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trying to fix what's damaged

Title: Ache
Pairing: Shindong/Donghae, Eunhae
Word Count: 2010
Theme: 085. Ache Shindong/Donghae
Summary: Eunhae breaks up and Shindong steps in to help

“Get out. We’re here.” Leeteuk woke some of the sleeping members. Eunhyuk and Shindong were the first ones out.
“YAY!!!! BUFFET!!!!!!” They raced inside.
“YAH!!!! WAIT FOR US!!!! DON’T EAT EVERYTHING!!!! Aish, those two.” Heechul walked into the restaurant followed by other members. I trudged along, my legs felt like lead after the intense dance rehearsal.
Inside, Eunhyuk and Shindong had already piled their plates high with food. Some of the members were just sitting at the table, letting their boyfriends bring them back some food. I dragged myself over and put whatever food on my plate. I didn’t feel too hungry right now. I sat down between Siwon and Ryeowook. Ryeowook and Yesung were taking turns feeding each other while across from them, Sungmin was sitting in Kyuhyun’s lap, giving him spoonfuls of food. I just turned away. I wasn’t in the mood to see lovey dovey couples, not after what happened.


I was on my second plate of food and still hungry. Leeteuk limited me to two plates of food tonight. I looked at the other members and noticed Donghae had some food left on his plate.
“Hae, are you going to finish that?”
“No. Here you can have it.” He handed me the plate and walked off. I frowned.
I glanced at Eunhyuk. “Is something wrong with Donghae?”
“No. Why would you ask that?” Eunhyuk looked at me coldly.
“No reason.” I stared at Eunhyuk then to where Donghae had disappeared. Something was up. I’ll find out what once I finish my food.


“Stupid, stupid, stupid. I hate him, I hate him, I HATE HIM!” I kicked a pebble into the lake.
I’d left the restaurant with no idea where to go but luckily there was a nearby park. I wandered around and found the lake. Being near water always calmed me but today, it wasn’t working.
“Why can’t I get rid of this?” I hit my chest where I ached but it did nothing. “Why does he do this to me? He never cared, did he?” Tears formed in my eyes and threatened to spill but I couldn’t go back to the group with puffy red eyes. I tried to hold them back.
“Hae, are you okay?” I felt a hand on my shoulder and that’s when I broke.


I watched, helpless as the sobs took over. I’d never seen the little Fishy cry so hard except…yeah…I won’t think about it. I pulled him over to a nearby park bench and let him cry. When he’d finally quieted down, I decided to ask the question again.
“Hae, are you okay? Why were you crying?”
“Stupid monkey.” I sighed.
“What did he do this time?”
“He doesn’t care at all. He just rips out my heart, kicks it to the curb, and then acts like everything is normal.” Donghae collapsed against me. “When will this ache go away? I can’t live without my monkey.” Tears filled his eyes once again.
I felt my phone vibrate, telling me I got a text. I opened it up to see it’s from Leeteuk.

LT: Where are you? Is Donghae with you?
SD: Yes. We’re at the park nearby. He’s upset. Hyukkie did something. That’s all I got.
LT: Alright, do you want me to come over?
SD: No, it’s alright. You guys can head back. Maybe you can talk to Hyukkie and find out what’s wrong.
LT: Will do. I’ll see you back at the dorm then.

Shindong put away his phone to notice Donghae looking at him, the tears now gone.
“Who was that?”
“Oh, that was just Leeteuk, wondering where we were.”
“Oh. I guess we should head back then.”
“No, it’s alright. You feel any better?”
“Except for this ache in my chest, yes.”
“Can I ask what happened?”


I looked at Shindong. Just thinking about it gets me upset again. I felt the tears start to well up but I pushed them back down. I will be strong. If he wants to act like nothing happened, then I will to.


“He-he-he b-b-br-broke up w-wi-with m-m-m-me.” The tears fell yet again. “And I-I-I d-d-do-don’t kn-know w-w-why. And r-r-r-right after he said th-that, he left for the-the DBSK dorm saying he-he-he had to go v-v-v-visit his r-r-r-real boy-boy-boyfriend.”
I watched as Donghae cried his little heart out. I pulled him close and hugged him. I let him get it all out. As he cried, I texted Leeteuk.

SD: Hae told me Hyukkie broke up with him.
SD: Yeah, and that’s not all. Hyukkie went to the DBSK dorm, telling Hae he was visiting his real boyfriend.
LT: WHAT?!?!? Let me talk to him.
SD: Alright. I’ll let you know when we’re going back to the dorm.
LT: Alright, see you then.

I looked at Donghae who seemed to have calmed down again.
“Feeling any better?”
“A little…”
“You ready to go home yet?” He shook his head. “Alright.” I pulled his hand and we walked to a local convenience store. There, I let Donghae choose whatever he wanted to get. I also secretly bought a carton of Eunhyuk’s favorite strawberry milk.
“Ready?” Donghae nodded.
It took us a few minutes to get home. Leeteuk was waiting at the door for us.


I was barely in the dorm when a pair of arms embraced me. I looked up to see it was Leeteuk.
“How are you? You okay?”
“Uh…yeah umma.”
“You want to talk?”
“No, I’m really tired. I think I’m going to head to my room.”
“Hey Donghae, want one?” I saw Shindong offering me a bottle of strawberry milk.
“No, I don’t really want one.”
“Just take it anyway.” I sighed. I grabbed the bottle and walked to my room.
“EUNHYUK!?!??!??!” I dropped the bottle of strawberry milk.
Eunhyuk was bound at the wrists and ankles – I mean tied – I mean lying down on my bed. I have no idea how long I stood there before Eunhyuk’s voice snapped me out of my daze.
“Hae? HAE! DONGHAE!!!!!”
“Don’t just stand there. Untie me.” I was about to walk over and untie him when I felt my butt vibrate. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my cell phone. There was a text message from Shindong.

SD: Hope you like your little present from Leeteuk. Do whatever you want with him. Talk to him, whatever but solve your problem. Btw, you’re not allowed out of that room until everything is resolved.

I quickly turned around and tried to open the door but it was locked which was weird since it locked from the inside. I quickly turned the lock and tried to open the door but something was keeping it from moving. I turned back around to see Eunhyuk glaring at me from the bed.
“Well what?”
“Are you going to untie me?”
“Oh right…” I walked over to him and straddled him. I leaned down, making it seem like I was going to untie him when I didn’t.
“Sorry but you’re not getting away until I’m done with you. So be a good boy and lie there.” I pulled back to see his horrified face. I stared into his eyes seeing the fear and hidden lust. I rubbed myself against him. He was slightly hard. I smiled.
“W-wh-what are you going to do to me?”
“Nothing too bad. I promise you’ll enjoy it.”
“Hae…mmph” I crashed my lips down to his and thrust my tongue inside his mouth. He tried to resist but as I started playing with him, he started to loosen up. I moved my mouth down his jawline to his ear and nibbled. He moaned. I smiled and slipped my hands into his pants and around his length, slowly stroking him.
“What? I can’t understand you. What do you want?”
“Nnh…don’t…Hae…nooo…” I smiled down at him and leaned down to his ear.
“Why did you break up with me?”
“What?” His eyes flew open.
“You heard me. Why did you break up with me?” I licked his ear. He turned away from me. I caught the stubborn glint in his eyes. I smirked and slightly tightened my grip on him.
“Does that hurt, baby?” He kept his head turned away. I tightened my grip even more. I felt him twist in pain. “For every moment you refuse to answer, I’ll just squeeze tighter and tighter.” He still gave no response. I tightened my grip and heard him gasp.
“You cheated on me.” He turned away. I felt so shocked, I loosened my grip and pulled my hand out and got off him. I moved to the other side of the room and noticed the strawberry milk on the floor. I picked it up and took a sip.
“What do you mean I cheated on you?”
“Don’t lie. I saw you.”
“Saw me? With who?”
“Him? What are you talking about? I have never cheated on you unlike you.” Eunhyuk looked over at me with wide eyes.
“WHAT? CHEAT ON YOU? DON’T YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU? I COULD NEVER DO THAT!” Both of us looked surprised at his outburst.
“Don’t call me that you filthy lying cheater.”
“I am not a cheater. What makes you say that?”
“Don’t lie. I saw you with him. You hugged and kissed him.” I searched my brain to see what he was referring to. Then I realized what he must’ve seen. I smiled, walked over, and sat down on him. I sipped the strawberry milk, just watching him. I saw his eyes narrow.
“Is that my strawberry milk?”
I just smiled and kept drinking. I looked at him. “You want a sip?”
He just glared at me and I kept drinking. “I’ll let you have some.”
“Really?” A smile came to his face.
“Only if…”
He glared at me. “Only if what?”
“You get back together with me.”
I laughed at him. I saw his expression and laughed even more. When I finally calmed down, I gave him a kiss. “You’re so adorable, Hyukkie. I love you.”
He pouted at me. “How can you say that you cheater?”
I smiled and gave him another kiss. “I didn’t cheat. What you saw was Amber and I. We had just run into each other and were greeting each other.” I pouted. “I can’t believe you broke my heart for something like that. And for saying Junsu was your real boyfriend -”
“Hae, I didn’t mean that. I only said that ‘cause I thought you had cheated on me. I wanted to hurt you for hurting me. Please forgive me.” He tried to give me puppy eyes.”
“I won’t easily forgive you. I’ll just leave you here while I think about possibly taking you back.” Eunhyuk panicked.
“What? You’re going to leave me tied up on your bed while you think? Donghae…don’t be cruel. Untie me. Please please please. I love you. I’ll do whatever you want. Please take me back, just untie me. I’ve been tied to this bed for hours.”
“Sorry. But you need this time to reflect and I need to think.” I looked at the bottle in my hand. “And get some more strawberry milk.” I walked over to the door with Eunhyuk yelling at me to untie him. I opened the door to have Leeteuk, Shindong, and Heechul fall through. I just stepped over them and made my way into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and took out a bottle of strawberry milk.
“Donghae, are you seriously going to leave Eunhyuk tied to the bed?” I turned around to see Shindong standing in the doorway. I smiled.
“For now.”


I noticed the gleam in his eyes. I did not want to know what Donghae was thinking about. I moved away from the door. As he walked past, I heard him say “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” I watched him disappear into his room. “Glad I could help.”

A/N: sry about the bad ending but i couldn't think of how to end it. gonna make a series where Shindong helps people. i'm sorry but i can't write any Shindong pairings any other way

on a side note: i'm finally at college :D YAY!!! but that means i won't post as much probably...
Tags: 100 suju fanfic, eunhae, shindong, shindong/donghae

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