dreams full of love.

A/N: sorry about the ending, just didn't know how to end it...
please be kind, this is my first real smut i guess you could say...since it actually involves sex not like kissing or anything like that...i may have had one other fic that had almost smut but no sex involved...
i really hope the smut was halfway decent...it's probably just okay at best...
13th-Oct-2009 10:28 am (UTC)
Oh very good :)
13th-Oct-2009 09:29 pm (UTC)
rly? :D

thank you

love ♥
13th-Oct-2009 11:59 am (UTC)
gosh i hope he gets a discount on those lessons since he'll never get to use them really lol. wook jus took matters into his own hands huh, that little perv >3
13th-Oct-2009 09:32 pm (UTC)
yep :) heeheehee wookie had to take charge, yesung wasn't going to do anything or he took too long for wookie's liking...

the lessons were free i think so there's no need to worry about that XD

love ♥
13th-Oct-2009 12:19 pm (UTC)
spot. :D
13th-Oct-2009 01:37 pm (UTC)
Well, fuck *________* I love you right now.

FNDKJF This was damn hot, and lmao to Yesung and his fail when it came to Kibum teaching him 8D
13th-Oct-2009 09:33 pm (UTC)
love you too ♥ :D

thanks for the comment!!! i was worried how the smut would turn out...

and yes yesung and his fail at learning :D
17th-Oct-2009 03:13 pm (UTC)
congratz on your first smut!!! I took me like a year before I actually wrote one~ hahahaha!!! The flirting lessons were quite useless. Hahahaha!!! XD
17th-Oct-2009 05:35 pm (UTC)
thank you :D

i feel so happy getting a compliment from you...love your fics, i'm like a fan :D XD

love ♥
(Deleted comment)
9th-Nov-2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
thanks :D (sry but i'm a huge yewook fan XD)

love ♥

btw i totally love your icon, it really fits the whole fangirl love thing (maybe because it's renge, ultimate fangirl, from ouran high school XD)
1st-Dec-2009 04:13 am (UTC)
Oh glorious smut. XDDDD
1st-Dec-2009 04:33 am (UTC)
thanks :D

love ♥
5th-Dec-2009 01:58 am (UTC)
aww yewwok was so cute

BUT! i wanted some kisung love, oh well lol i still liked it
5th-Dec-2009 02:05 am (UTC)
thanks :D

sorry there's no kisung love (i'm more of a yewook fan XD)

love ♥
(Deleted comment)
5th-Dec-2009 04:06 am (UTC)
i know i still like yewook, but i like kisung and yewon more lol but it doesn't really matter ^^
5th-Dec-2009 04:44 am (UTC)
uh huh lol XD
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