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Title: Eclipse of the Heart
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan, minor Xiumin/Tao
Word Count: 4076
Summary: Luhan lives only during the day whereas Sehun lives only during the night. If they want to live all day and night, they'll have to meet and become one.

"Wake up, Luhan, it's almost time."
Luhan blinked open his eyes to see Jongdae smiling at him. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and sat up. Following Jongdae out the door, he watched as the sun began to peek through the horizon and his body solidified.
A bright smile crossed his face. "Time to go shopping!"
Luhan grabbed Jongdae's hand and headed towards the local shopping center. "I saw this adorable sweater that I wanted to try on. If it fits, then I'm buying it."
"Alright, alright, but then you have to come with me somewhere."
"It's a deal."

Whenever it was daylight, Luhan took the opportunity to go and do everything he had scouted during the nighttime. But there just never seemed to be enough time. It didn't help that his list of things to do kept growing as new things kept popping up for him to do.
He wished there was a way for him to get all the time he wanted to experience everything but to do that, he needed to be free to roam during the day and night but that only happened when you found your match.
Which was a lot harder because thanks to the powers that be, your match was in the opposite time as you. Basically, day and night had to be one. Whoever came up with that had some sense of humor because it was hard to find that time when day and night met to be able to meet your match.
Luhan frowned to himself. Since the time he had been alive, only one of his friends had actually found their match. And once that happened, they were free to do whatever they wished. Luhan longed for that freedom. Sometimes he liked to curse in his head about being a spirit of the day but there were some good points about being a spirit. He smiled when he spotted the sweater he had been eyeing. Squealing, he ran over and grabbed his size to try on.

Luhan and Jongdae were walking down the street, heading to the place Jongdae had wanted to visit. It was a quaint little cafe off some side street.
"How did you find this place?"
"Oh you know, just wandering around at night. It's kind of nice being a spirit and free to roam as you wish."
"But don't you," Luhan wrinkled his nose, "run into other things?"
Jongdae laughed. "Well yes but it's nothing."
"Maybe for you," Luhan mumbled under his breath as he followed Jongdae into the building.
The smell of coffee hit Luhan's nose, making his mouth water. "I like this place so far."
"Oh close your mouth. You just like the coffee smell."
"Right you are."
The two walked up to the cashier. "I'll have an Americano."
"And I'll have a cappuccino," Jongdae glanced at the cashier's nametag, "Minseok."
"Alright, one Americano and one cappuccino coming right up."
Minseok turned to begin making their drinks.
Luhan and Jongdae walked over to the side of the counter to wait for their drinks. They thanked Minseok when they got their drinks a few minutes later.
Heading to an empty table on the side, Luhan and Jongdae sat down and enjoyed their drinks.
"So any luck finding your match?"
Jongdae arched a brow. "Interesting topic choice. Been thinking about finding your match, Luhan?"
Luhan took a sip of his drink before placing it down with a sigh. "Yes, I'm wary of being so limited now. I want to be free to explore."
"Don't we all...or well some of us," Jongdae muttered as he took a sip of his drink.
"Why do they have to make it so hard? Like how are we suppose to even find our match when day and night never meet?"
"That's not entirely true." The two looked up to see Minseok standing by their table. "Sorry to be eavesdropping but there are times when day and night meet."
"Like when?" Luhan scooted over so Minseok could pull up a seat.
"Well sunrise and sunset tend to be considered when day and night meet because as night fades, it becomes day and then day fades, it becomes night. Plus there are eclipses when the moon covers the sun for a few hours."
" you know when the next eclipse is going to happen?"
" but I could look it up from you. Or you could look it up yourselves." Minseok smiled at the pair.
"Could you look it up for us, please?" Jongdae smiled at Minseok.
Minseok sighed but pulled out his phone. "Sure. Just give me a moment."
"He seems to know a lot about this stuff," Luhan whispered to Jongdae.
"Yeah, it's great. isn't it?"
"Alright, according to this, the next eclipse should be happening later this week."
"What!?!? This week!?!?" The two grabbed at Minseok's hand to look at the phone. They stared at the date on the phone.
"Holy shit! That's so soon."
Luhan and Jongdae turned wide eyes at each other.
"Yep, maybe I'll see if I can catch it, if I'm busy at work." Minseok pocketed his phone.
"Thanks so much for your help, Minseok. Maybe we'll see you around."
"Sure, you're welcome back any time."
"Thanks. See you." Luhan and Jongdae waved before exiting the cafe.

Luhan and Jongdae were relaxing at a nearby park, one of their favorite spots to sit and watch the sunset. As the sun began to sink below the horizon, Luhan could feel his body begin to melt away. He looked at his friend Jongdae who just smiled as his own body began to disappear.
Luhan glanced around the nearly empty park and startled when he locked eyes with another. The man was very faint, like he was a ghost. As Luhan kept his eyes on him, he noticed the man was starting to materialize as he dematerialized. Keeping his eyes locked on the man, Luhan waited until he was completely gone, now a spirit wandering the earth, and the man was fully formed.
The man he was looking at was tall, taller than him, with pale skin and dark brown hair. He walked closer to him to see him better.
"Hey, Luhan? What are you doing?" Jongdae walked over to Luhan.
"I'm just going to get a closer look at someone."
Jongdae raised a brow. "Um...okay, well I'm off to wander. I guess I'll see you back at home."
Luhan waved him away, eyes still locked on the man. Thankful for his current state, Luhan was free to follow the man.

Sehun straightened his clothes and stretched his limbs. Rolling his shoulders, he still could feel this little prickle on the back of his neck. Looking around, he couldn't see anyone in the deserted park.
He rubbed a hand over the nap of his neck. That moment during sunset, he swore he locked eyes with someone but they had disappeared before he could get a good look at them.
Sehun left the park and headed towards the clubs. Knowing his friends, they would've already gotten a table, or a room, if they were lucky enough. He was never sure how it happened but his friends had ways of getting a private table or room just for them.
Flashing the bodyguard a smile , he was allowed into the club. Heading towards the back, Sehun maneuvered through the crowd to find his friends already at the table.
Baekhyun was already drinking, arm slung companionably around Kyungsoo's neck. Kyungsoo was holding his customary drink. Yixing had stopped by the table to greet Sehun before melding back into the dance floor. Joonmyun smiled, patting the spot next to him and handing Sehun a drink.
"Hey, what took you so long?"
"Nothing. I came in my normal time. It's you weirdos that like to just materialize in the club."
"Uh no, not the club, just nearby so we can make the most of our time." Baekhyun smiled as he tossed back his drink.
Joonmyun placed a comforting hand on Sehun's shoulder. "Hey, are you sure you're okay?"
Sehun looked at Joonmyun. Of all his friends, Joonmyun seemed to know him best. With a sigh, Sehun scooted closer to Joonmyun to rest his head on his shoulders. "I don't know. Just as I was changing, I thought I saw someone."
"Someone...someone like-?" Joonmyun pointed to the ceiling.
Sehun gave a little chuckle and nodded his head. "Yeah, I mean it was sunset and we locked gazes as he disappeared while I became me."
Joonmyun ran a hand over Sehun's hair. "Do you think he's the one?"
"I don't know but how would I even be able to find him again?"
Joonmyun sighed as he began to stroke Sehun's hair. "Just have faith. If it's truly meant, you'll meet again. Besides the eclipse is a few days away. Maybe you can find him then."
"But the eclipse only lasts for a few hours. Not enough time to find someone among millions of other people."
"Well, I don't know what to tell you." Joonmyun nudged Sehun's side. "Why don't you go dance? It'll take your mind off this and like Baek said, don't waste these few hours."
"Thanks, Joonmyun." Sehun brushed a kiss over his cheek in gratitude before grabbing Kyungsoo's hand to drag him onto the dance floor.
Kyungsoo tried to protest, saying he wasn't a good dancer, but Sehun wasn't having any of that. He needed a distracting dance partner to get his mind off of earlier. He would've grabbed Baekhyun but he was already dancing with Yixing in the middle of the floor.

Luhan stood in the middle of the crowd, not caring of the many people dancing through him, as he watched the man named Sehun dance with someone from his group of friends. His friend wasn't much of a dancer but he could keep a beat and had decent rhythm. sehun, on the other hand, seemed to be a natural born dancer with the way he moved so fluidly. His pale skin shone under the club lights as he moved to the beat. Two of Sehun's other friends joined them and Luhan watched as Sehun and one of his friends danced together.
The way the two moved in sync had the breath catching in Luhan's throat. Both had pale skin and dark hair that added to the attraction of their bodies. He had never seen someone move so well. Luhan wanted to call them liquid moonlight since they moved just like water. He had a feeling he had stumbled across a group from his opposite time.
Letting the thrill of the find run through his body, Luhan's eyes stayed focused on Sehun. Something about this one in particular drew him, made him want to know more. Cursing their different times, Luhan wondered how he could get to know this pale beauty.

"Luhan! Hey Luhan!" Jongdae walked to Luhan's room but found it empty.Frowning, Jongdae headed back towards where he had left Luhan. He found the boy standing by a tree and looking at something. On closer inspection, he realized he was looking at someone.
"Hey, Luhan."
Luhan jumped when Jongdae tapped his shoulder.
"Oh hey Jongdae." His eyes widened. "Oh my god, I totally forgot. I'm so sorry."
"Hey, it's no big deal. But what were you doing that got you so distracted?"
Luhan glanced around before leaning in close to whisper in Jongdae's ear. "I may have just found my other half."
"What!?!" Jongdae's eyes widened and he looked around Luhan to look at where he was staring before. "Him?!!?"
"I think so." Luhan smiled to himself. "We locked gazes earlier and so I followed him and found him and a bunch of his friends living it up at some club."
Jongdae's eyes widened. "You found a group of them!?!?!? How lucky are you?"
Luhan shrugged his shoulders. "I watched them the whole time and he's such a great his dancer. His friends aren't that bad either but I kinda only had eyes for him."
"Oh whoa...sounds serious."
Luhan blushed.
"But how are you going to talk to him?"
Luhan frowned. "I don't know. But I'll find a way...hopefully."
As the sun rose above the horizon, Jongdae and Luhan changed. Luhan could've sworn he and Sehun locked gazes again during that moment of transformation but he couldn't be entirely sure.

As Sehun's body turned to mist, his gaze was drawn to a figure standing by the tree. He jolted when he recognized the eyes from earlier.
As the man before him materialized, Sehun took in the petite body and mass of blonde hair. When he had completely faded, he got closer to the couple.

"So where did you want to go?"
Luhan pursed his lips. "Well, I didn't really get a chance to go around and scope things out so it's up to you."
"Cool." Jongdae smiled. "Let's go back to that cafe and maybe, if I'm up for it, we can go see if we can contact that guy for you."
"For real?" Luhan hugged Jongdae tightly. "You're the best."
"You know if you two did lock gazes, maybe he got curious too and is following you now like you did before."
Luhan's eyes widened as the thought sank in. "Could he really?"
"Well you did." Jongdae shrugged his shoulders. "You never know."
"Hmmm...and here I thought about going back to that club he was at and trying to leave a message."
"We can do that too." Jongdae linked arms with Luhan. "But first, let's head back to that cafe."
Jongdae led the way. As they walked, Luhan looked around him, hoping he could see some sign of the other boy but knowing it was most likely impossible. In spirit form, they couldn't be seen or heard or felt and it was probably the same for them.
"Hey...this looks very familiar."
"Well yeah, we walked down here yesterday when we walked to the park."
"No but..." Luhan's eyes widened when they stopped in front of the cafe from yesterday. "Hey! This is where the club those guys went to last night."
"What? This place?" Jongdae looked at the building. From the front, it seemed ordinary, like a regular building with a cafe out front. "Are you sure?"
"Yeah, I'm positive. It was right here."
"But that can't be." Jongdae looked at Luhan confused. "How can it be a cafe during the day and a club at night?"
Luhan placed his hands on his hips. "How can we be spirits at night and humans during the day?"
Jongdae pursed his lips. "Fine, but that still doesn't explain how this building was the same club you saw last night."
"Maybe this will help explain things a bit better?"
The two turned at the sound of another voice.
Eyes bulging, they watched the person walk towards them with a smile. "Zitao?!?!?!"
Zitao stopped right in front and smiled. "How are you two doing?"
"Alright, but better question is how are you doing and how did you find us?"
"I believe you've met my partner Minseok."Zitao stepped aside to reveal the man they met yesterday.
"What??!?!" Jongdae and Luhan's mouth dropped open. "How is this -?"
"Minseok told me some little daytimers had stopped into the cafe and that made me curious. I didn't realize it would be you two." Zitao smiled as Minseok slipped an arm around his waist. "So, care to go inside and have a little chat?"
"Yes!" Jongdae and Luhan each grabbed Zitao's hand and followed them insides. They passed through the cafe and headed upstairs to a nice apartment.
" looks like you've done well for yourself since you left."
Zitao beamed as Minseok headed to the kitchen to get them drinks and snacks. "Yeah, it's been great."
Zitao accepted the cup from Minseok with a smile and kiss. "We got this place together and opened up the cafe and club downstairs."
"So it is a cafe and club?" Luhan flashed Jongdae a smug smile.
"Yeah, Minseok runs the cafe and I run the club. Since we're free to roam as we wish, we each kinda took over the other's hours because well, you know." Zitao took a sip of his drink. "Our place has somehow become a nice gathering spot for the daytimers and nighttimers."
"Oh really? Then would you happen to know a nighttimer named Sehun?"
"Sehun...Sehun, Sehun, Sehun." Zitao tapped a finger against his chin. "Ah yes, him. What about him?"
Zitao's eyes glittered over the rim of his cup as he took another sip.
"Oh well..." Luhan looked down at his hands."I just kinda saw him yesterday and he well..."
Zitao chuckled and set down his drink. "I think I know where this is going. Lucky you have me around or else you'd have a tough time like I did."
"What do you mean?" Luhan leaned forward.
"That's a tale for another time. Now let's talk about you." Zitao clasped his hands together, placing them on the table in front of him.

Sehun couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing. His friend Zitao was actually the owner of the club he and his friends visited but he was also just like them, just one of the fortunate ones to find his match.
Sehun's eyes wandered to the male standing beside Zitao and pressed his lips together. Though he didn't know Minseok personally, he could see the traits of a nighttimer in his pale skin and dark hair.
Coming closer to the group, Sehun listened to their conversation as his eyes kept looking at Luhan, the pale haired beauty that had captured his attention.

"Well...I was not expecting to spend my day like that." Jongdae and Luhan had left Zitao's place and wandered off into a side street as they waited for the sunset.
"Same but it was good, wasn't it?"
"Oh yes, very good. Even if I wasted some of my precious time, that was definitely informative and we got to see Zitao again."
Luhan nodded his head. "So what are you going to do when we change?"
"Stick around with you to check out some of these nighttimers. I'm curious now and who knows?" Jongdae shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe some of your luck will rub off on me and I can find my match."
"Maybe." Luhan turned his face up to the sky as the light began to fade.
Already prepared to change, Luhan was not expecting to see those eyes again. He kept his gaze locked on
Sehun's as their bodies changed. Just before he completely disappeared, he caught the little smirk on Sehun's lips. He let out a soft groan as he completely disappeared.

The first thing Sehun did when he changed was head towards the club. Not surprised to see his friends a few steps ahead of him, he slipped in with them before breaking away to head towards the bar where Zitao normally was.
"Sehun." Zitao beamed at him from across the bar. "How nice to see you. You're early."
"Zitao! Can we talk for a bit?"
"Sure, just give me a moment.” Zitao signaled to someone behind the bar before coming around. He started walking back towards the private rooms. He let Sehun proceed him into the room before closing it shut. “So, I take it you heard some of the conversation from earlier."
Zitao made himself comfortable on the couch, leaving Sehun to stand or sit across from him. He chose the latter, crossing his legs, as he looked at Zitao. “What did you think of my little chat with Luhan…and Jongdae?"
Zitao sighed. “Luhan is the petite blonde one and Jongdae is the skinny light-haired one."
Sehun still looked confused.
“Oh my god, you’re hopeless. Luhan was the one you were probably staring at the whole time."
“Oh…” Sehun bit his lip, feeling a bit embarrassed.
“So, I hope you were paying attention to some of our conversation."
“A little bit…and I know the tales they told us before."
Zitao nodded his head. “That’s good."
“So basically if I want to be like you, free to roam as I wish, I need to bang Luhan during the eclipse.” Sehun flashed Zitao a grin.
“If you want to put it bluntly, but just because you’re a match doesn’t mean it’s as easy as that. Especially with Luhan. He’s not going to let you bang him so easily.” Zitao crossed his arms and glared at his friend.
Sehun frowned. “Are you protecting him from me?"
“Yes, got a problem with that?"
“Zitao? Are you in here?” The door opened to reveal Minseok. Zitao’s face softened as Minseok stepped into the room. “What are you two doing in here?"
“Talking to Sehun about Luhan."
“Ah.” Minseok nodded his head and perched himself on Zitao’s lap. “And are you meddling?"
“No,” Tao pouted, “I’m just looking out for a friend."
Minseok sighed and ran a hand through Zitao’s hair. “Zitao, just let them be. They’ll figure it out on their own, just like we did."
“But I wanna help."
“Come on, Zitao. Let’s go back outside. Since I’m up, I wanna go say hi to some old friends.” Minseok pulled Zitao out of the room, leaving Sehun alone with his thoughts.

It was only moments until the eclipse was scheduled to happen. Luhan fidgeted in place. After that initial talk with Zitao, Luhan had been left alone to deal with this whole match thing. Minseok had kept Zitao on a kind of tight leash regarding helping his friend out. Luhan had pouted but accepted that he should be doing this on his own.
With some trial and error, Luhan had been able to write little notes for Sehun. At least Minseok let Zitao be a kind of messenger, making sure they each saw the note left behind. The two had talked some but Luhan wasn’t sure if he was ready for them to take that step to be one.
Luhan looked at Jongdae standing next to him. They had decided to go to the park to await the coming eclipse. “Do you think this is a good idea?"
“Who knows? But the eclipse will give you some face to face time and maybe you can decide then. The eclipse does last for a few hours so that should be plenty of time for you.” Jongdae smiled. He squeezed Luhan’s hand reassuringly. “Don’t worry, I know you’ll know what to do."
“Thanks.” He smiled and tilted his head up to the sky.
Together, they watched as the moon came over to cover the sun for a few hours.
Luhan turned around and saw Sehun standing a few feet from him. This was the moment, the time when they could actually meet face to face. Giving his hand one last comforting squeeze, Jongdae stepped back to give them some privacy. He wandered to a nearby bench where a small group of people had gathered.
Jongdae arched a brow. “Friends of Sehun’s?"
“Friend of Luhan’s?"
They exchanged glances before allowing Jongdae to meld into the group and watch the couple several feet away.
Holding out a hand, Sehun gave a small smile.
Looking at Sehun, taking him in, Luhan gave a small smile in return as he slipped his hand into Sehun’s.

That single touch had sealed the deal. The two had gone to a cafe nearby to talk for a bit before they locked gazes and disappeared for some time. When they returned, both were flushed a light pink with matching shy grins on their faces.
Their friends had congratulated them, giving them hugs and kisses and well wishes.
As the eclipse began to pass, Sehun and Luhan watched as Sehun’s group of friends faded away and Jongdae still stood before them.
“I wish you two well.” Jongdae hugged them both.
“Expect me to come visit often. Now I’m off to go shop to battle the loss of my dear friend.” He waved and headed towards the local shopping mall.
Sehun and Luhan had matching blushes and shy smiles as they stood in the park, hands still holding each other tightly. “So what to do now?"
“I’m not sure but now that we have all the time in the world, we can do anything."
Luhan smiled at Sehun. “Right? So let’s just go wander around for a bit and then we’ll go bug Zitao and Minseok for help?"
Sehun laughed. “Sure. Lead the way."

A/N: personally I'm not sure how I like how I wrote this since was pressed for time to complete before the end of the day. definitely did time skips where i could've added more and stuff...if i feel like it, maybe i'll go back and add it or just rewrite this whole thing...idk >.< too much trouble to rewrite but i had a better plan for this fic :T
Tags: hunhan month, sehun/luhan, xiumin/tao

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