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Title: Gingerbread House
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan, minor Chanyeol/D.O.
Word Count: 845
Summary: It's time to make gingerbread houses.

"Alright, kids. Today we're going to decorate our own gingerbread houses. Does everyone have their milk carton?"
"Yes, Mr. Kim."
"Good." Joonmyun smiled. "Me and Mr. Wu are going to go around and help you put the graham crackers onto the milk cartons and then after, you're free to decorate them as you wish, okay?"
The sounds of children rose as they talked about what they were going to do after Mr. Kim and Mr. Wu covered their milk cartons with graham crackers.
"I'm going to create a skyscaper. It's going to look all shiny and tall."
"You can't do that. There's nothing shiny to use and the cartons aren't that big." Jongdae stuck his tongue out at Chanyeol.
"Fine, I'll just use blue instead of shiny stuff. Since skyscrapers are blue."
"I'm going to make a lot of flowers for my house." Yixing smiled as he started to pick out the red and yellow candies for his flowers.
As each child was given his own graham cracker covered milk carton, the voices quieted a bit as everyone concentrated on decorating their gingerbread house to their heart's content.
"Hey Sehunnie, do you have any green I can use?" Luhan tapped his friend on the shoulder.
Sehun looked around the table, a giant mess of cnady and icing as each person had grabbed for what they wanted. He spotted some green candy and icing just out of his reach.
"Hey, Jongin, can you pass me the green stuff there?"
Jongin stopped decorating his house to grab the bowl and passed it over.
Luhan smiled at Sehun when he handed it over. "Thanks, Sehunnie."
"Hey, Luhan?"
"Hmm?" Luhan looked at Sehun.
"Can you pass me those red candies?"
Luhan looked at the bowl in front of him. "Oh, sure."
He grabbed the bowl and handed it to Sehun.
"Thanks, Luhan."
The cafeteria was quiet as people put the finishing touches on their gingerbread houses.
Kyungsoo's house was a mix of reds and blacks. He had several little gummy bears in a circle on the front lawn and in the middle was one gummy bear surrounded by reds, oranges, and yellows.
"Hey, Kyungsoo, what's that?"
Kyungsoo smiled sweetly at the table. "Chanyeol on fire."
"YA!" Chanyeol would've moved towards the boy but Baekhyun and Jongdae's hand on his arm stopped him. Frowning, Chanyeol crossed his arms in front of his chest.
"What about you?"
The rest of the kids at the table started chatting animatedly about their gingerbread house. Yixing had a garden all around his gingerbread house along with gummy bears to represent his family and friends.
Sehun nudged Luhan's side. "Hey Luhan, what did you do with your gingerbread house?"
Luhan flushed a little and pushed his gingerbread house towards Sehun. There was a window on each side of the house and one above the door. Luhan had made a tiny little path using Nerd candies for the stone-like effect. He'd made a few little plants around and in front were two gummy bears.
"Who are they suppose to be?" Sehun pointed at the gummy bears.
"That one," Luhan pointed to the green gummy bear, "is me. And the other one," pointing to the clear one, "is you."
Sehun looked at the two bears standing in front of the house. "How come it's just the two of us?"
"Because I want it to be just me and you in this house. I want to live with Sehunnie when we're older. What about you, Sehunnie?"
"Oh," Sehun blushed and tried to hide his gingerbread house away.
"Sehunnie," Luhan pouted. "Let me see."
With a small frown, Sehun pushed his gingerbread house to Luhan.
It was decorated almost like Luhan's, just that Sehun used different colors. But out front, there were four gummy bears.
"Who are they suppose to be?" Luhan poked at one of the gummy bears.
"Hey, don't knock over our baby."
"" Luhan looked at Sehun with wide eyes.
Sehun was flushed a bright pink. "Uh yeah...I was thinking...the same thing as you but...well...wouldn't it be nice to have some kids?"
Luhan just stared at his friend until Sehun began to fidget uncomfortably.
"Yes!" Luhan threw his arms around Sehun, almost knocking their gingerbread houses over. He buried his head into Sehun's neck and clung tight.
"Hey, hey, hey, what's going on?" The rest of the kids at the table turned to look at the two.
"Sehun and I are gonna get married and have kids." Luhan beamed as he cuddled closer to Sehun.
"What?!?! You can't get married now."
"We're not going to marry now but when we're older, right, Sehunnie?"
Sehun just nodded his head as his hands wrapped around Luhan.
"No fair, I wanna get married and have kids." Chanyeol pouted before smiling and turning to someone. "Kyungsoo, will you marry me?"
The murderous look on Kyungsoo's face said it all.
As Chanyeol ran away to Mr. Wu, Kyungsoo close behind, Luhan leaned his head on Sehun's shoulder and looked at their two gingerbread houses, enjoying the picture of their future.

A/N: so i figured they were like fourth or fifth grade...maybe fifth? and it's kind of hunhan focused which is why i'm just edging it into my hunhan month thing but yeah. i just wanted something cutesy
btw the idea of kyungsoo using a gummy bear and candy to represent chanyeol on fire is something i did back in elementary school when i got to make gingerbread houses :P
Tags: chanyeol/d.o., hunhan month, sehun/luhan

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