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Title: The Intern
Pairing: Kai/D.O., minor Xiumin/Luhan
Word Count: 2691
Summary: Jongin has a new intern by the name of Do Kyungsoo who he finds very attractive.

Written for savannah ^^

“Mr. Kim, this is the new intern, Do Kyungsoo.” Lu Han nodded his head before closing the door behind him.
Jongin looked up from his desk to see a petite male in a grey suit and light blue tie. His hair fell straight, his bangs ending just above his eyes, giving him a youthful look. He had large, round eyes with a hint of innocence shining in them. He gave a small smile as he bowed towards Jongin.
“Hello, Mr. Kim. I will do my best and I hope you treat me well.” Kyungsoo gave another bow.
Jongin just watched him, eyes moving up and down his body in a quick survey. A corner of his mouth lifted in a small smile. “Thank you, Kyungsoo.”
Kyungsoo bowed once more before leaving. Lu Han stayed behind, shutting the door behind Kyungsoo.
“So…like your new intern?”
My new intern?”
“Oh yes, I assigned him to work beneath you so you’ll get the pleasure of seeing him every day as he reports to you for work.” Lu Han’s eyes glint, seeing the light flush beneath Jongin’s cheeks. “Don’t tire him out so soon. He’s on call whenever you need him.”
“On call?”
“Yep, didn’t I tell you? His desk is right outside your office. He’s an intern but he’s quite experienced so he’ll be acting as your secretary while completing his own work. He’s just a temporary secretary until you find someone to fill the position full-time. Alright, see you for lunch.” Lu Han waved his fingers in greeting before heading back to work.
Jongin dropped his pen and ran a hand through his hair. He couldn’t believe it. Lu Han had to know what he was doing, putting that delectable young man as his secretary.
Jongin closed his eyes. He could perfectly draw his new intern’s face and body. His body reacted accordingly, heating up as his mind began to wander. Shaking his head to stop the flow of thoughts, he grabbed his phone and dialed a number.
“Minseok, you need to control your boyfriend.”
The man on the other end of the line laughed. “You saw your new intern?”
“You knew!?!?! And you didn’t warn me?” Jongin groaned as he ran his hand through his hair again.
“Why would I need to warn you? He’s just your intern, nothing more, unless you want something more to happen.”
Jongin could hear the smile in his voice. “Hyung!”
“Oh come on, Jongin. I would hope you’d have some self control.”
“I do but…have you seen him? He’s adorable. He looks so perfect in his suit and so innocent, I just want to ruffle him up.”
Minseok laughed. “At least wait a week or two before you make some move. I can’t warn you about interoffice relationships because well, most everyone in the office seems to be together, but at least be careful not to ruin the workflow.”
“Alright, alright. I do have some class and control. I can separate business from personal. Don’t you worry about the whole workflow.” Jongin hung up the phone and placed his head on the desk. Work just got a lot more complicated.

The whole week was torture as Jongin saw Kyungsoo at least five times a day. His temporary secretary would come in early to make him coffee and bring him a little something for breakfast (“Lu Han told me to make sure you eat so I brought you a little something to munch on.” Kyungsoo had smiled as he set a tray on Jongin’s desk.). He’d come in later to clear the tray but return around lunchtime to check if Jongin was going to stay in the office or go out and throughout the day, Kyungsoo would come in with various paperwork for Jongin to sign or to just check up on him.
Seeing his young intern so often was making Jongin lose precious sleep, as his mind would be filled with fantasies of Kyungsoo. Jongin sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
“Knock, knock.” Minseok poked his head through the door. “Ready to go to lunch?”
“Sure, let me just wrap this up.” Jongin signed off on some papers and set them aside for Kyungsoo to pick up later. Grabbing his jacket, he slipped it on and walked out to find Luhan perched on Kyungsoo’s desk, chatting with the intern.
“Come on, Luhan. Time to go.” Minseok smiled as he wrapped an arm around Luhan’s waist.
“Alright. Ready, Kyungsoo?”
Jongin’s eyes widened. “You’re coming to lunch with us, Kyungsoo?”
“Yes, Mr. Kim. Luhan invited me.” Kyungsoo’s cheeks were flushed a light pink.
“Ah okay.” Jongin waited for Kyungsoo to grab his jacket. “And you don’t have to be so formal, Kyungsoo.”
Jongin flashed his intern a smile, causing the said boy to turn a darker shade of pink. Kyungsoo slipped into his jacket and followed the trio to the elevator. The ride down was silent except for the cheery elevator music.
Luhan and Minseok walked out of the elevator first. Jongin started to move but when he brushed against Kyungsoo, he paused and let his intern out first. Slowly following after his friends, Jongin found Luhan had picked a place close by but had quite a romantic setting. He narrowed his eyes at Luhan’s innocent-looking smile.
“Reservation for four under Luhan.”
“Ah yes, right this way.” The maître d led the four to a table near the back, away from the crowd.
“Thank you.” Luhan smiled as he slipped into a chair. He pulled Kyungsoo down next to him with Minseok taking the seat across from Luhan, which left Jongin to sit across from Kyungsoo.
Slipping into the seat, Jongin looked at his intern before glancing down at his menu. He had never sat across from his intern before, had never even spent so much time in the presence of his intern, that it was making him feel strange like there were butterflies in his stomach. Carefully holding the menu in front of him, Jongin took his time reading through all the menu items even though he already knew what he wanted to order.
“So Kyungsoo, how are you liking work so far?”
“Oh, it’s been good so far, Luhan.” Kyungsoo smiled.
“That’s good, that’s good. Has Jongin been treating you well?”
“Yes, Mr. Kim uh I mean Jongin has been treating me quite well.”
“That’s good to know. So is everyone ready to order?”
“Uh, almost. Just another minute?” Kyungsoo gave Luhan a sheepish smile.
“Sure, take your time.” Luhan patted Kyungsoo’s thigh and turned to look at Jongin. “So Jongin, how’s work? I don’t see you around the office much anymore, always cooped up huh?”
“Work’s fine. It’s just the usual.”
“Oh really?” A slow smile crossed Luhan’s face. “Well then, you really should come out of the office more, spend some time with your co-workers. I bet Kyungsoo is all alone, sitting outside your office.”
Jongin’s cheek flushed a bit but Kyungsoo was still absorbed in his menu so he hadn’t heard Luhan’s comment. He reached out to kick Luhan’s shin but missed, hitting someone else’s. No one made a noise but Jongin swore he saw Kyungsoo grimace before leaning over a bit to rub his sore shin. Feeling guilty, he didn’t do it again but had to find some way to get back at Luhan for all this teasing.
Luhan saw the calculating look in his eyes and was already a step ahead of him. “So Kyungsoo, you ready to order?”
“Yep.” Kyungsoo smiled at Luhan.
“Great.” Crooking a finger, Luhan signaled the waiter over.

Lunch had been fun yet stressful with all of Luhan’s innuendo filled comments. Jongin had done his best to dodge or ignore them but Luhan was relentless. Somehow Kyungsoo didn’t get flustered when they were directed at him but any comment about Jongin got him a bit flushed.
Minseok wasn’t any help at all, too amused by his boyfriend’s antics. He enjoyed seeing Jongin so flustered as the young man was too busy with work to have fun now. He was doing what he thought was best for Jongin even if the boy didn’t see it yet. He took a sip of his after meal coffee, sharing a look with Luhan.

After their shared meal a few days ago, Luhan made it a point to invite Kyungsoo along whenever he felt like taking Jongin out for food. A few times, Kyungsoo declined but most of the time, he accepted.
Jongin found lunch to be an uncomfortable affair with Luhan’s innuendos and Kyungsoo’s eating style. It had changed since that first meal together, somehow becoming more suggestive, but Jongin refused to believe his innocent looking intern could be like that.
He was behind his desk, finishing up some paperwork, when his door opened and Kyungsoo walked in.
“I have something for you, Mr. Kim.”
Jongin held out his hand and accepted the letter from Kyungsoo. Quickly skimming it, he paused and carefully read the note again.
Hey Jongin, just thought I’d do something nice and give you a little present. You’ve been working so hard that you deserve a break. I know you don’t like to leave work early so I timed giving you your present. I don’t expect you to leave your office until 9 so you have plenty of time to enjoy. Just remember to stay quiet in case people are still around. P.S. The present is Kyungsoo ;) (I’ve locked the door by the time you finish reading this and it won’t open until 9PM tonight so enjoy)
Jongin looked at his intern standing serenely in front of his desk. Standing up, he walked towards the door and indeed, found it locked. Frowning, he turned to find Kyungsoo watching him.
“Is something wrong, Mr. Kim?”
Jongin cleared his throat. “Uh Kyungsoo, do you know why you’re here?”
“As your present of course.”
Jongin’s eyes bulged out as he looked at his intern smiling serenely at him. “And you agreed to this?”
“Well, you didn’t seem to be taking my hints at lunch.” Kyungsoo bit his bottom lip to stop his smile as he looked at Jongin’s flabbergasted face. “And so I took Luhan’s suggestion.”
“But-but Kyungsoo, do you know what you’re saying? What you’re doing?”
“Of course, Mr. Kim.” Kyungsoo beamed at Jongin. “There’s nothing against interoffice relationships as long as it doesn’t affect work. And I’ve seen the way you look at me so I know you’re interested. I was waiting for you to make the first move, then I started giving you hints, and still you didn’t do anything.”
By this time, Kyungsoo was standing in front of Jongin, whose back was pressed against the wall. He placed a hand of Jongin’s chest, noticing the firm muscles beneath. “So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I hope you don’t mind.”
Jongin swallowed the lump in his throat. Confident Kyungsoo was such a turn-on. “No, not at all.”
Grinning, Kyungsoo gripped Jongin’s tie and brought his head down to kiss him. His tongue swept into Jongin’s mouth, causing said man to groan and clutch the back of Kyungsoo’s shirt. Kyungsoo’s tongue tangled with Jongin’s. He pulled back with a smile.
Jongin buried his face into Kyungsoo’s neck. “Kyungsoo…”
“Now that I gave you permission, I hope you’ll take charge.”
“But I like how you started this.” Jongin smiled down at Kyungsoo.
“Yeah, and I want you to finish this up.”
“Maybe next time you can finish seducing me.” Jongin pouted as he started pushing Kyungsoo back towards his desk.
“Next time…when we’re not in the office.” Kyungsoo smiled as he climbed onto Jongin’s desk.
“I like that sound of that.” Jongin smiled and pecked Kyungsoo on the lips before moving to his neck. His hands worked at the buttons of Kyungsoo’s shirt. Pulling it open, Jongin groaned at all the pale soft skin. His hands ran up the sides of Kyungsoo’s body and gripped the side of his ribs as his lips trailed down. His fingers teased Kyungsoo’s nipples before he fitted his mouth over them to lick.
Kyungsoo moaned, hands coming up to run through Jongin’s hair.
Jongin pulled back to look at Kyungsoo. “Shh…we’re still in the office. You gotta be quiet or we stop now.”
“No.” Kyungsoo groaned and pulled Jongin up to kiss him. “Don’t stop.”
Jongin’s hands gripped Kyungsoo’s waist as he allowed Kyungsoo to control the kiss.
Kyungsoo wiggled his hips. “Move, Jongin, please. Touch me.”
His lips trailed to Jongin’s neck and he bit him. Jongin stifled his moan but his hips moved against Kyungsoo, causing said boy to moan. Jongin placed two fingers in Kyungsoo’s mouth to keep him quiet but barely held back his moan as Kyungsoo started to suck on them.
His other hand moved towards Kyungsoo’s pants, loosening them enough to slip his hand inside.
Kyungsoo frowned around Jongin’s fingers and grabbed at his shirt, quickly unbuttoning them to reveal the well-built chest beneath. His hands ran over Jongin’s chest, touching every bit of skin he could. Eager, he attacked Jongin’s pants. He sucked harder on Jongin’s fingers when he finally got his hands on Jongin’s cock, stroking quickly.
Jongin pressed his mouth to Kyungsoo’s neck as he retaliated, stroking Kyungsoo’s cock just as quickly.
“Jongin, Jongin, Jongin.” Kyungsoo’s head thrashed back and forth as he felt his orgasm building. “I’m so close.”
“We can’t have that, can we?” Jongin’s hand slipped away and Kyungsoo whined around Jongin’s fingers.
Pulling his fingers out, he ran them around Kyungsoo’s rim. “So…would you care for some lube or do you want to feel the burn?”
As impatient as he was, he didn’t want to be too sore the next day. “Lube.”
“Alright.” Jongin pecked Kyungsoo and moved away, heading to his desk drawer. He found the small plastic bottle and returned to Kyungsoo who had stripped off his clothes. Following his lead, Jongin took off his clothes and watched as Kyungsoo, having taken the lube, was already prepping himself. He watched Kyungsoo’s hands disappear in and out of his body.
“Hey, I thought I was suppose to do that.”
Kyungsoo met Jongin’s amused gaze and groaned a little. “Too impatient. Next time, okay?”
“I’ll hold you to that.” Jongin came back between Kyungsoo’s legs. He slipped on the condom he had grabbed earlier and positioned himself.
Kyungsoo held himself open as Jongin slowly slipped inside.
Jongin covered Kyungsoo’s mouth as his hips began to move. Kyungsoo’s hands gripped Jongin’s forearms as he felt himself being fucked so nicely on the desk. The wood was scratching his back but he enjoyed it as Jongin’s hips continued to rock into him.
Jongin pulled his mouth from Kyungsoo’s as he buried his head into Kyungsoo’s neck. A few more thrusts and he was coming.
Kyungsoo gave a low moan and wiggled his hips. Jongin reached a hand up to stroke Kyungsoo’s cock until he was spilling over his hand.
Breathing harshly, Jongin pulled away to look at Kyungsoo’s satisfied face. He brushed a hand over Kyungsoo’s cheek, who turned to nuzzle into it.
“Well, that went better than I’d hope.”
Jongin arched a brow. “You’ve been thinking about this?”
“Of course. Haven’t you?”
Jongin’s cheeks flushed. “Well yeah but I didn’t think this would happen.”
“Well I was hoping it would and glad it did. Now can you get off of me? This desk is uncomfortable now that we’re done.”
“Oh right, sure.” Jongin got off Kyungsoo and helped him up. The two cleaned up and got dressed before standing awkwardly near each other. Now that it was over, they weren’t sure how to proceed.
There were two knocks on Jongin’s office door.
“If you guys are done, we’re going out to dinner to celebrate.” Luhan’s voice drifted through the door. “Now get yourselves out here.”
Jongin and Kyungsoo looked at each other, twin expressions of embarrassment and shock. “We’ll talk later?”
“Sure.” Kyungsoo nodded his head.
Just as Jongin opened the door, Kyungsoo shyly reached out for Jongin’s hand. Holding it tightly, Jongin opened the door to find his friends grinning at him.

A/N: took forever to write this and idk if she'll remember about it but yeah...i hope it's okay :3
Tags: kai/d.o., one shot, r/nc-17, xiumin/luhan

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