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Title: Report to My Office, I Need You
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 3006
Summary: Sehun, an intern at Mr. Lu’s office, has to deal with his boss’ whims, being called into his office at will. This includes some not appropriate office behavior from his boss, something he thinks is wrong but something he secretly enjoys.

Luhan gave a small smirk as he looked up to see who had walked into his office. He stopped writing and settled back into his chair. “Yes?”
Sehun took careful steps until he stood in front of Mr. Lu’s desk. He kept a firm hold of the stack of paper in his hands as he tried to keep his nerves from showing. The look Mr. Lu was giving him always gave him unsettling feelings like butterflies in his stomach. He shifted uneasily from foot to foot. “I have the documents you asked for.”
“Thank you, Sehun. If you could place them on my desk for me?” Lu Han got up from his desk, walking around to his mini bar. He grabbed a glass and poured himself a drink as his eyes raked down the intern’s body. His eyes glinted with delight as he took in the ass outlined in the black slacks, made more prominent as Sehun bent over to put the documents on his desk. He took quiet steps towards the intern, running light fingers over the swell of his ass.
Sehun quickly stood up, not sure if he had imagined the touch or not. Mr. Lu was back behind his desk, slowly looking over the papers.
“You may go, Sehun. I’ll call you when I need you.”
“Yes, Mr. Lu.” Sehun bowed deeply before leaving the office.

“Sehun, I need you for a moment.”
“Yes, Mr. Lu.” Sehun sighed before getting up from his desk. This was the third time this week he’d been called into his office for almost no apparent reason except for some indecent touches that bordered on sexual harassment and yet they weren’t since he always welcomed them (although he wouldn’t admit it to anyone).
Sehun straightened his shirt and pants before knocking on the door.
“Come in.”
Sehun opened the door and found Lu Han resting against his desk, shirt pulled taut across his chest. His jacket was hanging on the back of his chair so Sehun had full view of the white button-down stretched tight around Lu Han’s torso. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he took in the lean muscles beneath.
“You called, Mr. Lu?”
“Yes, Sehun. I need to talk to you about something.” Lu Han beckoned him forward with a finger. “Come here.”
Sehun took slow steps until he stood directly in front of Mr. Lu. He clasped his hands in front of him and waited.
Lu Han straightened from his desk with a smile. “I’ve been noticing some discrepancies in your work lately. It seems you’ve been a bit distracted and not working your best like you were before.”
“Yes, Mr. Lu.”
“Care to tell me why?” Lu Han stood in front of Sehun, invading his personal space.
Sehun took an unconscious step back. “Oh uh, well, Mr. Lu, I’ve just been…well…”
He looked down at his hands, cheeks flushed a light pink, not wanting to reveal the actual reason why.
Lu Han smiled as he stepped closer to Sehun. He kept moving forward until Sehun was backed up against the wall, Lu Han right in his face.
“Mr. Lu…” Sehun shivered. “I don’t think this is proper behavior.”
“I could say the same thing to you.” A slow smirk crossed his face. “Your pants are highly inappropriate.”
“M-M-My pants?”
“Yes, your pants.” Lu Han leaned close to whisper into Sehun’s ear. “Do you know how often I’ve dreamed about seeing if your ass looks as tight as they do in those pants of yours? Those little touches just give me a hint of what you’re hiding.”
Sehun gasped. “So those touches were on purpose. That’s…isn’t that sexual harassment?”
“Why yes, it can be termed that if you filed a complaint saying you didn’t like the touch and since you haven’t yet, it’s reason to believe you do enjoy my touch.” Lu Han’s eyes twinkled as he saw the slight fear and desire in Sehun’s. “Isn’t that right, Sehun?”
“I-I-I…Mr. Lu.” Sehun’s eyes popped as Lu Han pressed up against his body.
“Yes, Sehun?”
“I don’t think, you shouldn’t, Mr. Lu!” Sehun gasped when Lu Han’s hands reached down to grope his ass.
“Hmm…not bad.” Lu Han smiled. “I think I’m going to need to keep you after hours, Sehun.”
“Mr. Lu!” Sehun gasped again when Lu Han pressed more insistently against his body. He could feel Lu Han’s hardness through his pants, pressing against his own growing hardness.
“Shh…I’ll make it worth your while later. And don’t worry about your job.” Lu Han smiled as he gave Sehun’s ass a light smack before leading him to the door. “I’ll see you later.”
Opening the door, he gave the intern a gentle push forward.
Sehun stood, mind reeling and not entirely sure of what happened, just that he was going to see his boss later for some highly inappropriate office activity. His cheeks flushed as he went back to his desk.

Sehun shut off his computer and rubbed his eyes. He had spent the last couple hours getting through the pile of work on his desk. He had said goodbye to some of his fellow co-workers as they all headed home but he had stayed as Mr. Lu had wanted to see him after hours.
Checking the time, Sehun deemed it was late enough and walked down the hall to Mr. Lu’s office. Knocking once, he heard Mr. Lu call him in. He slowly opened the door and stepped inside.
Mr. Lu was seated at his desk, hands clasped together across the top. A slow smile crossed his face as he looked at Sehun standing by the doorway. “Lock the door behind you, Sehun, and come here.”
Sehun turned the lock, hearing the resounding click, and turned around, stepping forward. He took a seat across from Mr. Lu. “Yes, Mr. Lu?”
“Come here, Sehun.” Lu Han crooked his fingers at Sehun.
Sehun stood up and rounded the desk, coming to stand before Lu Han. Lu Han grabbed his hand and tugged him onto his lap. His arms wrapped around Sehun’s waist to keep him in place.
Sehun would’ve wiggled free but Lu Han had a tight grip on his waist.
“Don’t even think about it, Sehun.” Lu Han smiled as his lips brushed against Sehun’s neck. “I’m not letting you go now that I have you in my arms but you can keep wiggling around. I’m sure you’ll like the results.”
Sehun froze, eyes widened. He could already feel Lu Han pressing up against him. “M-M-Mr. Lu…”
“Lu Han. Call me Lu Han, Sehun.” Lu Han smiled as he turned Sehun’s head towards his. Hand holding his chin, Lu Han pulled Sehun’s head down for a brief kiss. He pulled back and saw Sehun’s cheeks flushed a light pink.
Lu Han leaned forward and pressed his lips against his for a deeper kiss. His tongue traced the seam of Sehun’s lips, asking for permission.
Sehun opened his lips a tiny fraction, just enough for Lu Han to slip his tongue inside.
Lu Han’s tongue swept through Sehun’s mouth, laying claim to the boy, as he tasted the flavor of Sehun.
Sehun moaned, hands coming to rest on Lu Han’s shoulders. His mouth fell open, free for Lu Han’s conquest.
Lu Han pulled his mouth away and buried his head in the crook of Sehun’s neck. He breathed deeply, catching his breath as the kiss took more out of him than he had expected. He pressed a kiss to the side of Sehun’s neck, moving up to kiss behind his ear. His hands moved to the top of Sehun’s pants, reaching to untuck Sehun’s shirt and slipping his hands inside. His fingers trailed up Sehun’s barely defined abs to his chest, thumbs resting on top of Sehun’s nipples. As his tongue licked Sehun’s neck, his thumbs teased Sehun’s nipples.
Sehun moaned, head tilting to the side to allow Lu Han more access.
One of Lu Han’s hands came out to begin unbuttoning Sehun’s shirt. His lips trailed down Sehun’s chest as more of the pale skin was revealed.
Sehun moaned, hands gripping Lu Han’s shoulder tightly as he leaned back. Lu Han’s lips felt like heaven as they trailed over his body. He could feel his pants tightening as he pushed his chest up for more of Lu Han’s kisses.
Lu Han looked up Sehun’s chest, marveling at the beauty before him. Sehun was bending over, way farther than Lu Han thought he could possibly bend. He ran a hand from the top of Sehun’s chest down to the top of his pants. Making quite work of the belt and button, Lu Han pulled Sehun’s length from his pants. His eyes flashed with heat and desire, seeing the half-hard length in his hand. He gently stroked it, bringing it to full hardness.
Sehun moaned, shifting his hips, when Lu Han rubbed a thumb over his slit. “L-L-Lu Han…”
“Shh…” Keeping a grip of Sehun’s waist, Lu Han shifted him off of him and pressed him up against his desk.
Sehun leaned back against the desk, his arms bracing his weight, as Lu Han pulled down Sehun’s pants and boxers. He nudged Sehun’s legs apart and slipped between them. His knees might ache a bit later but he figured it would be worth it with this view before him.
Leaning forward, Lu Han took the tip into his mouth. As his tongue pressed against the underside, Lu Han slowly took more into his mouth. He flicked his tongue around the length in his mouth, sucking on occasion.
He could feel Sehun shaking beneath him, legs trembling from holding his weight. He bobbed his head up and down, making sure to suck hard when he bobbed up.
Sehun moaned, spreading his legs wider, tilting his head back as he tried not to thrust up into Lu Han’s mouth. “Lu Han…”
Lu Han pulled off and glanced at Sehun. With a grin, he lifted Sehun’s legs up, pushing them towards his chest. “Hold these for me, will you?”
Sehun’s hands gripped the back of his knees. Lu Han had a firm grip around Sehun’s hips to keep him in place as he leaned down and brushed his thumb over Sehun’s entrance.
Sehun choked on his breath but tightened his grip as Lu Han continued to brush against Sehun’s entrance.
“Time for me to taste this delicious ass of yours.” Lu Han positioned himself beneath Sehun’s raised ass. He repositioned his hands to make sure Sehun was stable before placing his mouth right above Sehun’s entrance. He gently blew across it and watched the hole twitch. He gently licked the hole, tracing it with his tongue. Licking around and around, Lu Han brought a finger into play.
Pushing it slight, he watched as Sehun’s hole greedily pulled his finger inside. He circled the finger inside as his tongue continued to lick the rim. He slipped a second finger inside, rubbing against the walls. Scissoring his fingers, Lu Han stretched Sehun’s hole enough to slip his tongue inside.
Sehun moaned and groaned, body shaking from the pleasure and strain of keeping his legs up. “Lu Han…”
Lu Han lifted himself away from Sehun’s ass and looked down at his intern. With a parting kiss to Sehun’s ass, Lu Han reached up and gently eased Sehun’s legs down.
Sehun lay on the desk, catching his breath. He glanced down his body and saw his boss undressing.
Lu Han was unbuttoning his shirt, revealing his pale torso and slightly defined body. He took it off and set it over the back of his chair. He reached down and undid his bottoms, taking them and his briefs off, placing them over his chair. Opening one of his desk drawers, he grabbed a condom and lube, setting them on the desk.
“So Sehun, how do you want to do this: bent over the desk or lying on the desk?”
“L-L-Lying on the desk. I’m too weak to move.” Sehun flushed, embarrassed at his weakened state.
A slow smile spread across Lu Han’s face. He slipped the condom on and grabbed the lube. Spreading a generous amount over his fingers, he made sure to liberally coat Sehun’s entrance and his length before positioning himself between his legs. Holding each of Sehun’s legs, Lu Han slowly pressed inside.
Sehun groaned, hands scrambling against the desk for some kind of purchase.
When Lu Han was fully seated inside Sehun, he braced his arms on either side of Sehun’s body. “Hold on to me, Sehun. It’s going to be a rough ride.”
Sehun’s hands gripped Lu Han’s biceps.
“All set?”
Sehun nodded his head.
Lu Han pulled his hips back and slammed back in, pulling groans from the two of them. Lu Han continued to move his hips back and forth, fucking Sehun into his desk.
Sehun’s mouth fell open as he gave himself over to the pleasure. He hadn’t realized his boss would be so dominating in bed as well and it was doing things to his system. He could only lie there, gripping Lu Han’s arms as he was fucked so well. “Lu Han…”
Lu Han looked down at his intern and smiled. Pressing kisses along Sehun’s neck, he reached between them to stroke Sehun’s neglected length.
Sehun moaned, trying to move his hips up into Lu Han’s hand to get more friction.
“Someone’s eager.”
“Please…Lu Han…I want to come. Make me come.” Sehun whined as he writhed on the desk.
Lu Han groaned and buried his face in the crook of Sehun’s neck as his hips worked furiously, thrusting in and out. His hand sped up until Sehun was crying out, spilling between them.
Feeling Sehun clenching around him pulled Lu Han’s orgasm from him. His body pressed against Sehun’s as he came in the condom.
Lu Han collapsed on top of Sehun, breathing deeply as he caught his breath.
Sehun’s head fell back, breathing deeply. He had never noticed the color of the ceiling in his boss’s office and thought it was nice. He was going to be staring at it for a while as he got back his breath and strength.
“Mmm…” Lu Han pressed a kiss to Sehun’s chest. “You’re better than what I imagined.”
Sehun raised a hand to run in through his boss’s hair.
“Starting tomorrow, you’re going to report to me after hours so we can keep doing this.” Sehun’s eyes widened. “Or you can move in with me so I have this every night?”
“Lu Han!” Sehun stared at his boss like he was crazy. “You can’t just…move in with you?!?!?”
Sehun sat up on the desk and stared at Lu Han lounging in his chair, completely at ease with his nakedness. He got down and grabbed for his shirt, slipping it on so he was at least partially clothed. “What kind of person asks someone to move in with them after sex? We barely know each other.”
Lu Han just smiled, crossing his legs as he tapped his fingers together. “I think we know each other pretty well, or we will after we move in together.”
“But why would you want to move in together? Just for the sex? That’s not a good reason.” Sehun started pacing across the office floor. “And what makes you think I’ll keep up this relationship? This was a one-off.”
Lu Han just raised a brow. “Are you really sure this was just a one-off, Sehun? I could come to you now, touch you, and you’d be begging for me again.”
Lu Han smiled as he got up and walked towards Sehun. Sehun froze and started stepping backwards as Lu Han came forwards.
The wall stopped Sehun from moving further as Lu Han crept closer. “You’ll move in with me, Sehun, because as pleasant as having you come to my office every night, it’s not going to be good for business if my office smells like sex all the time.”
Sehun’s eyes widened as Lu Han leaned further into his space. “You’ll move in with me, Sehun, because there’s a connection between us. You may not realize it now, or maybe you do and are just fighting against it, but I can feel it and I know it’s something special.”
Lu Han smiled as he pressed a kiss to Sehun’s neck. “I trust my instincts completely. It’s how I do so well in business and it works in my personal life too. So how about it, Sehun?”
Sehun stared down at his boss. Lu Han was looking at him with such a soft expression, one he normally didn’t see on his boss during work. With a sigh, Sehun hung his head. “Fine, I’ll move in.”
“Really?” Lu Han looked at Sehun with his head bowed down. “Are you actually okay with this, Sehun? I don’t want to force you into something you don’t want.”
“No, no, I’ll move in. I want to. I just…” Sehun shuffled his feet across the floor. “I’m not as confident as you with my instincts.”
Lu Han smiled softly as he placed a gentle hand on Sehun’s cheek. “It’s fine. Spend more time with me and you’ll get in touch with your instincts…or maybe not, but I have a feeling when we’re together, we can accomplish some pretty amazing things… and not just in bed.”
He winked, laughing at Sehun’s flushed face. “Now come on, let’s get you dressed and we’ll stop by your place for you to grab some stuff before heading to mine. I don’t want to go to sleep without you.”
Sehun quickly dressed and followed Lu Han out of the office to his car. Things may be moving too fast but he could say that he wasn’t a bit thrilled at the prospect. There was just something about Lu Han.
Sehun glanced at Lu Han in the driver’s seat. Hopefully living together will show him more to Lu Han, more to this man he fears and hopes he’ll be with forever.

A/N: so i may have rushed this but yeah :P
Tags: hunhan month, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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