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Title: Smell Like a Man
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Word Count: 778
Summary: Sehun loves when his boyfriend smells just like a man. (Smut sequel to Scent of Love)

Sehun shivered as he took in that familiar scent. He pressed his face in Luhan’s sheets as Luhan fucked him from behind.

It had been a normal day, Sehun just in his room doing his homework when his roommate and boyfriend walked in, sweaty from a workout. The stench of man drifted to his nose, causing him to pause.
“Hello, Sehun.” Luhan smiled as he draped his sweaty self over his boyfriend.
The scent was stronger up close, filling his nose, as Sehun turned his head to accept his boyfriend’s kiss. He took a big whiff of Luhan and quietly groaned. He turned around and pulled his boyfriend into his arms, burying his head into Luhan’s neck.
“Well, I like this greeting.” Luhan smiled as he ran a hand through Sehun’s hair. “How are you doing?”
“Fine, you?”
“Good, just finished working out at the gym.”
“I noticed.” Sehun smiled as he leaned back to look at his boyfriend. He took in his sweaty appearance and smiled wider. Taking another deep breath, he rested his head on his boyfriend’s chest.
“Alright, as much as I like the hug, I need to go shower.”
“No.” Sehun frowned as he tightened his hold on Luhan.
“What do you mean no? I’m smelly and dirty.”
“No, you’re just a bit dirty. You smell fine.”
“Sehun…” Luhan knew Sehun liked the way he smelled but he didn’t think he liked it this much. “You gotta let me go shower.”
“No, why shower when you’re gonna get all sweaty again?”
“I beg your pardon?” Luhan raised a brow as he looked down at the top of his boyfriend’s head.
“I want you to show me how much of a man you are.” Sehun pulled back to look Luhan directly in the eye. “Bend me over, hold me down, and fuck me hard.”
Luhan felt the shiver run up his spine at his boyfriend’s straightforward statement. It never failed to arouse him to hear Sehun speak so bluntly about what he wanted now that they were together. No more talking in circles around each other, no more blushes (which he missed since it was cute), but now they were on the same page and the things they could do together…Luhan smiled to himself.
Leaning down, he pressed his lips against Sehun’s.

Sehun had pressed himself against Luhan, the two started moving until they bumped into Luhan’s bed. Pulling away, Luhan had pushed Sehun over his bed so that his ass was pushed out for his pleasure. Running an appreciative hand over the curve, Luhan had stripped his boyfriend bare and admired the view.
Sehun wiggled his ass, smiling when he heard the light smack, and wiggled again.
“Stay still or you get nothing.” Luhan’s scent wrapped around Sehun as Luhan leaned in to whisper in his ear. He shivered when Luhan pressed a kiss to the back of his neck. Luhan’s hand went down to the cleft of Sehun’s ass, rubbing at his entrance.
“Shh.” Luhan leaned over Sehun’s back, peppering his neck with kisses, as he gently teased Sehun’s entrance. His other hand reached for the lube. Smiling when he got a hold of it, he dribbled a generous amount on Sehun’s entrance. His fingers worked quickly to prep Sehun’s hole, making sure he was well stretched before pushing his length in.
Sehun moaned, unconsciously clenching around Luhan’s length when it was seated fully inside.
“You sure you want me to take you roughly?”
Sehun breathed in deeply, Luhan’s wonderful scent filling his nose. “Yes please, take me, fuck me. I’m yours. Show me you’re my man, my wonderful man.”
Sehun was babbling as he waited for Luhan to move. He wanted to be fully claimed by this strong man, his strong man. He breathed in Luhan’s scent and waited, slightly wiggling his hips to urge Luhan to move.
Luhan’s hands descended, gripping Sehun’s hips tightly as he pulled out and pushed back in roughly. His hips set a furious pace, given free reign, as he fucked Sehun into his bed.

Sehun lay spent on the bed, breathing deeply to catch his breath and take in Luhan’s scent. Luhan lay over him, breathing deeply as well. He pressed a kiss to the back of Sehun’s neck. “Well that was nice but I really need a shower now.”
“We’ll shower together then.” Sehun turned his head to ask for a kiss.
Luhan chuckled and kissed Sehun. “Alright.”
“And you’ll fuck me again in the shower?”
Luhan arched a brow as he helped Sehun up. “We’ll see.”
Sehun just beamed at Luhan as the two headed into their ensuite bathroom for a nice shower.

A/N: not really sure what i was doing or why i even had this to begin with...well kinda know the inspiration behind the whole smelling thing but yeah... >.<
not sure why i wrote more smut for it :T but this was something i had originally wanted but didn't write it so well :3
Tags: hunhan month, r/nc-17, sehun/luhan

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