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Title: Amongst the Flowers
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 215
Summary: Little fairies Sehun and Luhan have fun amongst the flowers.

Flying through the forest, Luhan raised his arms and felt the wind against his face. He zipped around leaves and branches, coming to rest on the branch where his friend lived.He knocked on the door and waited.
"Hi Sehun, ready to go?"
"Just give me a moment." Sehun made sure his house was nice and tidy before heading out with Luhan.
Today the two were checking the flower patches to the north of the forest. flying in sync, Sehun loved watching Luhan fly. His hair blew away from his face as he whizzed past leaves and branches. He was a delicate looking fairy, very slight, with a bright disposition.
Sehun ducked out of the way of an incoming branch and followed after his friend.

The flower fields were one of his favorite places. Luhan flew past marigolds and daffodils and headed for a carnation. Landing lightly on top, he curled his feet beneath him and watched as Sehun landed on the carnation next to him.
The two looked out at the flower fields in silence, watching the gentle breeze flow through the petals and saw the various bugs come out.
Luhan smiled as he petted the ladybug that came up to him. "Isn't it so beautiful out here?"
"Yeah, the view is very nice." But Sehun was looking out at the field of flowers. He was looking at Luhan, perched on the carnation, with a ladybug next to him and the wind ruffling his hair as his wings fluttered lightly behind him.

A/N: short lil drabble that i had no idea what i was doing :T just had the idea but no real plot so this happened
Tags: hunhan month, sehun/luhan

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