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Title: Spotlight (Sequel to Messages and Messages: Leeteuk's POV)
Pairing: Kyumin with mention of Yewook, Hanchul, Kangteuk, and Eunhae
Word Count: 3663
Theme: 024. Spotlight Sungmin/Kyuhyun
Summary: Sungmin feels left out for not having a boyfriend when Kyuhyun comes along to change that...(yes, it's a very bad summary)

A/N: took me forever to write's sorta a sequel, sorta not...there are only a few parts that relate to the previous story(s)

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye Minnie.”
“Bye Wookie. Bye Yesung.” I watched Yesung wrap his arm around Wookie. I caught Ryeowook’s blush as Yesung took him away. I still can’t believe how lucky Ryeowook is. His boyfriend absolutely adores him. I still remember last week how Yesung asked Ryeowook out. It was so romantic. I sighed. I wish I had a boyfriend like that.
Out of all my friends, I’m the last one. I’m the only single guy in our group. Everyone else has a boyfriend, even Hankyung and he just moved here like 3 weeks ago. He’s dating Heechul of all people. Heechul, the ice princess, the queen who rules the school with Siwon and Kibum at her side, the one that doesn’t date anyone because they’re not good enough for him. How the hell did Hankyung get Heechul? And speak of the devil…
“Heechul. Hankyung.”
“Ahh…Minnie, my favorite dongsaeng, how are you?” Heechul smiled.
“Oh I’m fine. What happened to Siwon and Kibum?”
“Oh, they went off somewhere, probably to have sex which is what we’re going to do now. So bye.” Heechul pulled a blushing Hankyung away, leaving me standing there alone.
I sighed. Seriously all my friends are abandoning me for dates and boyfriends. I feel so lonely…


I entered the coffee shop where I worked. I saw Leeteuk already working. I waved to him and Eunhyuk who had just come in from the back. I waved to Shindong working in the kitchen.
“Anything interesting happened today?”
“Nothing but the usual. Sweet romantic couples everywhere you turn.” I frowned.
“You and I both know that’s a lie.”
“Fine it is. It’s just not fair. I’m the only single guy left in our group. I mean Hankyung got a boyfriend already and he’s only been here like 3 weeks.”
“Really? Who’s he with?”
“Heechul of all people.”
“Wow. Impressive. Didn’t know he had it in him.”
“Have what in him?” Shindong and I turned around. Hankyung was standing in the doorway of the kitchen.
“It’s nothing.” I walked out of the kitchen and to the counter. Eunhyuk was serving customers while Leeteuk was making drinks. Another customer came in and I immediately went over to get his order.
“Hello, what would you like t-t-today?” I stuttered as I made eye contact with him. He has such beautiful eyes, I could get lost in them.
“Just a plain cup of coffee.”
“Okay, alright.” I just stood there staring at him.
“Uh…are you going to get my coffee?”
“Oh right, yeah…” I moved off, a blush forming on my cheeks. Could I have been more obvious?
I walked over to the counter to see Eunhyuk and Leeteuk looking at me. I caught the gleam in Leeteuk’s eyes.
“No, don’t even think about it.”
“You are not playing matchmaker. I forbid you to interfere.” Leeteuk pouted.
“But it’s for your own good. Besides earlier you were complaining about being the only single guy.”
“Come on. Let us help. You’re so crushing on him.”
“What? I just met him today.”
“So? You already made a fool of yourself in front of him.”
“Shh…” I blushed. “Keep quiet. That never happened.” I picked up his coffee and walked back to him.
“Here you go.”
“Thanks.” He grabbed his cup, touching my hands in the process. An electric shock ran up my arm. I blushed and looked away. I heard Leeteuk calling for me. I excused myself but as I was about to walk away, he grabbed my hand. I took a moment to calm myself before turning back to face him.
“Yes? Is there something else you would like?”
“Yeah.” I saw a cocky grin cross his face. “You. Tonight. 7. Dinner and movies. I’ll pick you up.” He stood up and walked away, taking his coffee and leaving a twenty on the table. I just gaped at him. I stalked back to the kitchen with Leeteuk and Eunhyuk following.
“The nerve of him. What makes him think I’d go out with him? He’s a cocky bastard. And does he even know where I live? He said he’d pick me up. OMG! What am I supposed to wear? I only have like 3 hours to prepare. OMG! I have to go shopping for something to wear. I don’t think I have anything acceptable to wear. OMG! OMG! OMG! What do I do? What do I do?”
“Whoa…calm down, Sungmin. Take a breath.” I took a much needed breath. Hankyung handed me a cup of tea.
“So why are you getting all freaked out? I thought you didn’t like this guy.” I glared at Eunhyuk who just gave me a cheeky grin.
“I don’t. He’s an arrogant bastard if he thinks I’m going to go out with him tonight.” I noticed the four of them exchange glances. “What?”
“You’re going to go out with him tonight. No arguing.”
“What? You can’t make me.”
“Oh we won’t ‘cause we know you know you’re dying to go out with him.”
“How do you know that?”
“We watched you two. You so like him. You’re not going to pass up this chance to go out with this totally hot guy.”
I looked at all of them and pouted. “Not fair.”
“Whatever. Now go find something to wear for tonight. You know you want to. Now go. We’ll be fine. Ryeowook should be coming soon. He’ll finish your shift.”
“What? Isn’t he on a date with Yesung right now which is why he got to miss work today?”
“Don’t worry about it. Just go.”
“Alright.” I took one last look at them, said my goodbyes, and left.


When I got home from shopping, I only had an hour left to get ready. I just barely had enough time. I had to shower, change, and fix my hair.
I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard the doorbell. I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to open the door.
To say I was surprised is an understatement; I was completely shocked and out of my mind when I opened my door to see the totally hot guy standing there. He was half an hour early. I just stood there.
“Hi, may I come in?”
“Um…uh…yeah sure.” He walked past, brushing against me, sending tingles up my spine and reminding me that I was half naked. He leered at me, making me uncomfortable. “Uh…let me…just go put clothes on. I wasn’t expecting you until later. You’re early.”
“Well I just couldn’t wait to see you.” I blushed. “And I thought if I got my timing right, I could see you naked.” I gaped at him and ran into my room, slamming the door.


I came out a half hour later after putting my clothes on and fixing my hair. He was sitting on my couch, feeling right at home. As soon as I walked out, he jumped up and smiled.
“You look very nice.” I blushed.
“So uh…shall we get going?”
“Sure. Where’s your coat? It’s going to be cold.”
I pointed to it hanging by the door. He grabbed it and held it open. I slipped my arms in and pulled the coat around me. He smiled.
“Come on. Let’s go. We don’t want to be late.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door.


“So what’s your name? You never told me.”
“Cho Kyuhyun. And you’re Lee Sungmin.”
“Yeah…how did you know?”
He raised an eyebrow. “Your name tag.”
“Oh right.” I felt so dumb. I picked at my food. “So uh…what do you do?”
“I’m still a student.”
“Oh…where do you go to school?”
“That school near the coffee shop you work at.”
“Really? How come I’ve never seen you?”
“You’re my hyung. We wouldn’t have any classes together.”
“Oh.” We ate the rest of the meal in silence.
“So what do you like to do, Kyuhyun?”
“I play video games a lot.”
“Oh really? Do you like Starcraft?”
His face lit up at the mention of Starcraft. “I love it. I play it all the time. Maybe we could play together sometime.”
“Uh sure. I’m not very good though. You might need to help me.”
“Sure.” He gave me such a sweet smile, causing me to blush like a schoolgirl. He was so darn cute and hot.
He glanced at his watch. “Look at the time. Come on, let’s go or we’ll miss the movie.” He left a tip on the table and grabbed my hand again. His hand felt warm wrapped around mine.
As we walked from the restaurant to the movie theater, I took the time to look around. I never noticed how pretty the city was at night. I just wanted to keep walking hand in hand with him. I didn’t really care about the movie anymore.
He paid for the tickets. We got in and found a seat in the back. As the opening credits rolled, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him pretend to yawn and wrap an arm around me. It was totally cheesy but I didn’t mind. I just leaned into him. I didn’t expect him to pull me closer to him. I couldn’t pay attention to the movie; he was just too distracting.


After the movie, Kyuhyun walked me home.
“I had a great time. We should do this again.” Kyuhyun just smiled at me. I tilted my head to the side. The way he was looking at me…
Kyuhyun leaned forward and gently placed his lips over mine. It was just for a second but that one touch sent off a bunch of fireworks in my head.
I stood there frozen as he pulled away. He smirked. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night, Sungmin.” He walked away.
It took me a moment to snap out of my daze and another moment to get angry. “How dare he! He just stole my first kiss. He didn’t have to seem so smug about it too. Aish, he’s so cocky. I’m never going to see him again.” I went inside my house and threw down my coat. Gawd, he was so infuriating. I was so distracted I didn’t realize I had guests.
“So how was the date?” I jumped and turned around to see Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, and Ryeowook sitting on my couch.
“How did you guys get in here?”
Leeteuk jiggled his key. “You gave each of us a copy of your key. You gave us permission to use this key whenever we wanted. You don’t like living here yourself so you always invite us to stay the weekend.” Leeteuk smiled.
Shoot, I forgot I gave them all keys…
“So what are you guys doing here? You usually never take up my offer.”
“We wanted to hear all about your date with this mystery guy.” Ryeowook smiled up at me cutely.
I sighed. They weren’t going to leave until I told them everything.
I plopped down on the couch in between Leeteuk and Ryeowook.
“Well his name is Cho Kyuhyun. He actually goes to our school.”
“Yeah, I know. Never saw him.”
“Hmm…I may have. Describe him.”
“Tall, dark, and handsome. He’s so hot but so cocky.” I looked at Ryeowook who seemed to be thinking. “Do you know him?”
Ryeowook shook his head, getting out of whatever daze he was in. “Hmm…what?” We were all looking at him, waiting for his answer. “Oh…uh…I think he might be in one of my classes. He’s around my age. Likes to keep to himself a lot I think. Doesn’t have too many friends. The only friend I know he has is Kibum.”
“Kibum? How is he friends with Kibum?” Eunhyuk seemed surprised.
“I’m not really sure but they get along pretty well. He’s nice to me. I don’t think he’s that cocky.”
“Oh but he is. If you saw him at the coffee shop, the way he asked me, gawd he was so cocky.”
“Yeah but you like that about him.” I turned and stuck my tongue out at Eunhyuk before looking back at Ryeowook and Leeteuk.
“So are you going to see him again?” I looked down at my feet.
“I honestly don’t know. I doubt he’ll come back to the coffee shop and there’s no way I’ll see him at school.”
“You never know.”
“No I do. Trust me. I’m never going to see him again.”
Leeteuk, Ryeowook, and Eunhyuk looked doubtful.


I was rushing to class when I bumped into someone and dropped my books.
“Oww…sorry, I…” I couldn’t believe it. “Kyuhyun?”
“Are you okay?” Kyuhyun was picking up my books. “Here you go.”
I blushed. “Th-thanks. Sorry about that.”
“No, it’s alright. I’ll see you after school alright?”
“What? No…” I looked up to find him walking away. “ARGH!!!! Why does he do this to me?” The bell rang. “Oh shit!” I quickly ran to class.


I was on my way to my locker with Ryeowook when I noticed someone standing near it. I squinted my eyes and gasped.
“What’s he doing there?”
“What? Who?” I pointed to my locker. “Kyuhyun? Why’s he waiting by your locker?”
“I have no idea. I didn’t even know he knew where my locker was.”
“That’s strange. Well I’ll see you later, Minnie. I have to go meet Yesung.” Ryeowook walked away, giving Kyuhyun a look before going over to Yesung. I just looked at Kyuhyun who was casually leaning against my locker. He didn’t even straightened when I walked up to him.
“You ready?”
“Ready for what?”
“Our date.”
“Date? When did we have a date?”
“Remember? I asked you earlier today.”
“Uh no…can you please move? I need to get to my locker.” Kyuhyun stood up and moved aside. I opened my locker and put away my books. I was taking out the books I needed when I felt someone wrap their arms around me. I paused. Was he doing what I thought he was doing? I turned my head to the right and collided with his lips.
We kissed for a minute before I realized we were at school and anyone could see us. I quickly turned away and looked down, noticing I had dropped my books. I blushed and bent down to pick them up. I placed them in my bag and turned to look at Kyuhyun.
“Why’d you do that? We’re at school.”
“So?” He raised his eyebrow at me and gave me a cocky grin. I just sighed. “Ready to go?”
“Who said I was going to go with you?” He smiled mysteriously. I was wary of his smile.
He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of school. I had no idea where we were headed. We were at a park when he decided to slow down. Not trusting him, I just walked alongside him taking in the scenery. Everything felt so calm and serene. It was beautiful.
Kyuhyun stopped at a secluded clearing. I looked around and gasped. Set up on the ground was a picnic for two. I looked at Kyuhyun. He just smiled and walked over to the picnic. I just looked for a moment before placing my bag down and joining him on the blanket.
“When did you set this up?”
He smiled at me and handed me a box of food. “Now that’s my surprise.”
I suspiciously looked at him before digging into the food.
We spent the rest of the afternoon, just eating and talking. I didn’t even realize it was getting late until I noticed the sky turning to dusk.
“Oh wow…I should probably get home. I have homework to do and I need to practice.”
“Alright.” I helped Kyuhyun clean up the area. Once everything was put away, Kyuhyun took a hold of my hand and started walking me home. It didn’t take long for us to walk to my house and just like last time, he kissed me before walking away. I was prepared for it but he still took me by surprise. Instead of kissing my lips, he kissed my cheek.
I just stood there, hand pressed against my cheek. Why does he have this effect on me?


The same thing kept happening for the rest of the week. I would bump into him at school. He would tell me to meet him after school. He’d be waiting at my locker where he’d drag me off to some place. He did that every day. I never got a chance to go to work or explain why I was gone. I hope they didn’t mind me being gone.
It was Friday and so far I hadn’t run into Kyuhyun. Gawd that boy was starting to wear me out.
“*groan* I’m so tired.”
“I wonder why.” Eunhyuk snickered. I just glared at him.
“It’s not my fault. He’s just always there.”
“You can refuse. O wait, you can’t ‘cause you actually like spending all this time with him.”
“Shh, don’t say that out loud.” I looked nervously around me.
“What’s the matter, Minnie?”
“So far, I haven’t run into him today. He might be waiting around a corner for me. Besides I don’t want him to accidentally overhear that I like him.”
“So it’s true!” Eunhyuk jumped up and down.
“Wookie…Teukie…” I turned to Leeteuk and Ryeowook, pleading with my puppy eyes.
“Eunhyuk, come on. Let’s go. We need to go to work early today.” Leeteuk grabbed a hold of Eunhyuk’s arm and dragged him away.
“So you going to come to work today?”
“Hopefully, if Kyuhyun doesn’t drag me somewhere.” I turned the corner and stopped. Ryeowook kept walking until he noticed I was no longer walking beside him.
“What’s the matter?”
I couldn’t speak, I just pointed to my locker. Ryeowook looked and stared as well. There was a giant plush pink bunny right in front of my locker. In it’s lap where a box of chocolate and tied around its neck was a white ribbon with a note attached. I slowly approached the bunny and picked up the note.

Go to the auditorium.

I looked at Ryeowook. “Can you watch this for a moment? I gotta go to the auditorium.”
“Sure. No problem.” He smiled at me. I smiled then raced off. What is he planning?


I walked into the dark auditorium, wondering where he could be. Suddenly a spotlight turned on, illuminating a package on the stage. I slowly made my way over and saw another note attached to it.

Open it.

I looked around, trying to see if Kyuhyun was around here somewhere. I couldn’t see anyone in the audience. I turned back to the package and attacked. I love opening presents. I gasped when I saw what was inside.
Inside was a brand new acoustic guitar, the one I really wanted to get. How did he know? I saw another note.


Strange…but who cares? I couldn’t wait to touch the guitar. I slowly and gently took it out of its case. Somehow there was already a chair on stage. I just sat down and started strumming the guitar. I soon got lost in the music, sitting on stage, under the spotlight…
As I finished the song, I heard someone clapping and the lights turned on to reveal all my friends sitting in the audience. And there in the front row was Kyuhyun with a bunch of flowers. He came up the stairs and walked over to me. I sat frozen as he handed me the flowers and then proceeded to go down on one knee.
“Lee Sungmin, I love you. Please be mine forever.” He pulled out and opened a velvet box. Inside was a small band of gold with a sapphire setting.
Tears sprang to my eyes. I looked out at my friends in the audience. They were all smiling, giving me encouragement. I couldn’t speak; I just held out my hand and smiled. He took it as a sign and placed the ring on my finger.
Once the ring was on my finger, I threw myself at him, giving him a kiss. I was so happy, I finally have a boyfriend, someone who loves me. I heard a few of my friends cheer.
“FINALLY!!!! Gawd, took him forever to finally get the courage to ask you out. He spent so much time stalking you it wasn’t even funny. Said he had to find out everything about you before he’d even approached you.”
“WHAT?!?!?” I pulled away from Kyuhyun to see his face as red as a tomato. I just gaped at him. “You STALKED me?!?!?! For how long?”
“For several months. From the moment he laid eyes on you, he just had to have you. But he was so shy, he said he’d talk to you after he found out everything about you. Was a little strange but whatever worked.” Heechul just shrugged his shoulders. I just looked at Kyuhyun who tried to hide and leave but I had a strong grip.
“Why would you do such a thing? You should’ve just come up to me. You didn’t have to go through all that to get me.” He looked embarrassed. “But I’m sorta glad you did.” I smiled.
“Gawd you two are so weird. Come on, let’s go out and celebrate. You finally got a boyfriend!” Heechul smiled and wrapped his arm around Hankyung.
“Alright. Where are we going?” I wrapped my arm around Kyuhyun.
“I know this great place. Follow us.” Leeteuk and Kangin led the way, followed by Eunhyuk and Donghae, then Yesung and Ryeowook, then Heechul and Hankyung, then Kyuhyun and I. I held Kyuhyun back for a moment. He just looked at me. I just smiled.
“Thank you for going through all this trouble just for me. I love you.”
He smiled. “I love you too.”
I smiled and pulled him in for another kiss before following our friends to celebrate.

A/N: i'm sorry about the ending...not that great...sorta wanted to get this over with and done...
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