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Title: Made with Love
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 952
Summary: Luhan cooks dinner for his boyfriend every night but the problem is he's not a very good cook.

Sehun sat at the dining room table, preparing himself to try his boyfriend’s latest concoction. Luhan had been on a cooking kick, wanting to try this recipe or that recipe. He didn’t have the heart to tell his boyfriend that while his enthusiasm for cooking was great, he just didn’t have the skills to be a good cook. His meals were somewhat edible at best.
“Sehun~ I hope you’re hungry.” With a large smile, Luhan walked into the dining room holding a large plate piled high with what looked like chicken. The chicken was covered in some brown sauce that made it look very questionable.
Luhan set the plate down on the table and beamed at Sehun.
Sehun took a piece and placed it into his mouth. The sauce had a bitter, almost burnt taste while the chicken was too rubbery. He chewed the food as best as he could before swallowing. Giving a slightly crooked smile, Sehun tried his best to look like he was enjoying it.
“Is it good?”
“Mmm…” Sehun pressed his lips together and nodded his head, waiting for Luhan to leave.
“Is it really good?”
Sehun just nodded his head again.
“Okay then.” Luhan beamed, pressing a kiss to Sehun’s cheek and going back to the kitchen to clean up.
Sehun grabbed his glass of water and quickly chugged it down. He eyed the rest of the food on the plate and wondered how to get rid of it quickly. Glancing sideways towards the open balcony, Sehun quietly grabbed the plate and set it outside, hiding it behind the lounge chair set out there for now until he could completely remove it.
He was just taking a seat again when Luhan appeared in the kitchen doorway. His eyes widened when he spotted the empty table. “You finished it all?”
Sehun smiled brightly. “Yeah, it was just so delicious and I was starving.”
“Do you want me to make you more?”
“Oh no, no, no, that was more than enough for me.” Sehun stood up and reached for Luhan’s hands. He gently rubbed his thumbs over the back of Luhan’s hands. “Have you eaten yet?”
“Oh no, I was too busy cooking to even think about eating.”
“Here, why don’t you let me make you some food then?” Sehun smiled and eased Luhan into the chair.
“Oh, but you really shouldn’t.” Luhan tried to protest but Sehun gently urged him to sit down and rest. Luhan sat at the table as Sehun went into the kitchen to start cooking. He frowned, resting his head on his arms, as Sehun started pulling out ingredients.
Luhan had started cooking to try and help his boyfriend who worked as a chef in a nice restaurant. He’d seen Sehun come home all tired and didn’t want him to have to cook him a meal when he came back. But he knew he wasn’t as good a cook as Sehun but he was trying. He looked out at the balcony and saw a flash of color by the lounge chair. Heart sinking, he realized Sehun had put his food outside.
Standing up from the table, he went out to grab it and walked into the kitchen. “Sehun, why was my food out on the balcony?”
Sehun turned from where he was chopping vegetables to see his boyfriend’s downcast expression while he held his plate of chicken and brown sauce. He felt his heart sink, seeing his boyfriend so distressed. Setting down the knife and wiping his hands, he walked over to his boyfriend and took the plate from him. He set it on the counter and reached for Luhan’s hands.
“I’m so sorry, Luhan. I know you tried hard to make the dish for me but it really is tough to swallow.” His lips lifted in a tiny smile as Luhan lifted watery eyes to him. “I set it aside for now to toss later but I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I’m really sorry for my actions.”
The first tear spilled from Luhan’s eyes.
“I really appreciate your effort, Luhan, and if you really want to cook, I’d be happy to show you.”
Luhan shook his head. “Th-that’s okay, Sehun. I know how tired you are after work and well…I hoped to help you by having a hot meal ready for you when you came home but I guess that’s not going to happen.”
He gave him a small smile.
Sehun looked fondly down at his boyfriend and gently kissed his forehead. “I appreciate the thought, Luhan, but as long as I have you to come home to, I don’t need that hot meal…though it is greatly appreciated if you can do that. But I suggest next time you try, maybe get a few lessons first? Or order some takeout.”
Sehun grinned as Luhan gave a watery smile. Sehun’s fingers came up to wipe the errant tears away before Luhan was burying his head into Sehun’s chest and holding him tightly. “How about we go order that takeout? Because I really am starving.”
“But you already started cooking.” Luhan eyed the vegetables partially chopped and water boiling on the stove.
“Then a compromise. We’ll cook together.”
“Okay.” Luhan smiled up at Sehun.
“Just follow my instructions and we’ll have something good to eat.” Sehun gave his boyfriend a teasing smile who just pouted and lightly hit his chest.
“Come on.” Sehun took Luhan’s hand and led him over to the vegetables. “You can finish chopping the vegetables while I get the pasta cooking.”
The two worked amicably in the kitchen, Luhan following Sehun’s instructions, and in the end, the two had a wonderful meal to enjoy together, full of their love.

A/n: cute, short lil thing :3 hopefully it's okay :T i never know :P
Tags: hunhan month, sehun/luhan

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