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Title: Chocolate
Pairing: Yesung/Shindong, Yewook
Word Count: 1019
Theme: 004. Chocolate Yesung/Shindong
Summary: Yesung needs help making chocolate and guess who happens to come at the right time? Shindong!

I’d just come home when I noticed the smell of something burnt. I followed my nose into the kitchen to find Yesung standing over a pot filled with some dark substance. I crinkled my nose.
“Hyung, what is that?”
He gave me a sheepish grin. “Uh…well I was trying to make some chocolates for Ryeowook but ended up burning the chocolate.”
I sighed. “Do you even know how to make chocolate?”
“Don’t you just melt the chocolate then use a mold of whatever to make the shape?”
“To make it simple yes but do you know how to melt chocolate?”
“You just put it in the pot and melt in on the stove.”
“Hyung…you’re supposed to have a pot of water underneath the pot of chocolate. You can’t put it directly over the fire or else you’ll burn it.”
“Oh…wanna help me then?”
I sighed. “Alright. Get some more chocolate. I’ll get the right pots to melt chocolate.”
For the next couple of hours, I helped Yesung make chocolates for his little Wookie. I melted the chocolate for him (I didn’t trust him near the stove) and supervised him while he made special music note chocolates and a giant chocolate heart. He decorated the heart and even wrote a message on it.
“Okay…now to put it in a safe place until later.” Yesung took the chocolate and hid it in the fridge with a note to Eunhyuk and Sungmin to not touch. “Alright now that that’s done, can you help me with something else?”
“Sure hyung. I have nothing planned for today.”
“Good, I need your help in setting it up.” Yesung walked into his room and came back with a box. “Also can you make sure that later, you guys stay out of the dorm?”
“Sure hyung. Now what can I do?” Yesung smiled and handed me the box. He instructed me on where everything should go. He would rearrange it if it didn’t look right. He wanted everything to be perfect. After an hour or two of setting up, he finally deemed it perfect.
“Great. Now can you get the guys out of the dorm for about 2 or 3 hours?”
“Sure hyung. We’ll just go to the other dorm.” I texted Sungmin and Eunhyuk.
SD: Don’t come back to our dorm. Head to the other dorm.
SM: Why?
SD: Yesung has something special planned for Wookie.
SM: Oh okay :D Kyu’s with me so I’ll tell him.
SD: Alright.
EH: Okay. I’m at the dance studio with Donghae. Won’t be home for another couple hours.
SD: Alright.
“Alright hyung. I’m going to be heading out now. I already told the others to stay away.” Yesung didn’t hear me. He seemed to be lost in his own thoughts now.


Everything was set, thanks to Shindong’s help. The table was set for two. The chocolate had set and was waiting in the fridge. The note and roses were set. I had changed. Now all I had to do was wait for Ryeowook.


After an hour of waiting, I wondered what had happened to Ryeowook. He did get the text from me right?
I checked my phone. OMG! O_O <- yesung’s face
I never sent him the text! I quickly press send. Hopefully he’ll get it and come over soon.


I was on my way home when I felt my phone vibrate. I looked at it and my eyes widened. I quickly rushed home. How could Yesung do such a thing?
“Yesung!” I threw the door opened and saw darkness. But the light from the hall illuminated a little vase with a rosebud standing just inside. There was a small note attached.
Turn on the lights.
I felt around for the light switch.
“*gasp* Yesung?” A bunch of twinkly lights set around the room lit up, illuminating a small table set for two. Yesung was standing there, a smile on his face, in his nice suit with a small bouquet of roses.
“Come have a seat. Here.” He handed me the roses. “These are for you. But they pale in comparison.” I took them, inhaled their sweet, heady scent and placed them in the vase that held the rosebud. He took the vase and set it aside.
He pulled out a chair. “Your seat, my dear.” I quietly sat down, trying to hide the slight blush creeping across my face. Yesung is so sweet.
He pushed my chair in and went into the kitchen. He returned with two plates of food. “Here you go, my dear. Enjoy.” He sat down and waited until I took a bite before eating his.
We spent the meal just talking about all sorts of things. It was very nice.
“Are you ready for dessert?”
“Sure.” Yesung grabbed our plates and took them into the kitchen. Then he returned with another plate that he placed in front of me.
“Specially made for you.” He smiled. I looked down and as I read the message, tears filled my eyes. I looked over to where Yesung was standing but he’d disappeared. I looked down and saw him kneeling holding a diamond ring.
“Ryeowook…Wookie…would you do me the honor of becoming my husband? I promise I will love you and cherish you until the day you die. I love you so much my little Wookie.”
I smiled as the tears fell from my eyes. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Of course. I love you Yesung.” He placed the ring on my finger and I instantly wrapped my arms around him, giving him a kiss.
We would’ve kept kissing except Yesung’s phone went off.
“Who is it?”
“It’s a text from Shindong.”
SD: Hi ^^ It’s Minnie using Shindong’s phone. Did you do it yet? Can we come up now?
Yesung looked at me. “Sure let them up. I want to share all my joy with them.” Yesung smiled and replied back. In a few moments we heard noise from upstairs and the floor rumble as they raced down. Sungmin threw the door open. All the members were crowded in the doorway.
I smiled. “I’M ENGAGED!!!”
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, shindong, yesung/shindong, yewook

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