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Title: What U Need
Pairing: Chen/Lay
Word Count: 256
Summary: Chen's reaction to watching Lay's mv 'What U Need'

As soon as it hit 12PM, Jongdae already had his phone ready to watch Yixing's new solo mv. Luckily, he was alone to watch as he didn't trust himself to remain calm when watching. When the song started, Jongdae smiled, enjoying the video aesthetic. The song was great, suited Yixing well.
As he watched his fellow member dancing on screen, an unexpected moment came that made him freeze. He wasn't sure if he had seen correctly but when it happened again and again, Jongdae couldn't keep quiet. He at least waited for the mv to end before he lost his cool.
Grabbing his pillow, he buried his face and squirmed on his bed as he released all his emotions. He was too absorbed in his own feelings to realize his bedroom door was opening and someone was coming inside. He froze when he felt a gentle hand on his back.
Jongdae slowly turned his head to see Yixing's concerned face staring down at him. "Are you alright?" Yixing bit his bottom lip. "Did you not like it?"
"What? No no no, I liked it. It was very you. You did a great job like always."
"But...then why were you on the bed like that?"
"I..." Jongdae stared at Yixing, not sure what he should say, but he couldn't stand the quiet sadness in Yixing's eyes. Leaning forward, he gently pressed his lips against Yixing's. "It was great, Xing. You did an amazing job on everything."
"Thanks." Yixing beamed as his cheeks flushed a light pink.

A/N: a cute lil drabble i thought was gonna go dirty but kept it pg ^^ sorry if this isn't much but yeah...short lil thing i wrote on subway ride home that led me into writing similar fic but smut for different yixing pairing
Tags: chen/lay, one shot

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