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Title: "Feed Me"
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 324
Summary: Luhan's got cravings Sehun must satisfy.
Warning: mpreg

“Sehun! I’m hungry.” Luhan waddled into the kitchen, round belly proceeding him.
Sehun looked up from his work to smile at his husband. “Can you wait a little bit?”
“No,” Luhan frowned as he sat down next to Sehun. “Baby is hungry and when baby is hungry, I am hungry. So feed us now.”
Luhan grabbed Sehun’s papers from him and set it to the side.
Sehun huffed but used to his husband’s mood swings, got up to prepare some food for them. “What are you in the mood for?”
“Something sweet. Baby is craving something sweet.” Luhan smiled as he rubbed his stomach.
Sehun wandered to the fridge. “So…ice cream?”
Luhan wrinkled his nose. “No.”
“No.” Luhan rubbed his belly. “Baby is craving something sweet.”
“Well, what is sweet to you?” Sehun went back to Luhan and gently held his hand, rubbing the back.
“I don’t know.” Luhan frowned. “I’m just following Baby’s whims and he’s not being very cooperative. He’s just hungry.”
“Well, why don’t I just make you some food and you’ll eat what you feel like?”
“Okay,” Luhan beamed, kissing Sehun’s cheeks.
Sehun smiled and quietly sighed. He started grabbing all sorts of food to cater to the different taste buds. Luhan always had cravings but they were never specific cravings, which made it tough whenever he got hungry. They went through a lot of food just to satisfy Luhan’s craving.
As Sehun started cooking several simple dishes, Luhan was singing and rubbing his stomach. He smiled, seeing his husband so happy.
It was hard catering to a pregnant husband, but he did his best and the end results were definitely worth it.
“Are you done yet, Sehun?” Luhan smiled as he continued to rub his stomach.
“Almost, Luhan. Just wait a little bit.” Sehun gave a small gentle smile as he finished up the four dishes, putting it on one plate for Luhan.
Only two more months left…

A/N: something quick to end this whole month~ :P
Tags: hunhan month, sehun/luhan

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