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deerofdawn round 2: extra

Title: Not What You Seem
Pairing: Luhan/Chanyeol
Rating: PG-13
Length: 3556
Summary: Luhan's best friend and leader of their pack has decided to merge their pack with another existing one. He's alright with this, bowing to his leader's order, but there's one member of the other pack that he's wary of. And that feeling doesn't go away when they finally meet.
Author's Note: The boys kind of ran away from me and went off in their own direction. Sorry.

Kris looked at his pack mates gathered around him. "I am thinking about joining our pack with another pack. Does anyone have any objections?"

"Which pack were you thinking of joining?"

"Joonmyun's pack."

"Joonmyun's pack? How many pack mates does he have?"

"Same number as our pack."

"Ah...well, you are our alpha. If you want to, we'll do as you say."

Kris looked around at everyone.

"Are you guys okay with this?" He looked at everyone individually, gaining their acceptance before moving to the next member.

Luhan bit his lip as he waited for his alpha to look at him. He had some reservations about joining with Joonmyun's pack. He knew most of the guys there but not everyone. The ones he knew, he was okay with, so it wouldn't be a bad thing but he still had reservations. There was one member he didn't know and that worried him. He liked to meet a person himself and make his own opinion than to rely on someone else's opinion, but the things he had heard about him were okay.

Luhan schooled his expression when Kris looked at him. Just a short hesitation before he nodded his head.

Kris looked at him a moment longer before moving to the next member. With a nod, Kris gave a small smile to his pack. "Alright, I'll talk to Joonmyun tomorrow and we'll arrange a meeting date, probably this weekend. You can all go home now."

Everyone said their goodbyes and left. Luhan was turning to walk away when his name was called. He turned to see his best friend looking at him. "Yes, Kris?"

"Can we talk a bit?"

"Alright." Luhan stood across from his friend. "About what?"

"Joining Joonmyun's pack. You hesitated. Care to tell me why?"

Luhan pursed his lips. "I'm fine with joining Joonmyun's pack. I just have my reservations. Nothing bad."

Kris stared at his friend. "Your usual reservations?"

"Yeah. I'm okay with everyone but one I haven't met yet."

"Ah, okay. Makes sense. Who haven't you met?"


"Ah," Kris nodded his head. "He's a good guy."

"So I've heard but I haven't personally met him."

"Yeah...well you'll meet him this weekend most likely."

"Yeah..." Kris patted Luhan's back. "Don't worry. Everything will be alright. You'll see."

That weekend, everyone met at Kris’ house before they were set to meet with Joonmyun’s pack. Kris gave everyone an once-over, making sure they were looking their best to meet their new packmates. When he deemed everyone perfect, they headed towards the meeting spot, a clearing in the forest in the large park. Everyone from Joonmyun’s pack was already there awaiting their arrival. Kris entered the clearing first, the rest of the group fanning out behind him. He walked straight up to Joonmyun, keeping a distance of two feet between them.

Kris gave what he considered a nonthreatening smile. “Hello, Joonmyun."

“Hello, Kris."

“Are you ready?"

A corner of Joonmyun’s mouth lifted in a small smile. “Yes."

Joonmyun tilted his head, baring his neck to Kris. Kris’ eyes widened, unprepared for such a blatant display of submission. They hadn’t talked about this when they discussed joining their packs.

“Go on…bite me.” Joonmyun gave Kris a reassuring smile.

On unsteady legs, Kris covered the short distance. He gently placed his hands on Joonmyun’s shoulders and leaned his head down, sniffing at Joonmyun’s neck. His sweet scent filled Kris’ nose, teasing him to mark him, to claim him, but he resisted, not entirely sure of accepting such an offering at this time in front of everyone. He wanted to claim Joonmyun properly. He nosed at Joonmyun’s neck, rubbing his nose back and forth, taking in that delectable scent, possibly getting drunk from it, before he gently shook his head. Instead of biting Joonmyun and marking him permanently, Kris just licked it and gently suckled. His arms wrapped tight around Joonmyun as Joonmyun’s legs buckled beneath him and he clutched weakly at Kris’ arms.

Kris pulled back and smiled, satisfied at the purple mark blossoming on Joonmyun’s neck. He kept Joonmyun close as the fellow alpha regained his strength. “Now that that’s over, shall we introduce our packmates to each other?”

Joonmyun weakly nodded his head, leaning more into Kris’ chest. Kris quietly chuckled and signaled for his pack to come closer. Joonmyun’s pack moved in sync until the two groups were only a few feet apart. “Alright, down the line, we have Luhan, Yixing, Minseok, Jongdae, and Zitao."

“This is Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, Jongin, and Sehun.” Joonmyun waved a hand to his pack.

“Alright, now go mingle, though I’m sure some of you have met already.” Kris watched as the two groups slowly approached each other before Baekhyun and Chanyeol immediately latched onto Jongdae.

Luhan stood on the outside, watching everyone else interact. He greeted whoever acknowledged him but took this time to closely observe everyone together. Kris had led Joonmyun away to sit beneath a tree, the two of them already in a private conversation. Sehun, Jongin, and Zitao were already playing around together; being close in age, they had already bonded together. Sehun had made a move towards Luhan to see if he had wanted to join but Luhan had quickly denied with a shake of his head. He wanted to take this opportunity to closely observe the pack together. He trusted Kris' judgment but sometimes he just wanted to be sure himself. As Kris' second, it was his job to advise his leader on what would be best when he had doubts.

"What's a little omega like you doing alone?"

Luhan's eyes widened and he turned around to find Chanyeol grinning at him. Baekhyun and Jongdae were looking at them with wide eyes. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me." Chanyeol's grin widened as his arms crossed over his chest.

"I think you're mistaken. Is there something wrong with your nose?" Luhan mimicked Chanyeol, arms crossed over his chest and legs braced apart. He took a sniff of the air and caught of whiff of something that made him frown deeper.

"Nope, but my eyes must be deceiving because someone who looks like you can't possibly be a beta."

Luhan growled low in his throat. Everyone had stopped to stare at the two. Baekhyun and Jongdae had taken a good couple steps back, giving the two plenty of space. Joonmyun tried to get up to stop them but Kris kept him in place, quietly shaking his head.

Chanyeol didn't flinch, just raised a brow at the other. “Do you really think you can take me in a fight?"

Luhan’s gaze swept up and down Chanyeol’s long, lean body. He could see what kind of shape the other was in but in light of current circumstances, it wouldn’t be good to get into a fight with a new packmate. Taking a deep breath, Luhan calmed himself before staring at the other. “As much as it would please me to take you in a fight and win, I don’t think that would be smart given we’re just now packmates and we need to play nice…for now. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to leave present company before my appetite is ruined before our nightly hunt."

Luhan turned on his heel and wandered over to where Yixing was relaxing, saving his energy for their midnight hunt that night. He sat down next to him and rested his head on Yixing’s shoulder. Yixing stirred for a moment, gave Luhan a sleepy smile, patted his head, and went back to sleep.

Luhan was shaken awake by Minseok who nodded towards the rest of the pack waiting. He rubbed his eyes as Minseok woke up Yixing. “Come on, let’s get ready to hunt."

It had taken some time but everyone in the pack was beginning to feel a lot like family, all except for two people. Ever since their first meeting, Luhan was keeping an obvious distance from Chanyeol and vice versa. There were a few instances where Chanyeol tried to initiate a conversation but it typically ended with Luhan growling and sometimes hitting the other, which would require several people to break the two apart.

“Luhan,” Kris sighed, “Can’t you be nice to Chanyeol? We’re all family now."

Luhan frowned and crossed his arms. “I can be nice if he can and he isn’t. Do you know what he keeps saying to me? I am not some girly beta or whatever. I’m stronger and older than him. He should respect me and doesn’t."

Kris gave a deep sigh. “You’re both second in command so you hold the same position. I know it’ll take some getting used to but I know you two can work together. We need you guys to work together so we’d feel safe leaving the pack to you two if the two of us are ever busy."

Luhan sighed. “I know, but he’s not being nice. He just rubs me the wrong way. If you can talk to him about his attitude, I can work with him. You know me, Kris. I get along with just about everyone."

“So does he.” Kris pursed his lips. “I’m not sure why he’s not getting along with you. I’ll talk to him and Joon and see, okay?"

“Thanks, Kris.” Luhan gave him a grateful smile and returned to what he was doing.

Kris walked over to where Chanyeol was hanging out with Baekhyun and Jongdae. The three were an unbreakable trio, sometimes causing mayhem for the pack but always keeping everyone in good spirits, minus Chanyeol and Luhan’s rocky relationship. The three looked up and with a single nod from Kris, Baekhyun and Jongdae moved away. Chanyeol pursed his lips together and looked at Kris as he settled across from him. “What can I do for you, Kris?"

“What do you think about Luhan?"

“Luhan?” Chanyeol glanced over at the guy in question. “I think he’s fine."

“Fine? What do you mean by fine?"

“Fine as in fine."

Kris’ brows furrowed together. He studied Chanyeol, trying to see if he could read him but found nothing. He looked around at the rest of the pack and caught Joonmyun’s eye. A silent conversation passed between them. Kris got up and was soon replaced by Joonmyun. Chanyeol bowed his head to Joonmyun.

“Hi Myun, what can I do for you?"

Joonmyun gave Chanyeol a gentle smile. “Can we talk about you and Luhan?"

“Sure.” Chanyeol pressed his lips together, not exactly happy about the turn in conversation but unable to refuse his alpha. “What did you want to talk about exactly?"

“Do you have an issue with Luhan?"

“An issue with Luhan?” Chanyeol shook his head. “I don’t have an issue with him."

“Okay, then why can’t you get along? You get along with everyone."

Chanyeol looked at Luhan talking with Jongin and Sehun. “I don’t know. Go ask him."

“I’m asking you. So you don’t have an issue with Luhan but the two of you can’t get along?"

“That’s right. So if you wanna know why this relationship isn’t working, go talk to him."

Joonmyun looked at Chanyeol, noticing the firm set of his shoulders and hardened expression and realized their conversation was over. He gave one last look at Chanyeol before moving back towards Kris. The two had a quiet conversation, heads bent close together to prevent any possible eavesdroppers. What they were about to do might not be the best course of action but they were doing it for the good of their new pack. They had to get their second in commands on good terms with each other.

Luhan looked at his phone, checking the address one more time, and glanced back up at the house. Kris had sent him a text telling him to go to the address listed below and to bring a week's worth of clothes and supplies with him. He had asked why but his friend was being quiet and not divulging any details. He sighed and walked up to the entrance. He was about to take out the key Kris had given him when the front door opened. He stared when Chanyeol gave him a small smile. "Hey roomie."

"What are you doing here?"

"The same thing you are, living here for a week." Chanyeol reached down and grabbed Luhan's bag from his limp fingers and carried it inside. Luhan followed blindly behind.

They reached the living room where Chanyeol dropped the bag by the couch and slumped into the armchair. Luhan took the couch, gently taking a seat. "So...we're going to be living here, together, for a week?"

"Yep. I didn't know you'd be my roommate until after I got here and found the note from Joonmyun on the table. There's one for you from Kris. Let me go get it." Chanyeol left the room and returned a minute later, holding an envelope with Luhan's name written on it.

Luhan chuckled as he accepted the envelope. Most likely Joonmyun had written his name on the letter as Kris' handwriting was quite illegible to people that hadn't grown up reading it. He opened the envelope and saw Kris' scrawl on the letter. Opening it up, he quickly read the note. By the end, his lips were pursed together.

"I take it you finished?" Chanyeol gave him a wryly smile from his spot in the armchair.

"Yeah..." Luhan took a deep breath and looked at the other. " did you want to do this? Are we going to try and work together or jus tavoid each other?"

"I think the point was to work together but if you'd rather avoid me, I'm fine with that." Chanyeol grinned.

"Oh uh...well," Luhan gave a sheepish smile. "I don't want to be rude but I don't think I can live with you."

"And why not? I haven't done anything to you."

" haven't done anything to me yet but you will. You always do. I'm actually surprised you haven't done anything yet. This is the most civil you've been to me since we met."

"Hey, I'm actually a nice guy. People like to hang out with me."

"Same here but you have to admit you didn't give me a good first impression."

"Well you didn't either." Chanyeol crossed his arms over his chest, matching Luhan's pose.

"And whose fault is that?" Luhan frowned at the other.

"You for looking so pretty and deceiving me."

"I deceived you? Well I'm sorry I can't change how I look without surgery but I'm not going to change myself for anyone so get used to it."

"Oh I'm trying...maybe after this week, we might be able to get along well enough that our leaders won't be so worried. We are both betas and second in commands so we should try to work together."

"Alright, but tomorrow. I'm tired and I just want to rest. I'll see you later." Luhan grabbed his bag and headed down the hall to look for a bedroom. He found one at the end but saw a bag already by the bed.

"Uh...yeah, sorry but it looks like there's only one bedroom."

"Oh great and you think you deserve the bedroom 'cause you got here first. I don't think so." Luhan turned to look at Chanyeol with his hands on his hips. "Let's play a game to see who gets to stay in the room."

"Or...we could both just share it. The bed's big enough for the both of us and the point of this week-long stay is to get us to be able to work together so why not start by sharing the room?"

"You think we can actually share a room together?"

"Yes, if we both put in the effort to try. I'm willing. Are you?"

Luhan saw the challenge in Chanyeol's eye and straightened his spine. "Of course I am."

"Great." A slow grin spread across Chanyeol's face. "I'm taking the left side of the bed."

Luhan took a deep breath before taking another sip of his coffee. He hadn't realized it would be harder to get along with Chanyeol when they were now living together, thanks to some new info that had recently come to light. Sharing a bed was just the beginning of their problems. It had seemed so simple - they would each sleep on their own side of the bed, but somehow, during the night, they would come together so Luhan would wake up to Chanyeol's sleeping face every morning. And there was just something about the way the morning light hitting Chanyeol's sleeping face that was doing something to his body, something he was familiar with and yet did not want happening. It would only make things harder as they got through the rest of this week.

"Only two more days left...only two more days left..." Luhan took a deep drag of his coffee and sighed in satisfaction. He turned around, only to stop and yelp a little to find Chanyeol studying him in the doorway. "Don't do that. You scared me and almost made me spill my coffee."

"Sorry." Chanyeol gave a sheepish grin before walking over to the coffee machine to make himself a cup of coffee. "So...what did you want to do today?"

"Oh...uh nothing, maybe just relax in the living room."

"You don't want to go out and play?" Chanyeol arched a brow. "You've been cooped up here every day since you got here. You need to get out."

Luhan shook his head. "No, I'm fine just staying inside."

"Nope, you need some fresh air. I'm sure you're starting to get restless."

"No, really. I'm fine, Chanyeol." Luhan held his hands up to stop Chanyeol but he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

Before Luhan could react, Chanyeol had him slung over his shoulder and was walking out the back door.

"Chanyeol! Chanyeol! Put me down."

"Okay." Chanyeol let Luhan down, causing him to fall onto a bed of leaves. Luhan sat up sputtering with leaves stuck to his hair. Chanyeol laughed and leaned down to remove the leaves from Luhan's hair. As his hand gently brushed through Luhan's hair, Luhan couldn't help leaning into the touch with a soft sigh.

Chanyeol's hand froze as he stared down at Luhan.

Luhan's eyes widened as he slowly looked up at Chanyeol.

Without a word, Chanyeol leaned down and gently pressed his lips to Luhan's. Luhan leaned up into the touch, pressing his lips tightly to Chanyeol's.

Chanyeol slowly pulled away and looked at Luhan with a gentle smile. He ran his hand through Luhan's hair, hand settling on the back of his neck. "Luhan..."

"Chanyeol..." Luhan smiled back until he realized what had happened. His eyes widened and he tried to move away but the grip on the back of his neck tightened.

"Don't. Just...just wait." Chanyeol took a deep breath before taking a chance and gently resting his forehead against Luhan's. "I've been wanting to kiss you since I first laid eyes on you."


"Yeah, but well...I was really immature and well, you know what happened."

"Yeah, I do...but I'm still not getting it."

"And you don't have to get it. Just know that I like you but I just acted the wrong way and well I took this week to try and change things between us. I have to thank Joonmyun and Kris later for this but you like me after spending so much time with me?" Chanyeol bit his bottom lip and looked imploringly at Luhan.

"Well, I guess I don't hate you but as for liking you..." Luhan chewed on his bottom lip. "I think I might need another kiss to be able to come to a decision."

Chanyeol's eyes turned downcast until Luhan's words sunk in. With wide eyes, Chanyeol stared down at Luhan's smiling face as Luhan brought his face down to his. He gently pressed his lips against Chanyeol's before pulling back with a laugh. "Well, that's the fastest I've ever changed my opinion on someone."

"Do you really mean it?"

"Mean what?"

"That, this...uh I can assume you like me back right?"

"Yeah, you can assume that." Luhan got up from the pile of leaves and brushed them off of him as best as he could. He held out a hand to Chanyeol. "Come on, let's go for a walk and we can figure out the rest of the details."


"Yeah, we just changed our relationship with a kiss without any prior discussion or anything. We're going to need to talk this out before we bring it up to the pack and make it official."

"Oh...uh...okay." Chanyeol gingerly slipped his hand into Luhan's who squeezed it reassuringly.

"Don't worry. I'm sure we can work this out...I think. As long as you're not an ass."

"Hey!" Chanyeol looked indignant as he frowned at Luhan.

"Oh, don't give me that. This whole thing is your fault but we'll discuss it while we walk. I need to take in some fresh air after smelling just your scent for the past five days."

"Hey!" Chanyeol's lips pressed into a thin line but didn't stay that way for long when Luhan turned around and kissed him.

"Okay, okay. I'll play nice if you play nice." Luhan stuck his tongue out playfully at Chanyeol as the two walked into the woods.
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