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Title: Forbidden Pleasure
Pairing: Baekhyun/Luhan, brief Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Word Count: 569
Summary: Chanyeol awaits his fate at the hands of the queen yet what he witnesses is something he had never imagined.
Warning: fem!Luhan, fem!Baekhyun, premature ejaculation, use of a dildo

Chanyeol swallowed the large amount of saliva pooling in his mouth. It wouldn't do to be seen drooling by the queen even if the scene before him was drool-worthy.
Luhan, queen of the realm, had a woman bent before her, her beautiful round butt up and out for anyone to see, as the queen alternated between licking and thrusting the dildo in and out of the woman's hole. Chanyeol could clearly see how wet the woman was as the queen played with her. He knew his interest was evident with how hard his cock was, already leaking precum.
"Well now...what should we do with you? Any opinions, Baekhyun?" Luhan gently lifted the woman up, keeping the dildo inside her as she turned the woman to look at her.
Chanyeol could feel himself growing harder when he saw the woman's face. Her long brown hair framed her small face. Her eyes were misty as she glanced over at him. Her lips were red and puffy, probably from biting her lips. She was the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen (other than the queen but that went without saying).
"Luhan..." Chanyeol saw her bottom lip tremble and Luhan's smirk before she was bringing the woman’s face to hers and covering Baekhyun's mouth with her own. At the same time, Luhan began moving the dildo in and out of her.
A grunt pulled the two apart. They turned to see Chanyeol flushed a bright red, streams of cum on his hands and legs, some on the floor where he failed to catch it.
"Well," Luhan gave a slow smile. "I think I might know where to put you now.”
“Baekhyun,” Luhan gently massaged Baekhyun’s ass for Chanyeol to see. “Would you care to show him to his chambers? The red one." Baekhyun nodded. "Oh, and don't take out the dildo until I tell you, okay? So make sure it stays in."
Luhan beamed at her, giving her a peck goodbye.
Baekhyun took a moment to steady herself, having been denied an orgasm by the premature ejaculation of the pleasure slave before her. Placing a hand at the base of the dildo, Baekhyun awkwardly walked down the steps towards the pleasure slave. "If you'll follow me."
She headed out of the room and down several sets of hallways before stopping at a bright red door. "This will be your room."
Chanyeol bowed his head but made no move to walk inside.
Baekhyun arched a brow.
"Wh-," Chanyeol cleared his throat, "what's your name?"
Baekhyun gave an amused smile. "Baekhyun. And your name?"
"Chanyeol." He shuffled his feet. "So...will I be seeing you around?"
Baekhyun raked her glance up and down Chanyeol's form. She disregarded the mess and took in the lean, toned body and somewhat impressive length. She noted it was half-hard and smiled. "Maybe."
Turning on her heel, she headed back to her room, just a door away. Bending over slightly, she made sure Chanyeol had a view of the dildo still inside as she gently pulled it out and pushed it back in. Making sure the dildo was securely in place, she slowly straightened up and entered her room. She heard the telltale muffled curse and peeked out to see Chanyeol with an impressive boner.
With a quiet, pleased laugh, she quietly closed her door. Too bad he wouldn't be able to relieve it anytime soon, fitting payback for earlier.
Tags: baekhyun/chanyeol, baekhyun/luhan, r/nc-17, sex harem

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