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trying to fix what's damaged

Title: What U Need
Pairing: Suho/Lay
Word Count: 998
Summary: Lay's music video is exactly what Joonmyun needs but not entirely.

"So was the video what you needed?"
Joonmyun laughed at the joke Yixing made. He leaned forward and nuzzled his nose against Yixing's. "Yes but you know, just you is all I need. Happy, healthy, and well rested. But I did enjoy the video. Especially this part."
Joonmyun's hand came around to smack lightly at Yixing's buttcheek. "This part was"
"Oh really?" A twinkling light entered Yixing's eyes. His hands came around and gently gripped Joonmyun's butt. "You know, I just remembered something."
"I never did give you all those pokes I said I would give you."
"What?" Joonmyun's eyes widened in surprise. "What pokes?"
"You don't remember?" A smirk slid across Yixing's face. "Let me remind you."
Yixing's hands gently spread Joonmyun's buttcheeks. That motion reminded Joonmyun, who immediately flushed a bright pink.
"What?" Yixing smiled brightly at Joonmyun. "I think now is a good time to remind you. No one's here, it's my birthday, and you do need to be punished."
Yixing's hands tightened around Joonmyun's ass.
"Shhhh, be a good boy. I promise I'll be gentle." Yixing's hands gently kneaded Joonmyun's ass as he pressed the other closer to him.
Joonmyun blushed as he felt their erections bump together. In self defense, his own hands grabbed Yixing's ass to give it the same treatment.
"Mmmm, that's good. But this is about you right now, Joonmyun." Yixing smiled and pecked Joonmyun's lips. He picked Joonmyun up, making the other wrap his legs around his waist, and carried him over to the bed. He gently placed him down and climbed over him, letting his lips hover a few centimeters above him.
"Just relax. I'll make sure you enjoy this." Yixing kissed Joonmyun before trailing his lips down Joonmyun's neck. His lips lingered there, gently sucking but not leaving a mark, as his hands wandered beneath Joonmyun's shirt.
Insteaf of taking it off like Joonmyun had anticipated, Yixing just gently ran his hands over his chest before heading straight for the waistband of his pants. Slowly peeling them off, Yixing pressed kisses to the exposed skin as he settled himself between Joonmyun's legs. He gently pushed Joonmyun's legs further apart, remembering how flexible the other was, and gently cupped Joonmyun's ass. He ignored Joonmyun's leaking dick and gently spread Joonmyun's buttcheeks to look at his hole. He gently blew across it to watch it twitch.
Hands gently kneading Joonmyun's ass, he watched as he pushed and pulled, revealing Joonmyun's hole and hiding it again. Sometimes his thumb brushed against it, causing Joonmyun to shiver.
"Shhh...just relax. I said I'd take care of you." Yixing beamed at Joonmyun's flushed face.
"What?" Yixing stopped moving his hands to look at Joonmyun. "Is something wrong?"
Joonmyun bit his lip and stared at Yixing. "Yes."
"What?" Yixing looked at Joonmyun puzzled.
"You're not here."
"But I am here."
"Not where you're supposed to be."
"And where is that?"
"Inside me."
Yixing bit his lips as he took in Joonmyun's words. " still need to be punished with more pokes. It seems like I'm not paying you enough attention if you're complaining about my butt touching habit."
"Xing," Joonmyun whined, wiggling slightly on the bed. "At least kiss me if you're going to keep doing this then."
"Ok." Yixing came up and gently kissed Joonmyun. Joonmyun kissed back like a starving man, wrapping his arms around Yixing and keeping him locked close to him. His hand reached down, slipping past the waistband of Yixing's pants, to grab what he wanted.
"Xing, this is what I need. Give me what I need. Please."
"Not yet." Yixing tore his lips away from Joonmyun's and buried it at his throat as his hands continued to gently knead Joonmyun's ass.
It soon became a game of who would crack first with Yixing continuing his massaging of Joonmyun's ass and Joonmyun's handjob. But Yixing had the patience of a saint and soon Joonmyun was conceding to his wishes. He lay on the bed, letting Yixing do as he pleased with his body.
Yixing chuckled when he felt Joonmyun surrender. "Good boy."
Yixing kissed the side of Joonmyun's neck as his hands finally wandered down to play with Joonmyun's hole. A few minutes later, Joonmyun was finally getting his wish of what he needed as Yixing slipped inside.
Moving slowly, Yixing kept a firm grip on Joonmyun's ass as he slid in and out.
But when Joonmyun reached out for him, Yixing took Joonmyun's hands, lacing their fingers together as his hips began to move faster. Joonmyun stared at Yixing, at the beads of sweat slowly dripping down his face, as he fucked Joonmyun for all he was worth.
Watching the pleasure build on Yixing's face, Joonmyun tightened around him, causing the other to pause.
"I want you to come first. I need to feel you inside me. Please Xing."
Yixing breathed deeply and sighed. With a small smile, he leaned forward and kissed Joonmyun gently. "Alright. Hold on."
Yixing's grip tightened as his hips rocked harder until he was coming inside Joonmyun.
Joonmyun squirmed as Yixing reached down to help him come. He was glad Yixing was considerate enough to make sure he didn't spill any onto his shirt. He only winced slightly when Yixing pulled out but gave a grateful sleepy smile when Yixing came to wipe him clean.
Yixing made sure he was clean and dry before tucking him into bed. He curled up behind Joonmyun after he had cleaned himself off and put some boxers on. "Feel okay?"
"I feel great. Thank you, Xing."
Yixing chuckled. "You're welcome."
He pressed a kiss to the back of Joonmyun's neck. "Love you."
"Love you too. Now get some rest."
Yixing gave a sleepy reply as he snuggled closer to Joonmyun. Joonmyun waited until he heard Yixing's soft gently breathing, a sign he was fast asleep. With a smile on his face, he let himself drift off to sleep as well.

A/N: if there are grammar/spelling mistakes, sorry. mostly wrote this on the subway ride home. can't believe i was writing smut in a public place but whatevs :3 hope it's ok
i guess you can call this his birthday fic but yeah... :3
Tags: one shot, r/nc-17, suho/lay

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